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amberblackthorn said:What happened in madrid that caused such a dramatic change in gideon? will we find out in future books?

We already know! Gideon lived a fairly sheltered life under the thumb of his father before going to Spain. His time in Madrid was his first experience of living closely with Shadowhunters other than his family, and he was shocked by what he discovered. 

From Clockwork Prince:““Miss Collins, all I can do is swear to you that until last night I had no idea with what low company, what destructive habits, my father had engaged himself. I have been in Spain this past half-year—”

 “And he was not like this before that?” Sophie asked, disbelieving. 

“Not quite. It is difficult to explain.” 

His eyes strayed past her, their gray-green stormier than ever. “My father has always been one to flout convention. To bend the Law, if not to break it. He has always taught us that this is the way that everyone goes along, that all Shadowhunters do it. And we—Gabriel and I—having lost our mother so young, had no better example to follow. It was not until I arrived in Madrid that I began to understand the full extent of my father’s … incorrectness. Everyone does not flout the Law and bend the rules, and I was treated as if I were some monstrous creature for believing it to be so, until I changed my ways. Research and observation led me to believe I had been given poor principles to follow, and that it had been done with deliberation. I could think only of Gabriel and how I might save him from the same realization, or at least from having it delivered so shockingly.”

Gideon was lacking an objective perspective on his father’s lifestyle. Once he had the opportunity to live closely with other Shadowhunters, it didn’t take long for him to realize that his father’s habit of playing fast and loose with the laws of the Nephilim was the exception, not the rule. And that it wasn’t a charming bit of mild rebellion against strict rules: Benedict was consorting with demons, and treating both Downworlders and his fellow Shadowhunters with casual bigotry. 

It’s true Gideon does not mention one specific incident that caused him to change, but that is because it’s unlikely to have been one incident, but rather the weight of many incidents over time. Gideon is pretty clear about what happened, and though I guess there could be a short story in which Gideon repeatedly horrifies a circle of Spanish acquaintances until he learns how to behave, as much is pretty much implied by Gideon’s explanation to Sophie. The fact is that both Gideon and Gabriel are pretty good people, and it doesn’t take that much to open their eyes — maybe their father should have remembered that travel expands your horizons before he let Gideon go!


Aye I’ve been working on this “regular ol’ kid” Gideon post-finale sketchdump on and off over the last month. (tagging @lilolgf in this because she asked for some Giddy Fresh content awhile ago.) 

I really like the idea of Ghost-eyes staying in Gideon’s life, and kind of being his big brother-type figure. He’d be all protective and attentive of Gideon, and you don’t know how much i need that in my life. (also he’d totally be the one who takes care of Gideon after skateboarding accidents, 100% canon.) I just, like, want all the prisoners to help raise Gideon, and they all become better people together. 


[edit: i forgot the prisoners’ legs, whoops]

Alexander Gideon Lightwood will die one day. He will be buried in the City of Bones, along with all noble shadowhunters that have come before him.
Maybe he’ll go out guns blazing, protecting those that matter most to him.
Maybe it’ll be the war that gets to him first.
Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll die of old age, a life well lived.
Alexander Gideon Lightwood will die and the second he does, Magnus Bane’s reason for existence will be gone.
There is no Magnus without Alec. Magnus has had to live for hundreds of years, cursed with immortality, searching for ‘the one’ who would love him for him. The one he could marry, have kids with, share his life with.
The day that Alexander Gideon Lightwood dies, so does Magnus Bane.
—  D

Gideon’s Personal Essay

Gideon was accepted to the Elphaine Academy, right? But that means he must have written a personal essay. How would that go?

Gideon: Dear Elphaine Academy, I would like to apply for admission for your fall class in the year of– the year of– this year. 

Admissions: Yeah, you and everybody else.

Gideon: The theme of this essay is ‘heroes’, and I struggled for a while about who to choose. I originally thought to talk about my mother, who sacrificed her freedom to save her town from ogres via a deal with my father, the Dark One.

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: But then I thought about my father, the Dark One–

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: –who saved me by killing my grandmother, the Black Fairy–

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: –and who has lived a life full of light and love since then, seeking only to relinquish his curse. I’m not sure what school my nephew Henry went to, being 15 years older than me–

Admissions: WHAT?

Gideon: –but I can only hope he excelled in his studies, being the son of both the Savior (nee’ Emma), and the Evil Queen (nee’ Regina).

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: In the words of my fairy godmother, the Blue Fairy–

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: “Go far away, and learn something.” In short, heroes can come from the most unexpected of places, and I’m sure if you let me into your hallowed halls I can but try to emulate my ancestors.

Admissions: Hoo boy. 

