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i need a firestorm body swap for a few reasons but all of them bc we all need it

@doctorlightwood ur in on this too

  • some time bullshit happens idk, body swap. done. slow day at the office week in the temporal zone so they’re not too worried. gideon says it’ll wear off. all good.
  • at first martin’s fine because he’s used to it and jax is laughing the whole time because wow, being in gray’s head for a change even if it’s not quite the same
  • martin still staying on a healthy diet because obviously, jax will need his body back at some point and he wishes he laid off the fries when he was younger, the CHOLESTEROL
  • (he does still sneak a few chips, because jax insists)
  • and martin revels in the fact that he can move more easily and more fluidly and wow he hasn’t been able to move like this in decades
  • but then he twists the wrong way and his knee completely locks up
  • (”jefferson, i had no idea your knee was this bad.” “don’t worry about it gray.” “we could have gideon look at your knee – ” “just leave it. please.”)
  • martin ends up worrying anyways but jax brings up how he doesn’t wanna go pee and then they’re bickering over nothing again
  • jax in the meantime is enjoying completely fucking with the team and spouts complete nonsense at any question, but still tells people he knows best
  • ray catches him when they stumble across something in hebrew trying to find out more about the spear and jax completely fumbles the pronunciation
  • “shouldn’t we tell the team?” “later”
  • sara, mick, and amaya figured it out ages ago: sara is also fucking with stein stein, mick is watching, amaya thinks it’s funny but acts like nothing is happening for the sake of the illusion. nate tries to conspiracy theory the whole thing out but sara drags him away shushing him cos this is the best thing to happen on the ship all week
  • “miss lance.” “marty.”
  • oh man sara got amaya to start calling jax-as-martin weedman
  • martin’s so horrified
  • still going back and forth on martin being the body of firestorm like i know that’s not how they made sense of it supposedly on the flash but let me live
  • alternatively, martin to jax: how do you fly this thing
  • jax: is singing shit in his head (their head?) like how you like me now bitch
  • ofc in an actual battle jax helps because he’s a good baby and they gain some more Mutual Respect™ for each other and their roles in firestorm
  • uhhhh jax teaching gray some engineering stuff for the ship and martin teaches him some theoretical physics stuff and them working more on the fact that jax is a literal prodigy what the fuck
  • this furthering martin subtly aggressively trying to set him and lily up
  • also jax pulling this shit

there’s so much

LoT Foster family AU

Sara: “Cool” Mom, all kids respect her

Rip: Stressed overworked Dad, who tries to hard, but none of kids respect him

*They are in very modern marriage, have no prob with one of them (Sara) ‘being’ with other people. They fight a lot and mostly act as friend more than as a couple*

Jax: Only slightly responsible kid, Mom makes him look after others sometimes

Mick: Oldest son, most rebelious one, in in trouble with law a lot

Leonard: Mick’s best friend, Sara’s occasional lover

Ray & Nate: Excited nerd twins, break stuff all the time

Kendra: Teen daughter, “I’m an adult now, I know what I’m doing” kind of teen, is never home, has lots of boyfriends

Martin: Overly serious uncle Marty, has lots of doctorates and alsolots of personal issues

Amaya: Newest foster kid, gets in lots of trouble with Mick and Len

Gideon: Rip’s nerdy colleague from work, is more interested in his family life than she should be


“The Legends”, a team of profilers from FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit (B.A.U) at Quantico, Virginia. 

  • Rip Hunter: Acting Unit Chief, S.S.A, profiler and former prosecutor. 
  • Gideon Allen: S.A, B.A.U’s Technical Analyst, former hacker.
  • Dr. Raymond Palmer: S.S.A, profiler,PhD in Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Science, BAS in Sociology and Psychology.
  • Martin Stein: S.S.A, profiler, PhD in Physics.
  • Jefferson Jackson: S.S.A, profiler, Military training, Degree in Engineering.
  • Amaya Jiwe: S.A, B.A.U’s Communications Liaison. 
  • Sara Lance: S.S.A, profiler, Military training, Extensive knowledge of Martial Arts.
  • Leonard Snart: S.S.A, profiler, Specialty in obsessional crimes and kidnappings, lawyer. 
  • Mick Rory: S.S.A, profiler, Specialty in arsonists and explosives, former firefighter. 

Monopoly is banned onboard the Waverider. This ban happened after a disastrous first game that resulted in two concussions, one and a half broken noses, Stein getting hit in the stomach with the board, and Gideon almost mutinying in an attempt to get everyone to stop fighting. No one will explain what happened beyond blaming Snart for the inciting incident.

