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Hello everybody! (∩˃o˂∩)♡ [c]

After months of saying so, i’m finally doing my first ever follow forever! Over the past 2 year this blog has reached many milestones which i’m so so very thankful for mOM I WON ThIS Every time i log on to tumblr and look at that number I still feel overwhelmed and I can’t  stress enough how deeply grateful I am to all of you!

Every compliment, every tag, every message, every follow really means a lot to me and fnbgfuobirjrr i’m just so happy to be here surrounded by kind and loving people ;-))) Also thank you to everyone who has given me confidence in what I make! I used to find it hard to make my own content when there are so many amazing blogs who makes things that are 1484584 times better than mine but thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement, i’ve learnt to like what I make too! i love stalkinG you guys tags you’re all soo so so nice

Anways here’s a follow forever dedicated to all the amazing blogs that I follow, without you guys this blog wouldn’t even exist so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all very much!

Also I apologise if I get anything wrong, message me and i’ll glady change it!

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INTEGRATE // masterlist

Request: Hey! I love your blog and your writing skills. And I was wondering if you could write a Kylo x reader where the reader is a general and she really likes Kylo and he likes her too (of course) but they haven’t told each other.

A/N: Let’s all pretend that we cant see the director in the gif ya thanks. Thank you for the request, anon! Also, thank you for enjoying my blog/fics, I appreciate it :’) Enjoy! P.S. wookieepedia is great help for finding planets/species.

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.4K+

Sharing a title with a rather obnoxious and self absorbed man wasn’t something to flaunt about, although you had one of the highest ranks, you couldn’t possibly let the thought slip that you shared the position. Granted, you had received the rank a good time after the man had. But, still, you had the title and he couldn’t do anything about it.

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guys, i’m still sitting and screaming because of this milestone??? i just wanted to take a moment to say that i love each and every single one of you so much and this means the world to me ❤❤❤ tumblr is truly one of my favorite places and you all make it that special place for me!!! so here’s to all of my faves and mutuals for sticking around and making this place feel like home! 

really quickly, before i do the whole ff, here are a few shoutouts: 

@goodformcaptainjones: thank you for being my friend since the fifth grade even though i fucking obliterated your trampoline the first day we met. you’ve been there for me through most of my life and i love you so, so much. you mean the absolute world to me.

@rentthewoods: giiiiirl you’ve been here for a longass time too!!! thank you for being the loveliest human being on the fuckin planet and all of the memes when i’m feeling down (still not thankful for that sin you sent me of dallon humping a guitar tho,,,,)

@madstheadventurer: thanks for being the funniest person that i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and for being one of my best friends!! your sense of humor and creativity has really influenced my own!! i miss and love you very much!! i can’t wait to see your films in theaters some day!!!!!!

@oika-cos: thanks for being my partner in crime and for many, many years of being best friends. i honestly wouldn’t know who i am without having you in my life and having had you in my life for so long!! you’re my writing partner and weeb buddy and those are two big parts of my life that i wouldn’t have without you!!! thanks for being my inspiration and also for introducing me to haikyuu!! and voltron and bts!!!!!! 

@kyvber: thank you for always making my day better with your lovely asks and equally lovely personality!!! you’re honestly one of the sweetest people on this website and in the entire goddamn world and i’m so thrilled that i get to be blessed by your sweetness so often!!!! you deserve the entire world and more❤❤❤❤

and last but not least, @ahsoaka: we’ve seen some shit this year, my dude. from moving into a dorm room together to having late-night star wars marathons/conspiracy theory/quiz nights to making a good friend and then losing him and to a giant fucking rollercoaster of sexuality crises, you’ve been there with me through it all. i love you with my entire fucking heart and soul and i know that we’re gonna be like obi-wan and anakin (pre-ros lmao) for the rest of our lives. thank you for being my other half. 

anyways, now that i’m crying, on to the actual ff!! 

