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the sweetest/BEST thing ouat has ever done😀😀😀...


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“Her Son’s Smile” - Digital Oil Painting

I thought this might be an appropriate post for Mother’s Day 2017, a son smiling for his mother. Especially since Gideon’s had little to smile about, Belle probably considers her son’s smiles to be very special. And he’s just so cute!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift and new battery.

Mother Knows Best: Rumbelle 6x17 fix-it

Summary: Post 6x17 “Awake,” Rumple returns to the shop to tell Belle that the Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart, and Belle can’t keep silent any longer. 
Rating: T    WC: 3294
A/N: Because I needed Rumple to talk to Belle about the Black Fairy having Gideon’s heart, and for Belle to confront the Black Fairy. Thanks to the wonderful @rowofstars for looking this over.

{On AO3}

This conversation wasn’t going to be easy.

Rumplestiltskin slowed his stride as he approached the front door of the shop, pulling out his pocket watch. It was nearly midnight, and he turned the key in the lock with a leaden heart. He wasn’t anxious to reveal what he had learned to Belle. The truth was, he’d been bluffing when he confronted his mother about holding Gideon in thrall. It had been a lucky guess based on magical intuition, and in her surprise, the witch had admitted her guilt.

He opened the door and hung his overcoat on the rack inside the door, pausing to light a few candles that dotted the tops of the display cases. Stop stalling, fool. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, then dragged his feet toward the back room. Belle would yet be poring over magical texts both light and dark, as she had been every night, until the wee hours.

It was one of several areas on which they’d come to a compromise. They would pursue any and all possible ways of bringing their son back to them; nothing was declared off limits so long as they agreed to it together.

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  • Gideon: Emma! I am going to kill you
  • Emma: yeah whatever, I'm going canoeing
  • Gideon:
  • Emma: what?
  • Emma: you think you're the first?
  • Gideon:
  • Emma: look my mother is Snow White and my boyfriend is Captain Hook
  • Emma: at this point we get nervous if a week goes by without at least one of our lives being threatened
  • Emma: now where are those life jackets
  • Emma: gotta be safe
Top 10 Characters

Tagged by the amazing @do-you-even-kakasaku! Thanks for the tag, dude! I love doing these!


 1. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
•Kakashi holds a dead place in my heart for a variety of reasons but I guess what makes him my top fave character is his nuance as a character. He’s grown as a person since he was a kiddo and although he’s not perfect, he strives to be the best person he can be. He’s one of the few characters in Naruto that’s learned from his mistakes and who’s tried to teach others how to avoid making them in the long run. Plus he loves dogs and reads smut with class, so yeah. He’s just amazing, tbh. He’s my expectation of the perfect man, lol. I absolutely adore this dude…it’s unhealthy but hey, most of the good stuff in life is.

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2. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
• Vash is honestly one of the newest characters that I’ve become acquainted with but he quickly become one of my all time favorites in a short amount of time. It’s hard to not love his quirky personality and his ability to go from goofball to extreme badass from 0 to 3. I love how he sticks to his sense of morality and principles throughout the series but what makes him great is how he understands that the world doesn’t always let everyone remain pure as they wish to be and sometimes, people have to go against certain beliefs in order to survive and do the right thing. HE’S JUST FUCKING PRECIOUS.

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3. Agent Carolina (Red vs Blue)
•Red vs Blue has been a big series in my life and it’s honestly what’s driven me to choose animation as my career path. It may have started out as a comedy skit but it quickly evolved into an amazing story and Carolina is a character that became from said evolution. She’s an amazing woman, a badass whose fought and worked to be the best at what she does. Although her past was mostly her letting her competitive nature get the best of her, daddy issues and making stupid mistakes because of clouded judgement, she managed to grow as a person thanks to her interactions with the blundering buffoons known as the Reds and Blues. She learned about honor, forgiveness, friendship and love. And she still remains a badass even then. Woman goals, tbh.

