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My fantasy ending for Rumbelle

It’s high time that Rumple decides that he doesn’t want to become like his mother (Black Fairy) and chooses love over power. That is, he gives up his power and becomes mortal again. Rumple and Belle leave Storybrooke so he would ‘show her the world’. Rumple, Belle and Gideon live their lives as a family that Belle always wanted.

I have to believe that the Beauty & The Beast of OUAT will get a happy ending if Disney has any say in that.

Spring Awakening Miscast- listen

a playlist of spring awakening cast members singing different arrangements of spring awakening songs

left behind - gideon glick / bitch of living acoustic - blake bashoff, anthony lee medina, andy mientus, ben moss, kyle riabko, and matt shingledecker / wake me up/touch me - ben fankhauser / mama who bore me - jonathan groff / don’t do sadness/blue wind - blake daniel and emma hunton / the dark i know well - andy mientus and ben moss / seasons of love/song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me - christy altomare and kyle riabko / my junk/let’s get it on/london bridge/total eclipse of the heart - steffi d / a comet on it’s way - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me -krystina alabado and andy mientus / left behind - matt doyle / bitch of living - lilli cooper, eryn murman, lauren pritchard, phoebe strole, jenna ushkowitz, and remy zaken / touch me - matt doyle and emma huntun / the song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast reunion /

Chandra: Maybe we both need pets. They say people with pets live longer.
Gideon: I was thinking about getting a cat.
Chandra: There’s cat people and there’s dog people. You are a dog person, Gideon.
Gideon: How do you figure?
Chandra: You’re faithful, you’re dependable, you’re without guile, you’re very comfortable to be around. So why a cat?
Gideon: Low maintenance. They don’t expect much from you so you can’t disappoint them.
Chandra: I don’t see you ever disappointing anyone, Gideon.

Gideon: See you Monday? 

So I just got my SDCC zombie Planeswalker set in...

…and, being the meticulous guy I am, I took out the cards so I could put perfect fit sleeves on them and then put them back.  In the process, I noticed that behind the cards, there are actually pithy little quotes from Liliana for each of them!  So here they are:

  • Liliana: “The Gatewatch: Five Planeswalkers united by a single will–mine.”
  • Gideon: “Live by the sural, die by the sural.”
  • Jace: “You eat what you are.”
  • Chandra: “The brightest flame burns out the fastest.”
  • Nissa: “You sow, I’ll reap.”
Battle for Zendikar Wild Speculation Post

My wild speculations for the story of this set are as follows:

  • Kozilek is still on Zendikar somewhere near the core, and will be the Big Bad of the second set after Ulamog is defeated/driven off the plane
  • Gideon is going to willingly give his Spark to Ob Nixilis so Ob can kill one of the Titans. Gideon will live but be trapped on Zendikar, Ob will be free to roam the Multiverse
  • Sorin is going to die