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As prompted by sherlock-yer:

Prompt: Thor is introduced to a pet shop by tony. He very soon is coming home each night with a new pet - including a large parrot and a golden retriever, despite the complaints from the other avengers.

One-Shot: Pet Shop Boys

Steve, Tony and Thor slowly walked down the street. Between the three of them, they took up the entire width of the pathway. They had taken the opportunity of a day off from crime-fighting to walk about the city. Clint and Banner had declined the invitation but stuck around to watch Cap and Tony try to squeeze Thor into a disguise comprised of a hoodie and jeans.
Since then they had been to an ice-cream shop, a bar (at Tony’s request) and a park so that Steve could feed the ducks.  They were heading back to Stark Tower when Thor stopped in his tracks. It took a few seconds for his companions to notice his absence.
“Where’d the walking L'Oréal commercial go?” Tony eventually said.
“I’m not sure I understand that reference.”
“Thor, I’m talking about Thor. Where is he?”
Steve’s head whirled around a couple of times before he spotted the familiar mane of golden hair. Thor’s face was pressed against the glass of a shop that they had just passed. Upon reaching his side, the pair saw that it was a pet shop. After Tony and Steve had finally joined him, Thor spoke, his booming voice bouncing off of the window against which his face was pressed.
“What are these tiny mortals?” With a sigh, Tony responded.
“Puppies, Thor. They’re like… baby dogs.” He gestured with his hands as he spoke – not used to explaining something that seemed so normal to someone so… not.
A golden retriever pup had woken up and approached the glass upon seeing the gathered crowd. Standing on its hind legs, it rested its front paws on the glass and licked where Thor’s nose was positioned on the other side. Cap smiled.
“How does one attain a…‘puppy’?”
“You don’t.” Tony stated bluntly before folding his arms.
“Not while you’re living under my roof.”
“Don’t be such a drag, Stark.” Steve said rolling his eyes.
“He’s not having a puppy – that’s the final word on the subject.” Tony said. Despite being a mighty thunder God that was 70% muscle and 30% everything else, it was surprisingly easy for Tony to grab his arm and drag him away from the store.

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