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oh my god i got the cutest commission ever from @sludgge LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS HE MADE (i like that the tongue piercing matches his watch it’s such a nice little detail)

it’s my trainer oc and guzma (remember how I said she wore a big jacket? probs got ruined somehow, being the champ is dangerous work, guess she stole guzma’s while she gets a new one <3)

he’s probably bragging about something and she’s like, “mhm sure you’re cute” (lookit them sassy brows)

It’s a power play! I love it!
—  Marisha Ray, giggling maniacally after Vex’ahlia opens the door completely naked to greet Percy

Dinah Lauren answering my question at soundcheck 8.11.16

Hi, my question is for Dinah and it’s if you were a superhero and you has a superpower based off your personality, what would it be and why? Also I think your tagline would be “Thick Thighs Save Lives”.

me: man i havent read warriors cats in like… years…. smh i guess i just dont care for it now

*they announce warriors cats movie* 



11. He Loves Magic (20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne)

When we say that Eddie Redmayne loves magic, it is not just a simple “oh that’s because he’s in a Harry Potter  movie” thing. No, Eddie loves magic. Graham Norton discovered this and it ended up being one of the cutest things to ever happen on television.

Apparently a childhood dream of Eddie’s was to be a part of the Magic Circle. He loved watching Paul Daniels as a kid and he wanted to be a magician like him. So Graham gave him his wish and let him perform magic with a coloring book with Bryan Cranston and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Eddie was giddy and having the time of his life as he sat and demonstrated his magical abilities. It was an easy trick but seeing how absolutely ecstatic it made him changed everything. He was so happy to be doing magic on television and he kept expressing how excited he was.

It is just so refreshing listening to him get giddy about things. He is so genuine and happy about getting to do everything he’s doing and to see something like this warms your heart. He just wanted to do magic as a kid and then he grew up to play a wizard. That is something amazing right there!

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I have a highkey platonic crush on u bec you're so genuinely kind & caring despite your own struggles, and you're patient and understanding and protective of your friends aND also there's a good amount of sassiness and dorkiness to balance it all out

Also you have a way with words that’s just… really… enthralling and you’re very thoughtful and I feel very comfortable talking to you and. Just. You’re a really great person my guy

I can’t read

I’m only going to tell you this because you’re my friend. It’s all going to get much much worse and its going to get much much better. But the best part is is that in that space between the really really shit things and the really really giddy good things there’s going to be somethings that are absolutely nothing about you.

Like: right now you’re telling me about all the crap that you had to go through and how it has changed you. You mentioned a lot of things to try and prove to me that tragedy weighs well and real on you. But if I’ve ever read any story or even known another human being what I know is that you’re going to be happy again, and probably sooner than you expect.

But how can you trust anything that comes and goes so cheaply without any concern for you? Can you trust on happiness and sadness as a basis for your life? No. Obviously not. So what can you value? Should you even value? Should the stories we make out about our lives revolve so much on feeling?

You know what my favorite moments are? It’s moments where I’m neither happy nor sad but I’m awake, fully awake and just really seeing everything without thinking too much. I’m sure you do this too. Sometimes I look up at some tree and a wind falls over it. It makes a noise like nothing else in the world and my body stops and I stand erect and my lungs and my head and my heart empties out and there are no things inside me for a few moments that can make me sad or happy. I become dumb and want nothing and I just exist.

Those are almost meaningless moments for me. But I trust those moments more than anything else. In those seconds I’m no longer a human being driven by needs, fears, desires, philosophy, laziness, expectations, nothing. In those moments I get to just be nothing but looking and hearing. I trust those moments because it reminds me of what I am beyond my context.

You’re sad. You’re happy. You’re in love. You’re heartbroken. You’re joyous. You’re defeated. All these things are essential but untrustworthy coats we find and wrap around ourselves. I’m only going to tell you this because you’re my friend. Sometimes the best fucking thing is nothing and when it’s nothing about you.

Just One Day

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“What are you staring at?” you whisper. “For once, not you. Thanks for noticing this time.” He smirks. 
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Leaning your back against the closed dorm door, you slide down into a crouch and rest your chin against your knees. What just happened. 

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hi! how would each function flirt? like, what are the tactics of each function when it comes to flirting? thank you and i hope whatever you do today, youre doing something you love! xx

Si: looks for little ways to be helpful or indispensable to you, is probably the person you’ve friend-zoned

Ni: generally dislikes flirting, secretly tries to learn as much as possible about you, prone to stalking behaviors so you’ll feel like someone’s always watching you

Ti: not great at flirting, keenly observes your behaviors, probably makes somewhat pathetic or awkward or even weirdly aggressive attempts to impress you or get your attention

Fi: no strategy, acts erratically, does weird impulsive unpredictable things, gets giddy when you pay attention, the shy ones have a knack for magically disappearing from view when you notice them

Se: tries to impress you with their shiny qualities/skills/talents, will do fun/creative things to make you feel great about yourself

Ne: becomes weirdly and intensely fascinated with you and asks you lots of questions, they may not realize they’re flirting hard with you

Te: painstakingly constructs the perfect environment or conditions for things to… happen, awkwardly tries to “steer” you towards things happening

Fe: goes the extra mile to be warm and friendly, possibly invites you out to all the various group things, suddenly takes a lot of interest in your interests

I found my new favorite liminal space

When you’re heading home on the bike and between you and there is a storm on the verge of breaking.

Where the smell of rain lays so thick on the air you can taste it on your tongue. 

Where lightning dances in the same sky as the burning full moon.

When you race laughing towards the storm, hoping you make it before the bottom drops out and soaks you to the skin.

You dance on the line between here and there, between storm and calm, between the presence of the storm and it’s absence.  It’s a giddy thing.  So I poured all that out - that giddy joy, that laughing terror, that rush of joy that happens whenever we ride - I poured it out and I offered it.

To my Gods.

To my ancestors.

To the fae and the other “not Gods”.

Because joy shared is joy redoubled.  And in that time and in that place, the line between me and Them is nearly gone and, for a moment, I am a “not God”, too.