gif animator

My senior project involves animating a lot of frogs and toads, so I’m making GIFs of each individual animation!! 

I used reference of Jens’ beautiful singing and Important Frog Announcements over at the @stickyfrogs blog! His croaking makes me smile, and it helped me out a lot! 

Super excited to announce that my stickers are now available for purchase through the iTunes store! 

Go to Click the link that says, “Artist Sticker Packs” To be directed to the store. 

Show your fellow artists some love! Thanks ever so much to Giphy! 

Ted the Animator: “…7 different frames, and in each one you managed to get the his vest/lapel wrong in a unique and distinct way.”

Carl the Animator: “I elevant sloppy animation to an art form of its own.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, great. Just when I thought the clown couldn’t get any more terrifying, you forget his eyes for a frame.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, someone’s gotta do the ever-important job of giving kids the fear of clowns they deserve.”