Gideon: P.S. I have no need of financial aid, as my father, the Dark One–

Admissions: *screams*

Gideon: spins gold.

Admissions: … 

Admissions: Welcome to the Elphaine Academy, Gideon!

A Life Worth Living

A fix-it/improving fic for OUAT 7x04, “Beauty”. Fills in some of the blank space between Gideon’s first birthday and the scene on the bridge.  I thought this was going to be a short ficlet, but it just kept growing… Wordcount: 12, 830. Rated G.

“Gideon, wait!” Belle called as their son dashed ahead and clattered up and over the steep curve of the high-arched bridge. “Wait!”

He paused at the bottom, looking back, already tall for his age at ten. “I won’t go far,” he promised. “Come on, Tabby!”

Unlike her brother, it was obvious that seven year-old Tabitha, with her small, fine bones, was going to take after her parents. She took an automatic step after Gideon, then looked back at her mother. “May I?”

Belle sighed. “Oh, all right. But be careful, and stick with your brother. Stay within range of our voices!”

Tabitha beamed her current gap-toothed smile and took off after Gideon, her dark hair flying out behind her. Her brother waited to grab hold of her hand before they both disappeared into the trees at the far end of the bridge.

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Hellos! Yours truly is back again with another fic list! it’s been about two months since the last one and I think it’s about time for another one haha enjoy! again, here’s my fic rec page 

Post I

Post II

Post III

under the cut are the most recent fics I’ve read ever since the last post :)

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Tid in the afterlife

*sees the the circle killing downworleres/shadowhunters*

Charlotte: They should know better!

Gabriel: Robert what are you doing??

Cecily: Let me get down their and beat their dumb asses!

Henry: *complaining that they are using his portal to cause distruction*

Sophie: After all I’ve fought for to make your lives equal.

Gideon: More disgraceful than our father.


plinys  asked:

With a shuddering gasp + avalance (cause im in a fucking mood oops)

“Sara,” Ava manages, her voice half a whimper, half a gasp.

“Shut up,” Sara says, pressing her coat down harder, watching white seep black-red. “Shut the fuck up. Gideon saves lives, and if she doesn’t, I’ll-” 

She doesn’t know what she’ll do, she doesn’t know because if she can’t lose Ava, too, she can’t fail someone else like this, she can’t put on faulty promises of revival when she has yet to follow through.

“I-” Ava says, her eyes fluttering. “Sara, I-”

“Don’t,” Sara snaps, her fingers getting wet and warm. “Do not say it. I swear to God.”

“What?” Ava says, and she’s still a little teasing, still a little coy, and Sara to take that as a sign that she’s not dying, she can’t be dying, she’s hurt but she isn’t dying- “I can’t tell you I love you?”

“Fuck,” Sara says. “Now you have to live.”

Despite everything, the shuddering gasps she’s using to speak, the pallid color of her face, nearly drained, Ava manages a wry sort of smile. “If you insist,” Ava says. “Captain.”

“That’s right,” Sara demands. “I am your captain, so you have to listen to me. You have to live.”

Ava groans, but weakly manages to bring her hand to her stomach, covering Sara’s own. “Okay.”

“And I love you too,” Sara says, angrier than she’s ever been. “I fucking love you, too.”

More than Anything: Part 3

Prompt:Tony adopting a young reader

AN: Like everything else, Tony Stark approaches fatherhood with everything he has.

Fandom: Marvel

Part 1, Part 2

    It’s late when he gets in, nearly two in the morning, but you’re still wide awake. He says nothing as he enters the living room, and bypasses you for the drink cart. You watch as he slowly pours a drink, picks it up, stares at it, and then pours it back into the bottle. You smile, and he looks at you, “I can’t believe you let me quit drinking.”

    You laugh, “You’re the one who quit, and you did it on your own.”

    He shakes his finger, “No, not if you really think about it. You see, six months ago I was perfectly fine being depressed and killing my liver. Then I get a call that I have a kid, and suddenly I feel the need to improve. To be better for him, so I quit drinking, and partying, and everything else. And now I’m a better person for it. That is all you.”

    You toss your magazine aside with a smile before approaching him. You take the bottle from him, pour a glass, and make a show of throwing it back. His jaw goes slack and you smile, “You are an evil woman.”

    “I prefer the term diabolical.”

    There’s a few moments of silence before he asks, “How’s our boy?”

    You shrug, “The doctors say there’s no change. He’s not getting worse, but he’s not getting better either.”

    Tony lets out a sigh, “How’s he feeling?”

    You smile, “We stayed up late to watch all the news reports about Iron Man. He was fascinated, like always.”

