I don’t know why we all Hang On to Something we know we’re Better off Letting Go. Its like we’re Scared to Lose what we Really DON’T HAVE. Some of us say, “We’d rather have that Something than Absolutely Nothing.” But the Truth is, “To have it halfway is harder than Not Having it at All.” </3

I’ve been reading this quote a lot now. Its not mine. :/ This quote might hit you out of nowhere while reading it. And yeah, I know how it feels. :/

*Stop asking what are the fonts I use. :)) Its my handwriting. :D

Colored version HERE. and HERE. :D

I don’t know why we all Hang On to Something we know we’re Better off Letting Go. Its like we’re Scared to Lose what we Really DON’T HAVE. Some of us say, “We’d rather have that Something than Absolutely Nothing.” But the Truth is, “To have it halfway is harder than Not Having it at All.” </3

Same everything. :)) Colored version of this post. Another colored version Here.

BABALA PO SA MGA GUSTONG BUMILI NG SOBRANG COOL NA SLUMBOOK. HINDI PO SYA PARENT-FRIENDLY. :)) Tignan nyo yung part na ito. Nahanap ko na ulit yung site na pinag-bilhan ko.

Nagpapabili kasi yung pinsan ko e. :))) Bilan ko kaya sya? O, bigay ko sa kanya yung diko pa nagagamit tapos sakin yung bago. >:))

Sorry, Php400 pala, hindi 350.


That awkward moment when you walk pass by a friend you used to talk to about anything and now all you can say to each other is, "Hey."

 Mabuti pa yung hindi naman talaga nakaka-usap dati, nakiki-Hi. :)


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It wasn’t a good fight for me. FOR ME kay? That’s my opinion.

From Round 1 to Round 12, I was expecting for some action, but there was none. Except the fact that Mosley had a knockdown at Round 3 (?) At Round 10, it was VERY CLEAR that Mosley stepped on Pacquiao’s right foot. It wasn’t a knockdown! :/

For the 90% of the whole fight, they were just looking at each other and blocking. Like, SRSLY? Unanimous decision again, its not new anymore.

Still, I congratulate Pacman for winning. He’s really a pride of our country. :D And, Charice did a really great performance in singing our National Anthem. :)

Gumanda na naman si Jinky.
Makakabili na ng Hermes si Mommy Dionisia. :P 

Kailan pasukan nyo? Kami June 6 na. :((

6 Days nalang! HUMIGAS. =_____= I can’t do this. LOL. Isa pang nakakahiya yung buhok ko. I mean, super nag-iba itsura ko. LETCHE lang. Kayo ba?


This is fun. :)


1) Your name/tumblr name. 
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous? 
3) Favorite letters to write. 
4) Least favorite letters to write. 
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” 
6) Write the following words in capital letters: 
7) Write your favorite song lyric. 
8) Tag people! 
9) Any special note or picture.

Featuring LONG LIVE by Taylor Swift. :) Lol.

OMG How come I forgot to blog about this. :O

So I bought this during our fieldtrip last January. The pack contains 24 Silly bands with 6 designs (4 pcs/design). I’m collecting silly bands now. <3 I wear them everyday. :D

In case you’ll ask, I bought it for 100 Pesos. Not much. :)

I went to a Neurologist today.

Or neurologists?

And I had my WORST hospital experience ever.

My left knee and leg has been abnormally weak this past months. It was like August 2010 when I first realized that my knees are bit stumbly. Just this February 2011, I realized that my left knee and leg hasn’t recovered and now, I can not straighten my leg anymore just like the way my right leg does. Whenever I try to force it, it hurts.

When I felt that something’s not normal anymore, I immediately told my Mom about it. She decided to bring me to a neurologist.

If you already watched “One Liter of Tears,” then you’ll understand me better.

Nakaschedule ako ng March 26, pero pinacancel ni Mommy kasi busy siya. Tapos kanina, natuloy na. We first went to Dr. Maylem for check-ups and recommendations. He interviewed me and commanded me to do different things. Some of which Aya’s doctor asked her to do. He asked me different questions regarding my focus, recent activities, recent stuffs that happened to me, etc. He even asked me if there is a time I have mistaken things to another things. He asked me to walk with my heels on the floor, then tiptoed. These simple tests weren’t weird for me, I had Aya Ikeuchi on my mind the whole check-up.

