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OMG guys! Atlus just will not let the Persona Hype dye down. They just revealed the Shadow fighting team from Persona 6, Which apparently has a 2019 release date. Idk about you but I’m super hyped!


we’re not pawns of some scripted fate. i believe we’re more. much more… there’s something between us all. something that keeps us together… like… invisible ties, connecting us.

fire emblem awakening opening


Fresh Eyes  // Chapter 16

“You’re so annoying.” She growled, feeling her cheeks flush as Harry started to smirk.

“Oh am I?” he laughed, his breath hitting her face gently.

“Yes!” blowing out a huff of air, she hoped it would cool her down. It just made the fiery warmth inside her intensify.

“What’s annoying about me?” his smirk grew, his dimples sinking into his cheeks. She hated his dimples.


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