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Alexander Gideon Lightwood will die one day. He will be buried in the City of Bones, along with all noble shadowhunters that have come before him.
Maybe he’ll go out guns blazing, protecting those that matter most to him.
Maybe it’ll be the war that gets to him first.
Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll die of old age, a life well lived.
Alexander Gideon Lightwood will die and the second he does, Magnus Bane’s reason for existence will be gone.
There is no Magnus without Alec. Magnus has had to live for hundreds of years, cursed with immortality, searching for ‘the one’ who would love him for him. The one he could marry, have kids with, share his life with.
The day that Alexander Gideon Lightwood dies, so does Magnus Bane.
—  D

I haven’t watched this season of OUAT yet, but Rumple being the Savior with light magic is something that I could 100% get behind enough to watch again, if they manage not to fuck it up this time. This is like all of the Rumbelle/BATB theories of Rumple being an inherently brave, caring, kind, loving, and selfless man beneath that damn curse that Belle and the Dearie/Rumbelle fandom always saw as true, and if they fuck it up that would be beyond a huge slap in the face!

That thing that Brigitte Hales said about “Rumple being a tragic figure, who is capable of good deep down, but can’t overcome his demons” better not be fucking foreshadowing that Rumple is going to do something uncharacteristically shitty because [insert dumbass OOC plot twist out of fucking nowhere that makes no sense to make Crapstain Hook look better by comparison]!

They have canonically confirmed that Rumple is the only villain on the show with an inherently brave, caring, kind, loving, and selfless heart. However, he got screwed over by fate to be a “coward” from infancy by his mother when she cut away his hero status. So he became a man, who has often tried to make the right choices to keep his family safe, but who also has often lacked the purpose and conviction to see them through and used shitty methods to try and achieve good results because fate was a bitch to him, and branded him a “coward.”

It would be cruel to not let the Rumbelle/Dearie fandom have this one good thing for Rumple and Belle by letting him choose his own destiny, and having him defy his own fate of “cowardice” by using light magic and doing the right thing, after they have fucked with them for over three damn years now!

So, my request for S6 of OUAT is for Kitsowitz to do right by Rumple with this whole Savior thing, not fuck it up, and then for the love of God, please just let this be the last season of OUAT! I just want closure and peace! No more stupid character-assassinating plot twists! No more back and forth regression-redemption arcs for the villains! No more shitting on Rumbelle to make characters, who are less worthy of happiness and redemption than Rumple look better by comparison! Just free these beautiful actors and the fans from this shit show, and let it fucking die with what little dignity it has left!

Gideon & Bubba

This is a story I’ve made with one of my original characters and SC Walker’s character, Bubba Johnson. I’ll link at the end for SC’s tumblr and maybe you’ll find Bubba as enticing as I did!

SC Walker’s Tumblr:

In Palimande, Louisiana, it was a blazing fall Friday. Everyone at St. Jude’s Academy for Boys was ecstatic to get out of the stuffy school and finally strip out of those hot wool uniforms. Gideon Lambeaux sat at his desk in English letting out sighs of frustration, trying to understand the basics of Hamlet’s reason for acting the way he was. As a senior, it was finally time to start slacking off, but Gideon’s parents wouldn’t hear of it. He needed completely straight A’s or else his parents wouldn’t let him out of the house this summer before he went away to college. The very thought of being forced to stay in the Lambeaux house all summer made his mind want to go numb. Sure, it wasn’t like the house was anything to sneeze at, but Gideon had friends he liked to visit and, even more importantly, guys he wanted to flirt with!

“Mister Lambeax perhaps you can tell us why?” Mrs. Peterson said, snapping Gideon out of his thoughts of cute boys and hot men he could flirt and tease.

“W-What?” he asked, dropping his pencil.

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Spring Awakening Miscast- listen

a playlist of spring awakening cast members singing different arrangements of spring awakening songs

left behind - gideon glick / bitch of living acoustic - blake bashoff, anthony lee medina, andy mientus, ben moss, kyle riabko, and matt shingledecker / wake me up/touch me - ben fankhauser / mama who bore me - jonathan groff / don’t do sadness/blue wind - blake daniel and emma hunton / the dark i know well - andy mientus and ben moss / seasons of love/song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me - christy altomare and kyle riabko / my junk/let’s get it on/london bridge/total eclipse of the heart - steffi d / a comet on it’s way - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me -krystina alabado and andy mientus / left behind - matt doyle / bitch of living - lilli cooper, eryn murman, lauren pritchard, phoebe strole, jenna ushkowitz, and remy zaken / touch me - matt doyle and emma huntun / the song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast reunion /


Aye I’ve been working on this “regular ol’ kid” Gideon post-finale sketchdump on and off over the last month. (tagging @lilolgf in this because she asked for some Giddy Fresh content awhile ago.) 