(i felt that i should only include mutuals in this, because of my mutuals being my fam, but i’ll have faves italicized! faves are people that i talk to sometimes and really like or just some mutuals who make me smile whenever i see their content on my dash :) ) 


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“At first glance, he probably looks that way, but when he needs to he can be stronger than anyone. He always thinks of his friends and never gives up. Even if it means ignoring his own needs. That’s what makes me worry about him, but… that’s why I believe in him. “

-Kyoko Kirigiri, Danganronpa: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, Future Arc Episode 9: You Are My Reason To Die

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Summary: Felicity encounters a mysterious stranger in her home except…. he’s not so much of a stranger to her at all. In fact she knows him very well, but he is still ever bit as mysterious.

made for the OHFAT prompt: Unintentional Discovery

Genre: Canon Compliant/AU  Rate: G

A/N:  And we’ve finally come to the final chapter. I honestly did not realize how long this was gonna take. Honest to god this was intended to be a oneshot in response to the Olicity Hiatus Ficathon prompt, but it just had a life of it’s own! So much so that it’s practically consumed my muse, as evident to the fact that I haven’t been able to participate in OHFAT for the past couple of weeks. Also, all of your response to this has just been incredible and something I honestly did not expect. Thank you all so much for embracing this story the way that you did!

As always, a very big thanks to @wetsuiton for being my beta and all around awesome cheerleader. Without you, this story would just be an incoherent mess!

Chapter 4 summary:  It’s time for Oliver to go back home.


She slips sometimes. The lines between present and future blurring in her head. Like right now as she’s seated next to him on her couch, her head laying on his shoulder and her arms wrapped around his waist. He doesn’t mind though. In fact, it’s as though he prefers it. There are a few times when he has to shift to grab a tool and she loosens her grip on him or pulls away to give him room to move, only to have him pull her back.

It seems he needs her beside him as much as she wants to be beside him.

The thought sends a thrill up Felicity’s spine and a giddy smile spreads on her lips. She could definitely get use to this. At this moment, he isn’t Oliver from the future who’s going to leave her some time soon to be with her future self. Right now, he’s her Oliver and she feels complete.

“I’m still kind of amazed that you know a lot about this stuff.” Felicity voices, watching as he dissembles the very complex looking device.

It’s been really fascinating watching as he expertly takes the thing apart, poking and prodding it with the tools in hand. It isn’t just watching him work on the device, although she does love watching him work with his hands. There’s something so attractive about him being so concentrated that everything else vanishes around him. But she’s also captivated by the device itself.

From her vantage point, she can see just how intricate this piece of tech is. She’s practically salivating at the chance to get a closer look at it. But Oliver is so focused on it that she doesn’t want to disrupt him. Though, that’s not stopping her from studying it from where she can see. From what she can gather, this tech is so advanced even she can’t fully comprehend it.

Engineering isn’t a new thing to her. Heck, she’s been building computers since she was seven. She also likes to disassemble a couple of her appliances and electronic devices whenever she’s bored or trying to keep her mind occupied. She knows how wires work. But the one in front of her is something she’s not quite familiar with. Yes, there are components that are the same, but the intricacy of it all has her mind boggled.

But here’s Oliver, working this piece of tech like he invented it.

“Well I’ve seen you work this thing so many times, I’ve picked up a few things here and there.” he responds, never taking his attention away from the device. Though she can hear the smile on his voice.

“Besides, you literally sat me down one night while you built it and explained each and every part of it.” he finishes, turning his head to look at her, the smile on his face is wide as she watches the memory playing in his eyes.

Felicity can’t look away. His eyes are mesmerizing and he looks so…content. “I did?”

His grin widens. “Mh-hm. It was after you finished the first, successful prototype. You built another one and showed me how. You were so excited, you didn’t even realize that I barely understood a word you were saying.”

He lets out a little laugh as he recalls the memory. She smiles hearing his joyful laughter, but there’s a stuttering of her heart inside her. Just like that, her fantasy is broken. Again.

“But like I said, years of being around you and hearing you talk tech means I picked up a few things here and there.” he continues. “And after using this a couple of times, I finally got the gist of it.”

A fond smile plays on his lips, probably still recalling those moments, and Felicity pulls away from his shoulder, leaning back away from him.

Moments like this, where Oliver mentions things about the future that he and future Felicity go through, brings her back to reality and it breaks her heart a little every time. This is where she has to keep reminding herself that they’re not together yet. This isn’t the Oliver that she’ll be working with tomorrow. This Oliver will probably be long gone by then.