Dr. Maylem was about to recommend me to have an X-Ray, but then he changed it to EMG. I felt goosebumps as soon as I heard, EMG. I remembered my sister having the same test 4 years ago. At super magang-maga yung mata nya nun kakaiyak.

Para sa EMG, nagpunta kami sa Rehab ng hospital at dun kay Dr. Lorenzo. Pinagbihis muna ako ng hospital gown. Marami rin siyang ginawang tests sakin. More likely yung mga ginawa kay Aya. After that, he told us na magsisimula na yung EMG. There are two parts of the Electomyography. May mga konting shocks sa first part, which was akala ko, yun na yung kuryente. After that, tinanong ni mommy kung pareo lang daw ba yun sa tinutusok, sabi ng doctor, part 2 daw ako kukuryentehin.

Actually, hindi ako nakasama sa swimming ng mga kaibigan ko sa bahay ng isa naming kaibigan dahil dito. During the second part of the test, nakahawak lang ako kay Mommy kasi super sakit talaga. Naka-seven na tusok sa leg ko. Bawat tusok, kinukuryente yung paa ko. At naka-dalawang tusok naman sa likod ko. Grabe na yung iyak ko nun. Tapos ang higpit ng hawak ko kay Mommy. Ewan ko ba, sobrang sakit bawat tusok, ang tagal kinukuryente. :( :(

Results, yes, may problema nga. Basta about sa nerves yun. :( Ang sakit. Kahit nung tapos na, tapos kausap ko si mommy, kinekwento ko yung nararandaman ko, iyak parin ako ng iyak.

After nun hindi ako maka-lakad masyado. Ang sakit dun sa mga part na kinuryente. I swear, ito ang pinakamasakit na nangyari sakin sa Hospital. :’( Naiiyak tuloy ako pag naaalala ko, ewan ko ba.

Both doctors suggested na magpapa-MRI daw ako. Sa St. Lukes nalang daw, dun nalang lagi basta sa Manila nagpa-check up. HAY. :(

Bombard me with love, I need some. :(

What I hate on my favorite Movie, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

I Love everything in the movie. Its the first and the only Thai movie I have watched. :) I love the story, casting, everything except of some parts and ideas. I even cried my eyes out while watching.

SPOILER ALERT : I strongly suggest to the people who haven’t watched the movie NOT TO READ THIS POST. PLEASE.

Okay, Read more.

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Just another lazy doodle. =__=

Natapos ko rin. Supposedly, I shouldn’t be making any of these. Since I’m not even sure of what section I’ll be this June. A lot in our batch wants to be in III-Righteousness, ano ba yun, di kasya yun sa blangko sa Formal Theme kapag sa section.  ANG HABA-HABA! Joke lang. Haha. Maganda  rin daw dun eh, kaso ewan ko ba’t gusto ko mapunta saFortitude.

Yun talaga UNANG-UNA kong pupuntahan sa first day. :“>


Say hello to my latest book, “The CRAZY Things Girls do for Love.” Okay I know I don’t usually post about books, but this is SO CUTE. :“> I haven’t started reading it yet, but I will, LATER!  Dyan Sheldon is a REALLY good writer. Teen girls out there, go and buy this one NOW! You can surely relate, specially if you’re like me, the "crushing”  type of girl.

This is about three very different girls with one thing in common,  they all have a crush on the Gorgeous NEW BOY in school. And one of them will get him. <3

This is sooo an i-can-relate book. I bought it last May 12. So excited to get started! *U*

PS. Sorry for those too many pictures. The cover itself is cute already. :“> Haha.

NCAE! :)

First preference - ENTERPRISING.
 Business baby! :D Okay so, eto naman talaga gusto ko. :) Pero nung nakita ko yung 2nd Preference, parang nagdadalawang isip na ako. :( Idk. Siguro eto nalang. IDKKKK.

Second preference - ARTISTIC.
Multimedia Arts. Hm, or Fine Arts? Idk. Maybe Entrep nalang, then magta-take ako ng Summer Lessons about Multimedia Arts? :)