    Tony smiles, “I’d love to show him suit, the labs. Everything this place has to offer. Instead he’s stuck in an annoyingly clean room, and being poked by needles constantly.”

    You voice goes quiet, “We have to believe we’ll get there someday, Tony.”

    He nods, and wraps an arm around your shoulders, “I uploaded all the home videos you gave me. So we now have physical and digital copies.”
    “Did you enjoy watching them?”

    “I did, I can’t believe he was ever that small.”

    You look at the floor, “Have I mentioned how sorry I am that you had to miss it?”

    “Don’t go there. You did what you had to, in order to protect our kid.”

    You shrug, “Doesn’t mean I don’t have regrets.”

    In the past six months, Tony had become an integral part of both Gideon’s life, and yours. As with most things he had thrown himself into fatherhood with everything he had, and he hadn’t looked back.

    More often than not, he ran interference for the Avengers, rather than going out into the field himself. Every once in awhile the situation would call for it though. You’d seen the symptoms after a few weeks, the PTSD. You’d been able to convince him to see a therapist, and the two of you had even gone to a co-parenting therapist. The two of you had hashed everything out, and you now counted him as one of your best friends.

    You move towards the kitchen and start pulling out food, “How did your mission go? Do you need to talk about it?”

    “I saw Cap.”

    You pause, “How did that go?”

    The former members of the Avengers had been cleared of their “crimes” recently, and had been reinstated. Tony still hadn’t talked with them.

    “It didn’t. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I left.”

    “Have you heard anything from Peter?”

    “Not since Aunt May found out and banned me from going anywhere near him.”

    “She’s scared for her kid Tony. You can understand that.”

    He nods, “Yeah but our situation isn’t as easy as locking our kid up in his room to keep him from fighting crime. We can’t fight what’s hurting him.”

You’re about to tell him that he can’t fix everything when the alarm goes off. The two of you take off like lightning. You take the stairs two at a time, and burst into your sons’ room. You find the nurses over top of him, and then you see them slip on an oxygen mask. You bite your lip and count backwards from ten to keep calm.

Tony’s hand takes yours and squeezes. A few minutes later the nurse pulls you out of the room. The look on her face isn’t a good one, “He spiked a fever, and had trouble breathing. We’ve called the doctor to come take a look, but he’s already fallen back asleep. We’ll stay with him, but tomorrow might be a long day. I recommend sleeping if you get the chance.”

You nod once, and Tony wraps you in a hug. You can feel the tears coming, and Tony pulls you down the hallway to his room. When the door closes he kisses you, and you kiss him back. It’s a routine the two of you have developed over the past several months. On the bad nights, when the both of you need to feel something other than the pain, something other than the knowledge of your inability to do anything to help your son, you fall into bed together.

It’s companionship. The ability of knowing that there is someone who is feeling the same pain as you, and that you’re not alone. When everything’s said and done, Tony snuggles into your side, his arms wrapping around you. Quietly he admits, “I’m scared.”

You turn and kiss him, “Me too. So freaking scared.”

When you wake up in the morning Tony is there, staring at you. You offer him a small smile, and he kisses your forehead. “Time to face another day.”

You eat breakfast in silence-the smell of most foods make Gideon sick these days- before heading up to your son’s room, while Tony takes a call. The oxygen mask is still in place but he’s awake.

You smile at him, “Hey buddy.”

He smiles back, “Hi mama.” He reaches for you, and you climb onto the bed next to him. You run your hand over his head, missing the dark brown hair that used to sit there. He snuggles into your side, and he asks, “Mama tell me a story.” And so you do. He’s asleep before you can finish, and you stay there for a while before the sound of a crash reaches your ears. You move quietly out of the room, and down the stairs, and what you see there makes you pause.

“I know you’re angry Tony, but we have to talk about this. About what it means.”

“Look, Capscicle you’ve been MIA for the past several months, but I have bigger things to worry about right now. Patching up our friendship or whatever the hell you want to call it doesn’t even make the list.”

“Tony …”

“No. You’re the one that went AWOL, albeit for the right reasons. I made sure to get you off the hook. The Avengers can be reformed, and you can do whatever you want, I don’t care. But right now you are not my number one priority.”

“Then what is Tony? Cause it was your biggest concern earlier this year.” Hawkeye’s voice is near a shout.

You want to roll your eyes, Gideon’s existence let alone his health is not a widespread issue. That’s when you decide to intervene. You clear your throat, and Tony’s eyes fly to you, “How is he?”

You give a small smile, “Asleep. They have him on oxygen. The doctor wants to wait until he wakes up to start with the poking and prodding.”

He nods, “Any pain?”

“The usual.”