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4. Roy Mustang (FMA: Brotherhood)
•Stoic dudes with amazing capabilities seems to be my type so I guess that and having Travis Willingham as his dub voice actor immediately made me fall in love with Roy when I first saw him. Eventually, I learned that there was more to him than meets the eye with the whole Maria Ross and Hughes incidents. Seeing him being able to overcome his burning desire for vengeance because of his desire to keep his friends and loved ones safe was honestly endearing and I ended up falling deeper in love with his character. He’s not perfect but he’s able to admit to those imperfections and work to make them strengths instead of weaknesses because he’s not the kind of dude who gives into defeat.

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5. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
•Criminal Minds is one of the few TV shows that I actively follow and this guy is one of the reasons why. Not only is Mathew such a great actor but Reid’s intelligence is portrayed in a manner that makes him lovable. Most of the time, shows depict prodigies and geniuses as sassy ‘know-it-all’s who only anger people with their rants and commentary. But Spencer is explored in a manner that reminds us that even intellectuals are human. Seeing his unique love story with Maeve, his attachments to JJ and Gideon and his mother, and his fear of dementia, we come to see Spencer as a character of nuance. He’s a beautiful human being who deserves lots of love and plenty of chess games. 

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6. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora)
• I first watched Toradora because I accidentally clicked on it while surfing an anime site for it and at first, I wasn’t so impressed with it. But before the first episode ended, I found myself loving this dude. He’s pretty average with nothing major to set him apart from the crowd (except his creepy little eyes) but the thing that makes his lovable is his dorkiness and his devotion to his friends and family. He’s selfless and kind and generous and that honestly speaks volumes for his character. Honestly, he’s the kind of friend that everybody wants but nobody ever truly deserves. (I just fucking love him)

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7. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Tiger and Bunny)
•Okay, let’s see….What can I say about this dude that won’t sound like a fangirl’s rant? XD
Kotetsu is honestly an amazing character; in a show where his partner is shown to be the epitome of perfection and angst, ol’ KTK may seem like nothing more than a old time past generation hero whose unwilling to let the shine of the spotlight go. But he’s so much more than that. He’s clumsy and awkward, sure, but he’s understanding and congenial. He doesn’t judge people because of their past or their mistakes; he knows better than anyone what that feels like so instead he tries to offer support and as much care that he can. He’s a great dad and despite the fact that he sometimes misses recitals or special occasions, his daughter is willing to admit that he’d do anything for her. Kotetsu strays from the typical “perfect anime dad” and is instead a reflection of real life dads who aren’t always perfect but are heroes in their own right because of their love and dedication to their kids and loved ones.

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8. Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)
•TEACHER GOALS. Even though he’s a weapon of mass destruction who can probably obliterate the Earth with a twitch of his pinkie, he’s still a lovable characters. He’s funny, badass when the moment calls for it, perverted and dedicated all in the same go. If there’s anything I learned from him, it’s that good teachers are flexible and they should strive to find the way to teach each student in their own individual manner. I mean, this dude taught one of his kids while cosplaying as Naruto because he knew that was the only way the dude would remember the concepts he was trying to teach. He was able to teach his kiddos how to tackle problems not just so they could get solutions but also to grow and develop as intelligent and competent individuals. Even though he was a threat to the Earth, his students all loved and respected him because he was able to connect with them individually. Despite being an assassin and failed lab experiment, this guys showed more heart and humanity than most people. He’s honestly amazing.

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9. Melan Blue (Brigadoon: Marin to Melan)
•Geez Louise it’s so hard to think of ways to describe how much I love this character. He’s one of those characters whose gentle af but ruthless and unforgiving on the battlefield. His lack of knowledge on humans allows for many mistakes to be made on his behalf but he makes up for it in sincerity. He may seem cold and distant to most but once he warms up to you, he’ll protect you with his life and will damn well make sure you’re content and at ease. I guess all I can say is that he’s just the perfect blend of adorableness, charisma, loyalty and badassery. I love this character to pieces. 

