“Bihet” is and always was a term used to delegitimize bi women’s sexuality and call us straight……..

it’s a pretty direct way of saying “I refuse to acknowledge you are anything but straight”………. so um, yeah.

Also people have said it means bi women who prioritize men due to internalized misogyny or whatever but like okay…………….. why bring “you are secretly heterosexual” in it. In what does internalized misogyny someone make us “more straight”

it has nothing to do with that and its a bunch of transparent bullshit

if you think all we do is fall at the knees of men and worship them (despite like 90% of bi women I follow are in relationships with women or non binary people but i guess that just doesnt count - not to mention all those bpq who dont even date men - those are collectively invisible too i giess) then just come out and say it?

i dont have time for this like I know 99% of the world thinks im straight and makes out with girls at parties for attention you are not original in your belief and you dont need to make new terms for it