I really like the idea of Ghost-eyes staying in Gideon’s life, and kind of being his big brother-type figure. He’d be all protective and attentive of Gideon, and you don’t know how much i need that in my life. (also he’d totally be the one who takes care of Gideon after skateboarding accidents, 100% canon.) I just, like, want all the prisoners to help raise Gideon, and they all become better people together. 


[edit: i forgot the prisoners’ legs, whoops]


So… how much should we be reading into that “only blood uncle” comment in the comic? Because unless there’s a revelation here you’re hinting at - shouldn’t Gideon also be a blood uncle to Anna by way of Gabriel? Or is this some different period usage of “blood” I’m not familiar with? — glamourweaver

No, this is just entirely my fault. I wrote out the script for the comic for Cassandra Jean while in the middle of a dozen other things, and I left off a line — basically Cecily was meant to be making a joke about how Will is Anna’s only Herondale uncle, Herondales being better than Lightworms, etc. Then I wound up having her say something about Lightworms later, so I went to take the earlier instance out but didn’t correct for the meaning, so now it looks like something terrible happened to poor Gideon. Rest assured he is in fine fettle and uncling away; he is very fond of his nieces and nephews, just as Gabriel is fond of his.

I’ll ask Cassandra Jean to correct the comic for posterity, but it’s merely my fault — this is why writers are ringed round with editors and copyeditors. Sometimes we don’t notice our own mistakes. :)

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1. rev!Dippifica 22. Dippifica (I love ur writing style thank u)

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

(Thank you sooo much! I hope you really, *really* like it because this is *WAY* longer than just a drabble and I’m so sorry (not that sorry actually))

Bad luck comes in to the Mystery Shack on the edge of a flourished cape.

“Pacificaaaaa!” Gideon shouts.

He heaves himself over the counter, sacrificing ease for effect, and crosses his arms as the Shack’s newest visitor pretends to examine the sticker rack. Thirty seconds feels like thirty minutes, but their guest finally turns from the stickers and looks in Gideon’s direction. Their faces must mirror one another: raised eyebrows, sharp sneers, disdain.

“You can leave,” Dipper says flatly, “I don’t need help waiting for your cousin.”

“Sorry, Pines,” Gideon says with a grit-teeth smile, “Can’t leave the shop unattended for a single second. I’ll wait.”

It does not matter that Dipper Pines rises a whole head and a half above him, or that, at thirteen and lacking any of Pacifica’s resources, Gideon could do little to stop any “psychic” tantrum Dipper decided to throw: Gideon stares the boy down (or, technically, up).

“So now, Dipper, how’s it been? Been a while since you darkened our doors. Looks like you got yourself a new wardrobe, very refined. Would you consider that a cape or a cloak? And how did dear, sweet Mabel take it when you rejected the leotard?”

Over the course of Gideon’s words, Dipper’s face reddens, and he steps in until he’s looming over Gideon. One jittery hand raises and tightens on the gem atop Dipper’s bolo tie.

“You microscopic swine,” Dipper hisses.

A single spike of panic races through Gideon’s chest, but it fades quickly - Dipper Pines doesn’t intimidate him, and the gem at his throat remains dim and placid.

“Irascible swindler,” Gideon responds, flashing him a sweet smile, “Two-faced misanthrope. I can come up with these all day. My vocabulary is quite advanced for a seventh grader.”

Gideon’s not sure if Dipper’s preparing to punch him (less likely, the boy’s arms are made of noodles) or magically choke him to death (more likely, Mabel’s not the only Pine with violent tendencies), but regardless he is saved by the creak and thud of the wooden doors dividing the shop from their living room. Gideon slides out of Dipper’s reach and is hightailing it past his cousin and back through the doors marked “Employees Only” before Pacifica manages to utter a confused “Dipper?”.

He walks down the narrow hallway towards the living room until he hears the doors clunk closed, then quietly tiptoes back, positioning himself in the shadows so that he can watch the drama unfold undetected.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Dipper oozes, and Gideon can practically hear Pacifica’s eyeroll from across the shop.

“Dipper, what are you doing here?”

Her voice is low, barely scraping into a whisper.

“Our monster hunt isn’t for another two days, and you know how Uncle Bud - and Gideon - and, well, everyone feels about you being here.”

Shifting slightly, Gideon is able to get a view of the counter and both teens. Pacifica leans against the counter, looking warily up at Dipper. Dipper has backed up from where he was towering over Gideon before, letting a few feet separate him from her. His hands have left the bolo tie and found their way into his pockets. He looks different, younger, and it makes Gideon scowl.

“I saw you at the show last night. What did you think?”