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10. Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh)
•This dude is a breath of fresh air, one of the reasons I even continued delving into the world of anime to begin with. Part of the charm of this character are his voice actors and albeit I’m not really a fan of the Japanese dub, Megumi Ogata and Shunsuke Kazama did a great job but my overall favorite one has to be Dan Green. He literally breathes life into this character and you can literally find yourself thinking that Dan Green is Yami Yugi. Anywho, Yami is just amazing. He’s fearless, wise, witty and intelligent. He has an aura that commands respect but at the same time, he’s considerate of his acquaintances and loved ones. Of course, the 4kidz version is more mellow than the manga but even then, this Yami manages to sorta keep true to his original portrayal’s will. At the start of the series, he’s proud and ruthless but as he spends time with Yugi, he becomes more considerate and it’s such a joy to see how much of an effect Yugi has on Yami. Once more, I love this guy to pieces.

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They’re so precious. LIKE SO EFFING PRECIOUS.


First up is Hei (Darker Than Black)

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Then we have Kyoya Ootori (OHSHC)

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Followed by Nicolas Brown (Gangsta)

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And Caboose (RvB)

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And Sebastian (Black Butler)

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And Agent Washington or Agent Washingtub as Caboose fondly refers to him as (RvB)

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And Ill stop right there…because this is getting ridiculous.






Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain spoilers if you haven’t read them. I haven’t watched the Shadowhunter TV series, so these ideas are based solely on book canon.


Theory: (Codex pg33) Reveals that Henry Branwell was in a long collaboration with the Iron Sisters back in 1914, “the results still remain secret”, and with Clary’s special gift with runes, I think the Iron Sisters want her to work with them for the equivalent of her year abroad—an internship of sorts. I have more on what they might be working on below. But, I don’t think she’ll feel like she can commit to a marriage until she has finished that work—even while she knows that it will evoke all of Jace’s self-doubts and insecurities. Plus, she’d have to tell him she was going away.


Silent Brothers are twisted and mutilated, and I think Angel magic done right isn’t going to make them look that way (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and all that).

What makes them so different: Runes. The problem with parabatai who love each other: Runes.


              When rescuing Tavvy they spoke to each other with their minds (something only the Silent Brothers can do). Their Runes were powerful enough to rival the healing of Silent Brothers. I think Julian had to have used the White Runes (that’s what I’m coining them) to help Emma heal after the whipping, because she was whipped that morning and facing Malcolm that night—no Shadowhunter could have healed that kind of damage that fast. I think because of that incident, coupled with Julian surviving the poisoned crossbolt, Diego is going to become suspicious and nosy (poking into Julian’s locked room), —and may even report his suspicions to his superiors and turn them in.

              Jem says, (LM pg659), “Not everyone has a parabatai, but the fact that they exist is part of what makes Nephilim what they are. Without them, we would be infinitely weaker, in ways it is forbidden for me even to explain.”

Theory: What if the Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters were created as a means of separating Parabatai that become too powerful? Jem was told they go mad, but is that the truth? We take his words as canon, but what if his information isn’t accurate.

Could they just become something too powerful for the Clave to control and that is something the Clave cannot abide by?

So, the Clave separates them: the men become Silent Brothers and the women become Iron Sisters, and their excess magic becomes the fuel for the Clave’s power from everything from wards to witchlight to Seraph blades. But in separating them they become oath breakers before the Angel, sworn always to be together, but forever separated by the Clave and that separation, despair—lack of connection to their humanity turns them into something else. And that something is not good. We assume they are heroes because they saved Jem’s life—but what if they aren’t?

              In ‘After the Bridge’, on Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr, it’s the most we hear about Jem’s life as a Silent Brother. On Tessa: “He’d wondered during his time in Idris, after the heavenly fire had cured him, if it would still be like that with them: if his human feelings would return to him. He had been able to touch her and be near her as a Silent Brother without wanting her as he had when he was a mortal. He had still loved her, but it had been a love of the spirit, not the body. He had wondered—feared, even, that the physical feelings and responses would not come back the way they had. He told himself that even if Silent Brotherhood had killed the ability of his feelings to manifest themselves physically, he would not be disappointed. He had told himself to expect it.”

