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Why don’t you love me Part 1 

This had become normal. You ate dinner in silence only asking to pass this or that. After dinner, it was pretty much the same thing. You tried to make small talk but after a month you were beginning to thank it was you. Bedtime was you going to bed late and him staying on his side. It uses to be when you went to bed Chris would hug you as soon as you got in bed, but now he seems to want to be anywhere but with you. Tonight it had to change. You have spent all day getting yourself fixed up for your husband. It had been a while ,but you found your sexiest panties and bra and put them on underneath a beautiful light dress. Putting on your heels and making sure everything is perfect for dinner. You had nothing else to do but what for Chris. He was supposed to be home any moment. Thirty minutes later he wasn’t home put you didn’t let it get to you. An hour later the wine was open and still your husband had still not shown up. “Hey babe, call me when you can. I’ve made us a nice dinner and it’s getting cold.” You said hanging up your phone. After two hours seating on a kitchen table alone. The tears started to come. Then the anger. Getting up and leaving everything on the table. You grabbed your keys and left a note for your husband. “Chris I can’t do this anymore. So I’m going to make this easy. I’m leaving. I wanted to be with someone who loves me and wants to touch me. I’m not even sure if you love me anymore. I want you to be happy and I love you so much and even if I don’t make you happy.” Leaving the note on his dinner plate. You walked out the door. Trying to lock the door thru your tears and going to the nearest hotel to figure out what you should do next. Getting your message Chris hurried home. He didn’t think anything was wrong. Couples get into runts sometimes. Pulling in he didn’t see your car, but didn’t much thought into it. Opening the door he called out for you. “Y/N!” He said dropping his keys on the bookcase by the door. “Sorry, I’m late.” He said as he walked to the table and seeing your note He could actually feel his heart break. Grabbing his phone he hits speed dial to call you. “Y/N. Call me. We need to talk. I love you. Where are you?” He said getting upset. Falling in his chair putting his face in his hands and wondering how he could ever make you feel unloved