The legends will find themselves pitted against a familiar face in the upcoming third season. In the wake of stopping the Legion of Doom, they subsequently crash in Los Angeles, where they see buildings from various time periods and a hoard of dinosaurs approaching their ship. Suffice it to say, they will need to fix their mistakes… If Rip and his time bureau will let them. Here is the synopsis. After the defeat of Eobard and his equally nefarious colleagues, the legends face a new threat created by their actions. In revisiting a moment in time they already participated in, they essentially fractured the timeline and created anachronisms, a scattering of people, animals, and objects all across time. They must find a way to return all the anachronisms to their original timelines before the time stream falls apart, but before they can jump back into action, Hunter calls their methods into question. With the time bureau effectively the new sheriffs in town, the legends disband until Mick discovers one of them in the middle of his well-deserved vacation. Seeing this as an opportunity to continue their heroics, Sara wastes no time in getting them back together.  Reuniting with a billionaire inventor, the unconventional historian-turned-hero, and the two halves of a powerful metahuman, they will challenge authority over the timeline and insist that, however messy their methods may be, some issues are beyond the bureau’s capabilities and can only be fixed by the legends.

Legends of Tomorrow, by Natalie Abrams.

Legends of Tomorrow did it once again. What a great show

What a great episode. We got to see the characters being represented perfectly. Rip was a confused suffering mess but even at his lowest he still loved Gideon most of all. Sara being heroic badass and worried about Rip, Sara waving off his apologies and assuring him that she knows it’s not him but you can see that she still feels tension. Mick telling Stein that he should treat Jax with more respect and as an adult and Stein listening. Amaya being amazing and getting all the badass moments. Ray being cute but we also got to see he is very capable even without technology.

Even Amaya and Nate didn’t piss me off. The realtionship is not exactly to my liking but it’s still vastly vastly better then the horrible toxic mess that is Kara and Mon El and you can see that Amaya gets vastly more respect and agency in this storyline

And most of all I love the fact that unlike in other shows that seem to have a fetish for drama and suffering Legends know how to keep it balanced. They have the drama and the suffering but they don’t overuse it and drown us in it.  They know how to use for emotional punches while still keeping the show fun and enjoyable

Also Gideon calling both Sara and Rip Captain was perfect. You can see how much she respects both of them. In fact Gideon is just perfect. I love her so much. I hope she gets a body next season and become a physical part of the crew. Looking at you Ray if anybody can build a proper cyborg it’s you

@anoasisinawasteland​‘s fic request “if you could do anything about Team Legends - being domestic/arguing on the ship… - going on a vacation and wrecking havoc, being the adorable, nerdy fuck ups. Time Mum and Dad being disappointed but also joining in on the fun. - Gideon’s pov over the team. Like a day in the life of Gideon and how she sees and reacts to the team” (LoT fandom)

i’m so sorry it took so long ! i’ve been swamped with work and stuff and i was hesitating between writing this and a gideon’s pov fic. - the latter will definitely happen at some point, because I absolutely love the idea.

hopefully you’ll like it! 

“This is a bad idea.”

 Jax shared an eye roll with Sara, both groaning loudly. From where he was leaning against Rip’s office doorframe, Ray frowned, miffed, while Nate pouted at his feet, his arms crossed in petulance. Amaya threw them a look before turning to Mick, the latter responding to her cocked eyebrow with a low grumble. Martin, unlike the others, didn’t seem undeterred nor peeved by the Time Master’s constant pessimism.

“Have a bit of faith, Captain,” Martin insisted, his grin hopeful. Rip responded by cocking an eyebrow, his expression unmoved, “We arse all responsible adults, aren’t we?”

“I beg to differ,” Rip muttered, gaze darting from one person to the other.

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I promised @agentmarymargaretskitz if she drew a picture for this post then I would write a drabble for it. She kept her end of the bargain, so here’s a timeship drabble based off our wonderful conversations!

“Gideon, what are you wearing?”

“Clothes, Captain. I would have thought that was obvious.”

Rip raised an eyebrow and put his mug of tea down as Gideon joined him behind the counter.

“Yes, I noticed as much. Where did you get that shirt?” he tried again.

“A gift from Ms. Lance, Captain.” Speak of the Devil, Rip thought as the rest of the team wandered in including Sara.

“Gideon! Loving the shirt!” Sara smirked as she saw the defeated look on Rip’s face.

“Nice,” Mick nodded in appreciation.

“Man, I do not need to know this much about your personal lives!” Jax complained as he shook his head and Rip spluttered in protest. Ray blushed behind Jax and refused to make eye contact with Gideon, apparently the ceiling was very fascinating at the moment. Martin scrunched up his face in confusion, trying to see what Jax was shaking his head at while looking at Gideon, but Rip was already trying to stand in front of her to cover her up.