              And if that isn’t bad enough in COHF (pg233) Jem tells Jace: “We—they don’t die, you know; they fade after many years. Stop speaking, stop moving. Eventually they are entombed alive.” (What do you think Will would have thought of that?) He also says, (COHF pg232), “But, I was never an ordinary Silent Brother.”—we assume it was because of his yinfen poisoning, but could it be he never reached that level of power because he wasn’t in love with Will?  

              If this theory holds true, then how depleted of power would the Shadowhunters have been after Valentine’s attack on the Silent City when so many brothers were killed? And I would then be curious to know what the parabatai rate between orphans and mundane children who ascend (both without families to look for them, or care what happens to them), are compared to the general Shadowhunter population. That’s a good question for Ty’s statistical and analytical mind. And what of Simon who spends a great deal of time extolling the virtues of being Parabatai, (especially to mundane hopefuls), how would he feel presenting the option without telling the full disclosure of it?

              There are tests prospective Parabatai go through and Julian could have faked it with the help of his splash of Eidolon blood and his penchant for lying, but what if the Silent Brothers have been watching them in hopes of gaining new recruits. Carstairs have served them well before and there are a lot of Blackthorns.

              My theory is that if Emma and Julian are caught, they’ll be forced into servitude with these organizations. Traditionally, families were probably told Parabatai pairs heroically died in battle together, while in reality, they were imprisoned with runes behind the Citadel and the Silent City: given new names and identities, separated forever from the families who love them.

Did Silas Pangborn really kill himself? And there is no mention to the fate of Eloisa Ravenscar, his parabatai. The marks used to keep their mouths and eyes permanently closed are the Marks of Fettering (Codex, pg195). The very definition of fettering is to restrain with chains or manacles—that doesn’t seem like a voluntary act, while the Sisters (Codex, pg197), “They wear simple clothes, long white gowns bound tightly at the wrists and waists by demon-wire.” (bound by demon wire?) The book says it is to protect them from the fire of the forge, but maybe that is misleading—why wouldn’t one use Angel wire instead of demon wire in that case?

OR, (I think this would be the case of Julian and Emma) their families would step up to the Clave to keep them from being taken away, and the Clave would kill anyone who got in their way. The Clave cannot allow something as powerful as loved parabatai to exist because they simply cannot control them.

A twisted version of “They would destroy their families, the others they loved. Death would surround them until eventually they died themselves” (LM pg659), becomes true simply because their loved ones fought on their behalf to keep the Clave from taking them and the Clave killed them for interfering—not because they are inherently mad. It becomes a sort of sad self-fulfilling prophecy.

**Note: Silas Pangborn’ s sister, Barbara Lightwood (Gideon, Gabriel and Tatiana’s mother), supposedly killed herself over grief of her brother’s death. Then upon further investigation it was thought she killed herself because her husband gave her the demon pox. And I’m disappointed Charlotte Branwell never asked the question: “Well, my husband is banging demons, perhaps it’s a good idea if I just kill myself now and allow him to raise my three small children.” But, maybe she never killed herself, maybe she was too close to her brother’s secret, trying to help him and Eloisa and was killed for her trouble. The Clave would need an explanation for her death, and Charlotte, I know you had a lot on your mind during the Infernal Devices, but why didn’t you ask that question?

              But, maybe that is something she learned when she became Consul and that leads to…

              I wonder if this is what Henry was working on, a fix of some sort in his secret project with the Iron Sisters and why Clary would want to help. Luke’s mother left two young children to become an Iron Sister, out of the blue, leaving them virtually orphaned. Why? Was this something she had a choice in, or did this scenario happen to her? Sister Cleophas was the one to meet Jocelyn Fairchild and Isabelle Lightwood to talk of the similarities of Sebastian and Jace’s bond and you guessed it—the Parabatai bond.