He scrubs a hand over his face, “I …” he motions to the people in the living room. You nod in understanding.

Tony takes a deep breath, “Guys, this is Y/N, my son’s mother.” You watch eyes go wide, and you give a little wave before Tony continues, “I have a ten year old son, who Y/N kept in hiding because of the enemies I’ve made, but earlier this year he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. She and Gideon have been living here ever since, and that is what I’m more concerned with, knowing if my kid is going to live.” He turns to stare at you, and you motion up the stairs with your head.

He gives you a grateful nod, and heads up. You say nothing to the group as they stare at the stairs Tony has just climbed. Slowly eyes flicker to you, “He’s been through a lot these past six months, and he and Gideon have become very close.”

“How bad is it?” Hawkeye’s voice is strained and you shrug.

“Worse than I’m willing to admit to myself. Worse than Tony is willing to admit. He’s used to being able to fix a problem or at least beat on it. He can’t do either in this circumstance.”

“No, but I may know someone who can.” Your eyes flicker to the Captain.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not sure of the exact science behind it, but I may know someone who can help.”

“What are you thinking?” Tony’s voice startles you, and you jump the tiniest bit, before his hand comes to rest on the small of your back.

The captain stares at Tony, “Do the same thing we’re doing with Bucky?”

    You watch the realization wash over Tony, and you nudge his side. Tony let’s out a breath, “We freeze him. Like they’re doing with Barnes in Wakanda.”

    Steve fills in the blanks, “They’ve created a rare, hard to get serum in Wakanda which allows normal people to be frozen, and then revived once they can be helped. I can talk to T’challa, ask if he has room for one more.”

Your eyes move to Tony, and he says, “Let’s wait to hear what the doctor has to say.”  

Krista, Angela, Carla and Darlene were all having dinner at my mom’s house. And in the living room, Gideon, Lloyd, my dad and Tyrell were all sitting around watching football. I was just standing in the middle of both rooms, not sure which one to be in. I was watching all of them laughing and smiling. They seemed like they were all having such a good time. I was a little lost, stuck in my space between both groups, but I didn’t feel alone. It was nice seeing them happy.
—  Elliot’s dream, Red Wheelbarrow

I haven’t watched this season of OUAT yet, but Rumple being the Savior with light magic is something that I could 100% get behind enough to watch again, if they manage not to fuck it up this time. This is like all of the Rumbelle/BATB theories of Rumple being an inherently brave, caring, kind, loving, and selfless man beneath that damn curse that Belle and the Dearie/Rumbelle fandom always saw as true, and if they fuck it up that would be beyond a huge slap in the face!

That thing that Brigitte Hales said about “Rumple being a tragic figure, who is capable of good deep down, but can’t overcome his demons” better not be fucking foreshadowing that Rumple is going to do something uncharacteristically shitty because [insert dumbass OOC plot twist out of fucking nowhere that makes no sense to make Crapstain Hook look better by comparison]!

They have canonically confirmed that Rumple is the only villain on the show with an inherently brave, caring, kind, loving, and selfless heart. However, he got screwed over by fate to be a “coward” from infancy by his mother when she cut away his hero status. So he became a man, who has often tried to make the right choices to keep his family safe, but who also has often lacked the purpose and conviction to see them through and used shitty methods to try and achieve good results because fate was a bitch to him, and branded him a “coward.”

It would be cruel to not let the Rumbelle/Dearie fandom have this one good thing for Rumple and Belle by letting him choose his own destiny, and having him defy his own fate of “cowardice” by using light magic and doing the right thing, after they have fucked with them for over three damn years now!

So, my request for S6 of OUAT is for Kitsowitz to do right by Rumple with this whole Savior thing, not fuck it up, and then for the love of God, please just let this be the last season of OUAT! I just want closure and peace! No more stupid character-assassinating plot twists! No more back and forth regression-redemption arcs for the villains! No more shitting on Rumbelle to make characters, who are less worthy of happiness and redemption than Rumple look better by comparison! Just free these beautiful actors and the fans from this shit show, and let it fucking die with what little dignity it has left!

The Safest Place, a RSS Fic

Prompt: Time Traveller and an Immortal AU

Summary: There’s no safest place for a child as loved as Gideon than with his parents. Even if it’s decades before he’s born and they were still master and maid.

Recipient: Surprise, @sharinamay, I’m your Secret Santa! I hope you like your gift, I had quite a hard time making it happen! I was worried that the idea I had come up with might not entirely be what you wanted but it stuck to my head so I was inspired to write it. 

I’ll post this later to AO3 and FF.Net and will edit this post to include the links, just in case that’s more convenient for you.

Happy Holidays!

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