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Klinger and Charle’s relationship is one my favorites because it’s just so weird. Like, there are an awful lot of subplots centered around the two of them together. Its like this weird symbiotic relationship they got going on. They can’t stand each other, but would also jump in front of a bullet for the other. Very much “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” despite then being such vastly different people. But in the mess of it all, I feel like they end up becoming quite good friends.

Idk I’m just rambling, but I find their intereactions interesting and wonderful. Please feel free to add your own commentary about the Charles and Klinger dynamic.

So I’ve been on Jim little over a month and already there’s so many of you, I’m just so blown away, especially since I was a little insecure with him initially. The Sherlock fandom has just been so damn welcoming and honestly you’re all just the sweetest bunch, I’m so glad I came back after all the years I spent away (I used to run a Sherlock blog five years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago honestly). 

I’m going to throw all the love under the cut, just because there’s likely going to be a lot of it and I don’t want to spam the dash.

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Two years ago when I jumped into The 100 fandom, John Murphy was the muse who appeared that I didn’t really want to write. He wouldn’t go away though. He kept annoying and nagging at my brain, and finally, I set up a blog just to see where it would take me, not expecting him to last very long. I’ve never been happier about getting sucked into a fandom and I’m so glad that I came to settle in writing Murphy as my main muse. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a little shit and sometimes I wish he’d fuck off, but he’s my little shit now, and I can honestly say I’ve never grown to identify with a muse as strongly as I do with him.

I’ve been very lucky to write Murphy across an array of different narratives, in different AUs, and with a multitude of other talented writers and their wonderfully crafted muses. Without those people, some of whom have been here from the start, I know I wouldn’t have the well-rounded character that I do today. Also, I’m so very grateful for those who stuck with me during breaks and hiatus, and were willing to pick back up where we left off when I returned. Your patience, kindness and loyalty means so much to me.

It’s been an emotional two years. I’ve grown a lot personally and I know that writing Murphy had something to do with that. Having a character who I relate to so much has, at times, helped me to see my own strengths and weakness, faults and merits, through a more objective lens. It’s enabled me to understand and change some fundamental negative qualities of my own and to fortify and acknowledge other positive traits I possess. Because yeah, I can be a little shit too.

Finally, I really want to show my appreciation for all my wonderful writing partners. My time here has been so enriched by all the amazing and friendly people I have met and continue to meet, as this roleplay fandom changes and grows. Below is an (alphabetical?) list of my partners, and I encourage you all to follow them and have as much fun as I do with them. I hope I haven’t missed anyone (and sorry to those I inevitably did). Please know I love and admire all of you!

@accidentprcne | @azkeryon | @babykillcr | @basiicphysics@betterthaanhim | @brckenmartyr@bxmbsxaway @chaosthxory | @childcharlotte | @crimiinalchemiist@crowneddeath | @darkestbeforedxwn | @firstwescrvive@fotowon | @foxofthe100 | @headstrongblake  | @hedadeath | @hoperisen | @icebitxh | @impcled@indiebryan | @kalipsou@louisofthe100 | @natblidaaden | @nctyourplaything @notgetkilled | @oldcrblake@onyafevayuj@prcphesiied | @queengxiffin | @robinhoodmaia@seakept | @shespowerful@shiiptowreck | @shxcklasha | @skaifayas | @slayxdemons@valleyborn | @wichnes@wildmoored | @xspacexwalker | @yujtombom |

Thank you again and here’s to the next two years of writing John Murphy! 

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Some answer to my Phantom’s depiction.

I’ve got some people asking me why Phantom is depicted like a villain (or at least more evil than the novel and musical version). I do need to admit that my version of “The Phantom of the Opera” is slightly different from the musical and the book (although the main plot and everything is pretty much the same) since this one has went through my interpretation of the story and the character. Phantom’s complexity made it very difficult for me to define him as a design, which is also the reason why I couldn’t use the book as my storyline: there is just too much I need to touch to successfully deliver all the back stories. Instead I had to simplify Phantom’s character and mold him into my own version of him. So extra line underneath his ‘sinister’ side of characteristics. A little more obsessive and ‘the one that controls’ all in the opera…he has built his own world inside the opera because the outside world has never treated him well, which I thought he is more of a villain with a reason. And..well he kills two people and crashes the chandelier on people..that’s not nice right? >:)