gif anniversary

 Today, it’s been eighteen years since the Columbine massacre. It’s sad to keep in mind that, eighteen years ago, twelve students and a teacher had their lives taken in a violent and devastating way, while two others were victims of themselves, their own minds, and all the shitty things they went through during their lives. It is even sadder that all of them could still be alive today and doing whatever they had planned to do in the future. But, unfortunately, we can’t change the past or even go back in time. It’s sad that we got to know who they were through a tragedy. Every one of them was talented and had so much to live for. So much to experience, see, and do. I want them to be respected. Not just the thirteen victims, but Eric and Dylan as well, because they deserve it. Because they were humans, they were lost, and they thought it was the right thing to do.

In memory of:

  • Rachel Scott
  • Cassie Bernall
  • Lauren Townsend
  • Kelly Fleming
  • Daniel Rohrbough 
  • Isaiah Shoels
  • John Tomlin
  • Dave Sanders
  • Kyle Velasquez
  • Daniel Mauser
  • Corey Depooter
  • Steve Curnow
  • Matthew Kechter
  • Dylan Klebold
  • Eric Harris