once there was a way to get back home / listen / for avery

1.  golden slumbers - the beatles  (once there was a way to get back home)  2.  iscariot - walk the moon (that’s what you had, but you don’t have it any more / you know you had it coming, my friend, my friend)  3.  two against one - danger mouse feat. jack white  (the mirror is a trigger and your mouth’s a gun)  4.  barely bit me - right away, great captain!  (it’s only odd because in some way i’ve seen this play out so many ways /  i wanted mercy)  5.  blame me! blame me! - anberlin  (blame me! blame me! blame me! / for mistakes you’ve made but you can’t own / hate me! hate me! hate me! / for every honest word you’ve postponed)  6.  pressure - until the ribbon breaks  (maybe in another life, if we get another life / maybe in that life, i could learn to love you)  7.  set the fire to the third bar - snow patrol  (i find the map and draw a straight line / over rivers, farms, and state lines / the distance from ‘a’ to where you’d be)  8.  distance - christina perri  (i will make sure to keep my distance / say i love you when you’re not listening)  9.  ghost towns - radical face  (i still miss you / there’s no coming home with a name like mine)  10.  touch - daughter  (give me touch / 'cause i’ve been missing it)  11.  young blood - birdy  (as you shiver / count up all your mistakes / pair of forgivers / let go before it’s too late)  12.  remembrance (instrumental) - balmorhea