              In Shadowhunter history how much is true and accurate vs. how much does the Clave wants Shadowhunters to believe is true and accurate? And who writes the Codex and the history books, teaches what is canon law—it’s the Silent Brothers.

              I read a lot of ideas about Cortana being able to cut through anything—meaning the Parabatai bond. I think this is a red herring. I think Cortana is going to have an entirely different purpose.

***I’m brand new to Tumblr, joined just so I could pass along theories, get feedback and don’t have any followers and I’m not quite sure how to get my ideas out there—so if these ideas intrigue you, please pass them along. Over the next few days I’ll post lots of my theories from the Fae to Church and everything in between. So, please let me know what you think.

Not gonna lie, I really don’t care what RumBelle have to do to protect their innocent child

Should Emma try to kill Gideon if he’s forced to go after her again, I don’t care if Rumple has to kill her. I don’t. Gideon is the victim here: he has to be protected. Gideon is NOT evil. His evil grandmother took his heart in the first place because he was trying to stop her reign of terror. Him trying to kill Emma is NOT his fault. If Emma still had a heart, she’d be able to see that.

Thoughts on Rumbelle in Mother's Little Helper

No, they didn’t have a lot of screen time, but the Rumbelle scenes tonight were powerful. Belle and Rumple are a team. An anxious, beautiful parenting team. A few key moments:
1. When Rumple advanced on Emma, Belle took a step toward her husband.
2. When Emma and Snow said there was no hope for Gideon and Belle despaired that they’d lost him already, Rumple told Belle she was wrong “they only see the world through black and white” and she listened.
3. Belle is turning to Rumple over and over for support, trusting him to make the right choices–doing Gideon’s dark deeds for him, saving Emma’s life–Rumple is stepping up and being strong for his family. Instead of taking drastic actions driven by emotion, he’s being reasonable and measured.
4. The back rub! The handholding!
5. Did I mention there was a back rub and handholding?

I’m proud of Belle and Rumple. My babies are acting like responsible adults.

Bloom (4/?)

It’s nice for the latest edition of The Happiest Pregnancy Ever! In this chapter, Belle and Killian discuss Gideon’s magic, leading Killian to freak out about what it might mean for his unborn child. Good thing he has Emma there, right?

Many thanks for @unfolded73 for the beta!


You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 4: Magic

There were many things that Killian believed the denizens of the Land Without Magic took for granted. Warm running water, the machines that kept the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the sheer availability of everything – clothing, food, and information. The first time he’d stumbled across the food market, he’d marveled at the options. He could purchase fresh fruit and vegetables out of season, and there were spices from all over the world that cost barely any coin. Even better, he could use the magic box and “google”, as Emma and the boy called it, a variety of recipes which he could then follow in the kitchen. He still preferred books to the Google, but he marveled at how easily he could find information cobbled together by experts on this matter or that. 

It was his quest for more information by means of books that drove Killian to the library. He had a few texts tucked under his arm to return, and was intent on gathering more. Besides, he hadn’t spoken properly with Belle in a number of days, and he was eager to catch up with his friend. Unfortunately, when Killian entered the library, he found a mess of books scattered across the floor flung around the room, a shelf knocked haphazardly to its side.

Worry pricked at him, and he found himself reaching for the cutlass at his hip. It technically wasn’t proper regulation for the Sheriff’s deputy to carry a sword, but that was not a concession he was willing to make. Despite wearing the star of law enforcement, Killian was still a pirate, forever and always. A sword he would carry. He set down his stack of books, giving him free motion with his hooked arm. Should anything attack, he would be prepared.

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Based off of this post by @stitcheskitty

And thank you to @woodelf68 for bringing it to my attention! :)


The second Gideon’s feet touched the water he started screaming and a quite flustered Belle pulled him back up again, setting him on her hip. Storybrooke’s indoor community pool had advertised for toddler swimming lessons and she had jumped at the opportunity to sign him up. Even though she was excited, her husband had held back. When she had questioned why, he had narrowed his eyes at her.