“I didn’t, I wasnt-” Pacifica stammers, but her blush gives it away, and Gideon has to bite back a groan. So she hadn’t gone straight back to the mansion.

“Pacifica, I know every inch of that tent, every shadow. I’m impressed, though, at how well you managed to hide - Mabel didn’t notice, and I’ll admit I almost missed you…”

“Mabel wouldn’t notice a pink elephant in the room unless you’d taught it how to say her name,” Pacifica says with a snort, and of all unholy and incredible things, Dipper Pines laughs. The sound - perfectly normal, even happy - makes Gideon’s skin crawl.

“So what did you think?” Dipper asks, voice softening.

“You missed your third cue by half a second, but otherwise is was fine. The cape’s a little silly, though. None of this answers my original question though - what are you doing here?”

Pacifica crosses her arms over her chest, and it’s clear she’s sizing the boy up. As far as Gideon can tell, his cousin is the only person on earth who has ever managed to silence Dipper Pines for more than ten seconds, and the quiet space that stretches between them draws Gideon’s attention to the look in Dipper’s face. His eyes look hungry, but he’s frowning, as if deliberating.

The past year of puberty had been kind to Pacifica, and few days passed where Gideon didn’t hear someone at the Shack or in town mention how stunningly and appropriately Northwest the leggy blonde teen had become. But Dipper Pines had been infatuated well before Gideon’s cousin had left her awkward pre-teen phase, and it was clear now that no amount of rejection from her had changed his feelings. However, Pacifica was not the only of the two to have changed between summers, and it’s with sudden panic that Gideon recognizes the tension underlying Pacifica’s supposedly casual posture, sees the flush still lining her cheeks.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice,” Dipper says.

Gideon is fairly certain that, were it humanly possible, all of their hearts would have stopped at once. His certainly skips a beat, but the terror rising from his gut is decidedly not the feeling he can see is affecting Pacifica.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says, and this time it is a whisper.

“You nearly fell into a gnome hollow last week. Pacifica, you’re too good on those monster hunts for something like that to happen. Unless you’re distracted.”

The tap of leather dress shoes seems to crack like gunshots through the hush of the Shack. Dipper stands a few inches in front of Pacifica, one hand on the counter behind her, the other still tucked in his pocket, leaving her a space to slip away. She does not move.

“The time before that, you botched a spell I know you’ve done a thousand times before. Distracted, again. But by what?”

“You’re a complete narcissist,” Pacifica says faintly.


“And an utter ass.”

“Also true.”

“I’m too good for you.”


“And I’ve already turned you down one thousand times.”

“Are you going to make this one thousand and one, Pacifica?”

Dipper’s other hand comes down to rest on the counter. His body frames Pacifica’s, pinning her between him and the counter. She doesn’t seem bothered.

“How do I look at you, then?” she asks in return. Pacifica tilts her face up to his, flutters her eyelashes.

“Like you can’t quite believe that I’m the same boy you’ve been fighting with and going on monster hunts since you were thirteen,” Dipper says, leaning in towards her, “Like everything you know is changing for the better. Hungry. Dreamy. Like you’ve been wanting to do this for weeks.”

Dipper places a hand on her hip. They stare at one another. Pacifica’s lips part ever-so-slightly.

“Like maybe, this time, you’ll say yes.”

A sliver of space separates them.

Gideon can no longer hear her words, but he sees her lips move in answer.

A moment later, Dipper closes the gaps between them and kisses her. The motion is unexpectedly tentative. They kiss, pull apart, and slowly press together again.

Pulling away from the door, Gideon covers his eyes with his hands. Like watching a bad horror film, he’s half-tempted to peek through his fingers, watch the train fall off of the cliff. But in that moment of hesitation he hears a soft gasp from the shop, followed by the louder, wet sounds of deepened kissing. Face heating up, Gideon scurries to his room, leaving the two on their own.

So why is everyone assuming Gideon is going to die. Hazoret says “I see your death, Kytheon Iora”

Gideon doesn’t see himself as Kytheon anymore. Kytheon is a buried memory. Kytheon is his former self, his weak self, his self that couldn’t protect his friends because of his own hubris.

Hazoret says “cursed is the man who forgets his own past” which is exactly what Gideon is doing. Yea he carries the weight of what happened but he didn’t learn from it.

Kytheon at some point has to die for Gideon to live. I think it means he will loose his invulnerability magic and he will undergo a fundamental change.

“ you are no god”
I’ve been wondering where his invulnerability has come from for a while and I’ve been thinking Gideon is most likely following the Herculean trope. I the Gideon is a half god with most likely Heliod being his father.
Hazoret sees the spark of divinity inside of Gideon and also recognizes that Gideon will choose humanity over divinity. Further killing Kytheon