The Gidden and Robert Cochrane

While rereading the surviving letters of Robert Cochrane (1931-1966), the father of the contemporary Old Craft movement, I was surprised to observe (not having noticed it in previous readings) that he references the Old English word gyden (“goddess”) in at least two of them.

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Watched I love it! As usual Gidden never fail in his way of delivery his classic novels. I’ve always love how his words stir so much emotions, even in me. can’t stop crying when Harlem song came on. That’s, so totally Gidden style. That one hit KO impact. // Ahbushi is really super handsome! 😂

終於看了 等一個人咖啡。超棒的!愛慘了啦! 九把刀就是九把刀。一直以來就很喜歡他利用文字的方法把我整個情緒都吸出來。那一幕, 庾澄慶 唱的缺口一出,我整個都哭成淚人了。那一貫九把刀的作風,一拳擊中。// 阿不思 超帥的!😂

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On the off chance that there’s still anyone left out there who would contend that there has been an ongoing tradition of Goddess-worship in the English-speaking world since antiquity, I have some bad news for you: the word “goddess” itself proves that you’re wrong.

But this very fact opens the door to an exciting possibility.

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Rhiannon Giddens - Look Down That Lonesome Road (Up Above My Head) (2015)


Scots Gaelic mouth music as sung by Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. 

This is just… unreal. Just unreal—especially the second half. I don’t know if my mind can move that fast, let alone my lips. And such heart! Gruff, wild heart like that of the land from which this music sprang.

You must hear this.


Can Gravity Paws be an AU?

Please it’d be so cute~ I love the designs they had for the cast in that puppy bowl ad. I’m betting Little Gidden would be a toy poodle, Bill would probally still be bill because they didn’t change the freeze frame too much. Yeah he had the tail, ears and muzzle but he’s still an evil triangle.

Jeremy Kyle granted divorce from wife Carla

A judge has drawn the marriage of TV star Jeremy Kyle to a close.

Judge Stephen Alderson granted Kyle and wife Carla a decree nisi at the Central Family Court in London on Thursday.

Jeremy Kyle (ITV)

Neither were at the hearing, which lasted about 20 seconds.

A lawyer representing Mrs Kyle said she had petitioned for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.

Jeremy Kyle and Carla in March 2015 (Joe Giddens/PA)

Solicitor Raymond Tooth, a senior partner at law firm Sears Tooth, said Mrs Kyle did not wish to comment.

The marriage will formally end when a judge grants a decree absolute.

Mrs Kyle can apply for a decree absolute in about six weeks.


Girls Rock afterschool, week 4

Durham, NC | 2.8.16


Today’s session involved comparatively little music-playing, as quite a bit of time was devoted to playing group games - including ‘Rose, Bud, Thorn,’ a game played every week that allows everyone to check in with one another and share their weeks’ highlights (roses), downsides (thorns), and things they’re looking forward to (buds). The girls then listened to a presentation by Lily, a teenager who has been a participant in Girls Rock since she was seven years old, about important female musicians with significant ties to North Carolina. Among those mentioned were Nina Simone, Elizabeth Cotton, Rhiannon Giddens, Little Eva, and Laura Ballance of Superchunk, whose daughter just so happens to be a Girls Rock afterschooler. Learning that today made my little Here’s Where the Strings Come In-worshipping heart sing like no other.

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Soundtrack Of A Photograph-Photo Shuffle

I pressed ‘Play’ on my Ipod and this is what I heard…Waterboy by Rhiannon Giddens.


External image

A few weeks ago, my friend Adam and I went to a Folk Music In New York City exhibit at the Museum Of The City Of New York. It was actually the very last day of the exhibit but I am sure glad Adam  persuaded me to go to see it. There was lots of great memorabilia from both the pre-WW II folk scene of Woody Guthrie…

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Hole in one (direction)! Niall Horan 'sets up golf talent agency'

Niall Horan has reportedly put the solo career on hold for the moment to set up his own golf management agency, hoping to find new talent for the tees.

The singer has made no secret of the fact he’s golf-mad and has even been snapped playing caddie for pro Rory McIlroy – but he’ll now be hoping to turn that passion into profit.

Niall has caddied for golfing legend Rory McIlroy – and sadly slipped up during his round (Adam Davy/PA)

According to The Sun, the 22-year-old has joined forces with One Direction’s management company Modest to set up Modest Golf Management.

He’s also brought on board Mark McDonnell, a former account manager at golf equipment company TaylorMade.

Niall reportedly wants to find and nurture the best new British and Irish players.

It’s a career move away from One Direction but sticking with the same management company (Joe Giddens/PA)

A source told The Sun: “It’s well known Niall loves golf and has been learning from the best out on tour with Rory. Now he wants to discover exciting new players and give them his backing.

“Mark is an absolute legend in the industry and will help him with endorsement. It’s early days but he’s committed.”

