The critter girls! (i am so sorry for my lack of updates, i have ben busy with exams)

(disclaimer:i did not draw the original sketch, the original sketch belongs to ask-thecritters , however the digital version do belong to me)

i hope you liked :3


My brother and I finally got around to doing the first episode of our podcast… check it out!

Kayıp HD TR Dublaj

Konusu: Kız kardeşi ortadan kaybolunca Jill, kendisini iki sene önce kaçıran seri katilin geri döndüğünü anlar. Fakat polis de dahil hiç kimseyi buna ikna edemez. Jill şimdi herkesi karşısına alarak, kız kardeşini kaçıran adamın peşine düşecektir… .

Bilgi:Kayıp - Gone 2012 Yapım: 2012 - ABD, Tür: Dram, Gerilim, Yönetmen: Heitor Dhalia, Oyuncular: Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Sebastian Stan, Wes Bentley, Joel David Moore, Jordan Fry, Michael Paré, Amy Lawhorn, Alles Mist, Ted Rooney, Tim Harrold, Sarah Willey, Meredith Williams, Sean Goodearl, Erin Carufel, Robert Blanche, Sam Upton, Socratis Otto, Jeanine Jackson, Emily Wickersham, Victor Morris, Senaryo: Allison Burnett, Yapımcı: Tom Rosenberg, Ted Gidlow, Jim Tauber, Chris Salvaterra, Matt Berenson, Gary Lucchesi, Sidney Kimmel, Dan Abrams,

Kevin was sixteen when he had a job to do at a club. The club, Blue Lagoona, was the one that changed everything for him when he came in contact with a twenty seven year old man by the name of David Gael. This guy showed him different things during his time working an Intel job for him, many of those things involving different types of drugs. One most notable being Ecstasy. Due to this, Kevin began struggling with drug addiction and abuse.

This man also happened to be the one who had stolen away his virginity when he turned seventeen, completely consensual. After the intel job, Kevin had begun seeing him being the thing he took his physical wants out on awhile David became Kevin’s source of assistance with information collection within the club.

The last job he did for David was for him to infiltrate The Crew known as the Creatures because David had heard about the amount of times Daniel Gidlow, Right hand of Jordan Mathewson has been asking him to join. So Kevin accepted, collected information about them all for him and handed out many of their personal secrets at the time. That is until he became attached a few months after joining. Once he became attached he cut off all ties with David.

Once he cut off all ties, things got better. He even got better at denying himself drugs to the point where he doesnt take them anymore., It’s hard though. An every day struggle, but hes winning. THat’s all the matters. Sadly, it’s possible for him to collapse into it again.