“You don’t have bath duty, Belle,” he said, “He’s terrified of water.”

“Then that’s even more of a reason to sign him up,” she had snapped back.

“To torture him?”

“No, to make him get over his fear.”

“He’s a toddler, Belle!”

This had led to a very lengthy argument that allowed their son time unsupervised to make the living room a complete mess and they both cleaned up the toys in a stewing silence. The next day, she went out and bought a pretty blue bikini for herself and small swimming trunks for Gideon. Rumple had not been happy. As she recalled the memory she looked to where Rumple sat at the poolside. Although it was humid in the large room, he was still wearing his three-piece suit and had not bothered to take off his over coat. It was fanned out, draping gracefully over the sides of the plastic lounge chair. His hands were folded over his stomach and his eyes, which Belle knew were observing her fail, were hidden behind round sunglasses.

Gideon was staring at the water, his imagination running wild. Sharks, water serpents, those nymphs Mama had read him a story about, and mermaids. Anything could be hiding in that deceptively clear water, and the toddler wasn’t having it.

Ready for another try, Belle lowered herself to the concrete pool side, letting her legs dip into the water. She shifted Gideon so he was on her lap. His brown eyes, ones identical to those she could feel watching her from the plastic chair.

“Alright, Gideon,” Belle said softly, “let’s try this again.” Gideon, who thought his mother would have gotten the message from his previous scream, was very surprised when he suddenly found the lower half of his body submerged in water.

“No!” He said the word like he was on fire, provoking several strange looks from other people in the pool. Belle brought him back to her lap, hugging him to her, but Gideon knew she was just going to try and do it again, so he struggled against her.

“No,” he said again, this time with more of a whine.

“Gideon,” his mother’s voice held a warning, “your swimming lessons start tomorrow, you have-”

This was new information to the toddler, and not news he liked. Swimming lessons? Did this woman not understand him at all?

With this inner-monologue, he squirmed harder and was able to slip under her arm and away. He was very aware of his mother chasing him, but somehow he managed to stay ahead.

Rumple saw this transpire and felt a small smile appear on his lips. He swung his legs to the side of the lounge chair and grabbed Gideon’s towel; he bent down and spread it out just in time for his son to run into it.

He stood as he picked Gideon up. Belle was close behind, looking like she was ready to fight someone. Rumple kissed his son on the head and the toddler wrapped his arms around his papa’s neck.

“He’s scared of the water, Belle,” Rumple said, voice low and husky, “don’t push it on him.”

Belle, however, had an idea. She moved into him, sliding an arm around her husband’s waist and setting her head gently on his shoulder. She was face to face with her son, whose head was on the other shoulder, and she smiled. She raised a hand and stroked his soft hair.

“Sweetheart,” she said, “would you get in the pool if Papa got in with you?”

She felt Rumple’s whole body go rigid. He was silently praying to whatever deity would listen that his son didn’t like this idea. However, Gideon didn’t hear this prayer and he nodded vigorously, a giant smile stretching his small features.

Mama didn’t any magic, but Papa did. Papa would protect him from the serpents, mermaids, nymphs, what have you….

A grin spread across Belle’s face, “Yeah?”

“Yeah!” Gideon said with so much enthusiasm that Rumple knew his fate had just been sealed.

“Belle, there are people here,” he said, trying to free himself.


The corner of Rumple’s nose twitched, “So, no one wants to see me in swim trunks.”

Belle bit her bottom lip and rose onto her tiptoes, placing a delicate kiss on his cheek, “I do.”

He looked from his wife, who was displaying oddly hungry eyes, to his son, who looked like he was in pain from watching his parents’ affection. Under both of their gazes he melted.

“Alright,” he sighed, “Let’s go buy me a swim suit.”