Thank you for almost 3k followers!

To celebrate this, let’s play a little game with me! It’s simple:

Make out something funny with the drawing above and submit it to me! :D

It can be a dialogue between them, and you can add things you think is fitting too! (like blush, sweat, background, color, or even the continuation or whatever you want!), and I will choose the best three, and the prize will be a black & white sketch for each of the best three!

The prize terms will be:

- It doesn’t have to be OnS fanart, it can be other things, even your OC!
- Please no gore or horror or thriller theme. Blood is okay though
- It’s okay for sexual scene but not so hardcore (I’m okay with hetero and homosexual pairings)
- The background will be simple at most
- Maximal two characters in a pic (can up to full body)
- Please no machine, robot, or animals
- You may refuse/ignore the prize, I will give the prize for the 4th or 5th or the next :D
- Sorry in advance but I may not be able to finish the prize quickly as I’m kinda busy with my work, but I will definitely finish it eventually! :D

I will post all the submission after the due date with respective participant, so please make sure to give me your name/username :D
(I won’t post the ones I think as inappropriate or not related with this drawing though and they are automatically disqualified)

Due date: Aug 5th, 2016!
I’ll be waiting impatiently for your submissions! :D

(P.S.: you can submit words only, I will edit it later :D)


I’m sitting here like… 

Imagine sitting on Loki’s lap as the two of you play a video game on the TV, and you being unbelievably giddy because it’s the only thing you’ve found that you can beat him at.

He sighs as you beat him yet again, leaning his head on your right shoulder as he does so. His arms are curled around your middle with the controller in his hand, but he lets it slide out of his hands and onto the floor, using his now free hands to pull you closer into his chest.

Still proud at your victory, you smirk over your shoulder at him, giggling as you say: “I win!” for the umpteenth time. A mischievous glint appears in his eyes, soon accompanied by a grin as he leans in close, murmuring in your ear with a voice that should be kept firmly in the bedroom. “For now.”