gideon's crossing

dramawiie  asked:

Headcanon: Killian will ask Ariel to warn Emma about Gideon as she can cross realms. But he was also ask Ariel to bring back their engagement ring to Emma as a promise: that he is sorry for the pain he's caused, but that he will find a way back to her. And when he does, he will ask her to marry him again - if she'll have him - because he finally learned to be honest D: (sorry for the random ask I just need to share my feeeeeels) also can someone write the thing????

Oh no, don’t be sorry! I love getting asks! 

And that sounds like a great headcanon, it makes absolute sense to ask for Ariel’s help to let Emma know that he did not leave her willingly, and warn her that Gideon is up to no good. The idea with the engagement ring is a very good one, I like the idea of a promise, although I think he would want to be the one to give the ring to her when they are reunited.

So, anyone up for writing anything like that?

Forget me not

The leaves were shaking as she tried running away from her chaser. But the chaser was coming closer and closer. She couldn’t out run him for sure. The wound on her neck was bleeding and finally, she tripped over something and the thing caught up to her. It was actually a human and was trying to feed her with his blood. “You’re mine now, little minion.” He said darkly and snapped her neck.

When she woke up, the forest was bright and she had a terrible headache. Then she felt this terrible hunger. Not for food. Her head shifted as she smelt something that she wanted to consume. She saw a girl laying by the tree, with her neck bleeding. Her eyes widen and wanted to go up and take a bite but she resisted. Then she heard someone from behind her. “Feed, minion. If not you will die. I can’t have you dead.” The voice spoke and the bleeding girl was now on her lap. “Drink!” The man shouted and pressed her head down to the bloody neck. Within seconds, the feed was on and the blooded girl was no longer breathing and empty of bloody. The new creature she had become brought her head up, baring her fangs.


So I was confirming something about the end of “Not What he Seems” while taking a break on commissions when I saw THIS

Mysterious door with only a key hole that is passed while Dipper and Soos and Mabel were in the elevator shaft?

I double-checked “Gideon Rises” and this image confirms it:

There’s another door under the Mystery Shack and we have no idea what is behind it yet.