Hey everyone! Me and @ask-gieve planned something for this amazing fandom!

A (closet) cosplay Challenge starting next Monday Oct.3!

Here is how it works:
1) Reblog this post if you want to be a participant! This is very important so everyone knows who is a part of the challenge. (Note that this is for fun, you don’t need wigs or exact outfits for this, think of it as a closet cosplay. Do what you can with what you have, this is part of the challenge!)

2) Each Monday of October, pick a friend or other fandom member involved in this challenge. You will know by who reblogs this post!

3)Here is where it gets interesting! pick a NON MAIN CHARACTER. By that I mean choose a character that is NOT: arslan,Gieve, farangis, daryun, narsus, elam, Alfreed, or Hilmes! This is to show some love to the wide range of characters we know and love, even if they don’t get as much screen time~

4) send an ask(anon or not) to the person you chose challenging them to cosplay the character you picked out!

5) once you receive a challenge, make a post announcing you have been picked. Include your challenger and a photo of the character. Tag it #arslansenkicosplaychallengeweek1
(The second week tag it with week 2)

6) Gather what resources you have and cosplay the character you were given! Make sure to post it with the same tag as above!

1) you can only ask up to 2 people each week!
2) You can only accept up to 2 each week. Remember to make your announcement post so ppl know who not to challenge.
3) you have 1 week to complete the challenge :)
4) HAVE FUN!! You don’t need a fancy costume or camera: anyone can participate!

Other notes:
*If you don’t receive a challenge by Mondays end, message me and I will challenge you myself!

*no bullying or hate

*let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (アルスラーン戦記)

Arslan politely listens while Gieve tells a sparkling story in the June Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay) poster illustrated by chief character designer Shingo Ogiso (小木曽伸吾) and key animator Jikou Abe (阿部慈光).