“Right all of you, shut up now. This is your fault, don’t think I don’t know that,” Rip narrowed his eyes at Sara who shrugged innocently (her mischievous smile was not) then he turned back to Gideon and urged, “Right then. Take off the shirt.”

“I thought you didn’t approve of public nudity, Captain?” Gideon commented lightly.

“I do!” Sara yelled as she fought Jax for the last doughnut.

“That’s not what I-look-you can’t wear that shirt!” Rip said again.

“Why not?” Gideon asked sadly.

“Well because, it’s, well look at it.”

Gideon looked down at the shirt and then back at her Captain, “What about it? Don’t you think it’s accurate?”

“And on that note, I think it’s time we leave!” Nate piped up as he tried to herd Mick and Sara out of the room (both insisted they wanted to hear the answer) along with the rest of the group.

“That’s not the point-here, at least take my coat and cover up or something!” Rip tried again and shrugged off his own coat and put it over her shoulders attempting to button it up over the writing.

“Captain, stop!” Gideon grabbed his hands and looked at him, “I like this shirt. It was a present. I’ve never gotten one from the team. Now, do you really not like it?”

Rip sighed and looked at the shirt again and then at Gideon’s hopeful look, “I suppose it’s alright. Perhaps only wear it in private though?” Knowing Sara, if Gideon ever wore the shirt again, Sara would never let it go.

“Of course, Captain. I mostly only wore it today to see your reaction,” Gideon patted his cheeks lightly.

“What? Why?”

Gideon shrugged, “I got bored. Besides, I rather like the quote.”

Gideon smiled as she looked down at the all caps words ‘SEX MACHINE’ emboldened on her white shirt while her Captain quite frankly looked like he was seconds away from either ripping his hair out or hitting his head against a wall.

I didn’t say it would be a good drabble. But thanks for reading it!

Cisco once referred to GIDEON as J.A.R.V.I.S. while on the Waverider, thinking it was a valid comparison between the two AI’s. GIDEON took great offence to being compared to the fictional AI. Curiously, Cisco ended up locked in the Waverider bathroom for 3 hours soon after. 

Legends of Tomorrow Masterlist

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Rip Hunter

Sara Lance

Leonard Snart

Mick Rory

Ray Palmer

Amaya Jiwe




Do You Love Me?

Fic: Do You Love Me?

Summary: Five times Rip asked Gideon if she loved him. And one other time.

AN: A quick story as the result of my conversations with @misscrazyfangirl321 in which we kept asking Siri if she loved us and the responses. (Hope you like it!) 

Also based off my personal headcanon that Gideon is dead set on not admitting her love for her Captain and her responses get more ridiculous as time goes on. And a somewhat ambiguous ending. Enjoy!


“Look, I know you don’t like me much, but you cannot keep me locked in my own room! This is absolutely ridiculous!” Rip yelled at the ceiling.

“Perhaps if you ask nicely, Captain” the AI used the title as an insult.

“Oh come on Gideon, please? Don’t you love me?” Rip pleaded teasingly.


Rip tried not to be offended. It was just a program after all, and yet…The new Captain sighed and plopped down and started reading instead. His AI would let him out eventually. He just had to wait it out.


“Admit it, I’m your favourite Captain you’ve ever had!” Rip teased as he fixed the wires on the console.

“Saving your life does not indicate any sort of favouritism. It is an AI’s primary purpose to assure the safety of the Captain,” Gideon replied nonchalantly. (He could hear the relief in her voice though.)

Rip snorted, “You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Okay, there, done! How are the systems looking now?”

“Solar energy efficiency is now up by eighty percent. Good job, Captain. You’re getting better at this,” Gideon praised.

Rip smiled, “I knew you loved me.”

“You’re growing on me,” Gideon admitted. Rip would take it.


“Thank you. For not turning us in,” Rip said quietly now that he was alone. Well almost alone, Gideon was always there.

“Of course, Captain. I wouldn’t betray you or your wife,” a soothing voice filled the air.

“I can only imagine how hard it is for you to betray the Time Masters like this,” Rip apologized. She must have been going against her very root code for him.

“Protocol dictates the safety of the Captain is paramount. The happiness of the Captain is second, as long as it does not impede safety of the Captain or the integrity of the ship. You’re not hurting anyone,” Gideon admitted.

“Thank you, Gideon. The way you’re handling this is almost human-and I mean that as a compliment!” he knew how testy she got when he compared her to humans, “I mean it’s almost as if you’re acting out of love like I am for Miranda.” Rip considered her actions in protecting him and his wife in comparison to his own and he had to ask.

“Do you love me?” he meant it to come out teasingly as always, but instead it came out far more serious.

There was a pause before Gideon finally responded, “I respect you.”

Rip smiled. Coming from Gideon, that was the highest of praises he had ever received. 

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