gideon might have made this decision

Gideon had spent far too much of his time after his conversation with Cliona locked away in his room trying to think things through. She was his friend, a fellow faerie, and the daughter of his boss and there was no way he could let any harm come to her without retribution. And the guilty party for her assault was Calcifer. What had happened between them was confusing at best and only served to make it more complicated. But the more Gideon sat back and looked at the situation, he realized it wasn’t complicated. The answer was clear. Cal was going to pay for what he’d done to Cliona and that what was what had to be done. Whatever else that might have happened didn’t factor in to the equation.

Once he’d reached his decision, Gideon had made a call down to the guards, requesting the same man that had come to remove Cal from his room to bring the slave to him once more. He’d been quick to financially persuade the guard to not remember him or anything about his activities. Now all he had to do was wait. He burned his way through four cigarettes and was working on a fifth when the knock finally sounded at his door. Gideon tugged it open without hesitation, but his face made it clear that what he saw on the other side hadn’t been what he was expecting. “Thank you,” he said to the guard as the man more or less pushed Cal into the room. “I’ll call you when I need you again.”