So after that really dark/angsty-ish? Evil Plants AU, I decided to cheer myself up with this new AU… Although I don’t know what I should call this, but the plants are robots, and the zombies aren’t… Really zombies, and most of them are scientists/good with robotics.

Welp, this theme is rather cheerful, just robot plants talking to each other while living up with their creator’s shenanigans, but luckily Green Shadow ended up with Brain Freeze, a peaceful inventor. :>

a trip to the thrift store! purchases include:

+ an antique vase
+ a bath mat
+ the XL dog food bag
+ the Tube ™ and the Tube 2™
+ a pool noodle
+ three bags of groceries (mostly meat)
+ 3 boxes of assorted ties, dress shoes, and lapel pins
+ a literal jack-in-the-box
+ blueberry jam
+ Miami Man’s Fantastic King’s Crown
+ two more boxes of notebooks, pens, and ties
+ the Mob Psycho 100 season 1 blu-ray (an excellent choice)
+ the Mob Psycho 100 manga (another excellent decision)

not pictured: the giant tapestry, Barbie’s Dreamhouse, and two woven laundry baskets stuffed into the trunk

inspired by this list of headcanons

AniMay photo challenge, day 10: favorite anime hair.
Ive been trying to use a wide variety of animes for this challenge, but i keep coming back to my few favorites. I giess theyre my favorites for a reason. Favorite anime hair is, by far, Atem from Yugioh! (very similar to Yugi’s but i like Atem’s better). Its just so out there neat. I have no idea how anyone would get this to stay up on a daily basis in the real world though

Every night i dream about the same shit. Sucks loving someome you cant have. Giess ill just replave the loss with getting drunk and trying to get loved back in all the wrong places.

Rucas FanFic: Forwarded to Farkle

A/N:  Thank you for your patience! I had a project at work that required my full focus and attention. For those that sent nasty messages? Feel free to stop reading. I’m not going to apologize for having real life responsibilities. As much as I would love to write Rucas fics all day- the bank requires that my mortgage payment be made with actual money…not fictional stories… so my butt has to go to work. For the rest of you? I hope you enjoy this update. I will admit that this one hurt.

A/N2: It was brought to my attention that the photos I used in previous chapters were not credited to any accounts. As I took them from Yahoo, I had no way of knowing who they “belonged” to… I will be replacing all of the graphics used in the previous chapters. My apologies to @allthingsrucas for using her GIF without proper credit. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. If anyone else knows of a graphic I used that should have been credited to them- please send me a PM and I will include your information in my next update.

A/N3: Maria @me-youhaveme will be creating the graphics for this story. I am in love with the header for this chapter!

Chapter 5: Deafening Silence

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okokok 13rw is i giess gettin a bit better ??? im on episode 8, lemme jus list stuff i like abt the series sofar, 1. the fact that there are a lot of lgbt ppl makes me feel so comfy abt it, 2. CLAY CLAY CLAY. i love clay, and tony’s cute!!!! and hes gay!!!!! like fuck me up dude, man im a fag for these guys

“Bihet” is and always was a term used to delegitimize bi women’s sexuality and call us straight……..

it’s a pretty direct way of saying “I refuse to acknowledge you are anything but straight”………. so um, yeah.

Also people have said it means bi women who prioritize men due to internalized misogyny or whatever but like okay…………….. why bring “you are secretly heterosexual” in it. In what does internalized misogyny someone make us “more straight”

it has nothing to do with that and its a bunch of transparent bullshit

if you think all we do is fall at the knees of men and worship them (despite like 90% of bi women I follow are in relationships with women or non binary people but i guess that just doesnt count - not to mention all those bpq who dont even date men - those are collectively invisible too i giess) then just come out and say it?

i dont have time for this like I know 99% of the world thinks im straight and makes out with girls at parties for attention you are not original in your belief and you dont need to make new terms for it