gif by nova

You’ll never guess what I have spent my last 5 days doing! This is my first attempt at animation (using Star and Marco’s jump hug as reference) so…. sorry. Also I had to cut out details in their outfits and I changed Connor’s some… but here’s 30 frames of Covy from Nova vs the Forces of Adolescence! I am always a sucker for good ocs and @mrevaunit42 @marionette-j2x have made an awesome future starco au sorry I’m so late to join the party I finally have to read again though! 


“Rutina Wesley brings such a depth and a soulfulness to this character who is a herbalist, a black nationalist, a radical. A journalist, an activist, you know we really needed someone who could embody all the contradictory elements of Nova. Our Rutina Wesley is such a such a complicated actress in the very best way. She can bring all of these complex ideas and unify them in one character so beautifully.” 

-Ava Duvernay, Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Making Queen Sugar-Season One DVD Extra