Niall is staying loyal to the firm who made him famous, but his bandmate Harry Styles split from Modest last week and has signed on with top US agent Jeff Azoff, heating up rumours he’ll be starting a solo career soon.

Anthony Giddens

As a result of drawing from various theoretical traditions in the social sciences, Anthony Giddens developed his sociological approach that he calls “structuration theory,” which is described as, “…a theoretical analysis of the relationship between self and society, with particular emphasis upon processes of social reproduction and institutional transformation” (Elliott 135).  Giddens focuses on this relationship because he believes that it is of critical to keeping with the current changes in the social sciences.  He further elaborates on this relationship by introducing the concept of the “duality of structure,” which is explained by saying that, “…social systems are viewed by Giddens as simultaneously enabling and constraining” (Elliott 136).  Another way to phrase this constant flow between human action and social structure is that in this relationship, “…it is the repetition of the acts of individual agents which reproduces the structure,” but these structures, rules, or institutions can still be changed by human agency if people were to, “…ignore them, replace them, or reproduce them differently.” (Gaultlett).  In addition, Giddens places importance in reflexivity where he makes the point, “the reflexivity of modern social life consists in the fact that social practices are constantly examined and reformed in the light of incoming information about those very practices, thus constitutively altering their character” (Elliott 138).  This reflexivity is what enables people to alter a social structure that had been set in place as a result of an original act of human agency.  In conclusion, Anthony Giddens developed these theories and concepts in order to better grasp “the contemporary transformation of the social sciences” (Elliott 137).  

Elliott, Anthony. PDF.

Gauntlett, David (2002), Media, Gender and Identity: An Introduction, Routledge, London and New York. (Extracts available at

(via Jazz diva added to OKM lineup | Examiner Enterprise)

“OK Mozart announced this week that Grammy Award-winning Catherine Russell, of legendary musical heritage, and who the Wall Street Journal describes as “one of the outstanding singers of our time,” will replace Rhiannon Giddens at the 2016 OK Mozart festival on June 16.

Russell’s fifth album, entitled “Bring it Back,” will be the title of her performance at the OK Mozart festival, with the addition of the subtitle “Heiress to Blues and Jazz.” The album showcases her voice that National Public Radio describes as “wails like a horn and whispers like the snake in the Garden of Eden” adding “she’s finally claiming her place in the pantheon of 21st-century jazz divas.” Russell hails from New York City and has performed in Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center, as well as a sold-out performance in the Kennedy Center. She has performed on four continents to international acclaim. Her cover of the 1920s song “Crazy Blues” is [on] a Grammy-winning compilation soundtrack [for Boardwalk Empire].“

Musician Example has become an actor - in a 28-episode film on Instagram

Singer Example has said he signed up for groundbreaking “social cinema” movie Shield 5 because it is “genius”.

Instagram is the only platform where the film, consisting of 28 episodes each lasting 15 seconds, is available.

A new episode of Shield 5 will be released each day this month on the social media site, accompanied by a photograph intrinsic to the story.

Talking to the Press Association about his role as Ray, Example – real name Elliot Gleave – hailed the innovation.

“I thought it was genius,” he said. “Instagram tends to be celebs doing videos of themselves and selfies, so I loved the idea – it’s very bold.”

Example performing in 2013 (Joe Giddens/PA)

Shield 5 stars Christian Cooke as security driver John Swift, who ends up accused of murder.

Creator Anthony Wilcox, of Hello Carter fame, also directed the project, which was written by Adam Dewar.

Anthony, an Instagram user, said the idea for Shield 5 was born when he took on some online projects while developing his next feature-length movie.

Christian Cooke as security driver John Swift (Shield 5)

The fast turnaround from shooting to an audience seeing the finished product was, he told PA, “refreshing and invigorating”.

“It dawned on me that no one had utilised Instagram in the way of telling a dramatic story. There’s potentially a big global audience built in and users that aren’t used to seeing that type of content on the platform,” he added.

“I did quite a lot of research and looked at some film trailers and advertisements that were 15 seconds long and quickly realised that, if you’re clever, there’s a lot of story you can squeeze into any 15-second slot.”

Shield 5 star Christian, who featured in 2013′s Romeo & Juliet alongside Douglas Booth, has seen the seven-minute finished product.

“Each 15 seconds is about giving the audience another piece of the puzzle and try and entice them enough to come back and watch the next one,” he told PA.

“It’s very experimental,” he added. “It’s high concept, there’s a soundtrack, special effects and the production values are incredibly good. It has all the elements of a feature film or a television show – it’s just that it’s made for Instagram.”

Joseph Mydell as Yorke (Shield 5)

Christian said the length of the individual instalments put restrictions on the script: “There’s no 15-second love scene as such, but there is a post-coital 15-second scene. That you can do.”

Example, who has said he would like to make a career out of being a character actor, said: “Shield 5 is not necessarily a film where, as an actor, you get much time to shine because there’s very little screenplay and dialogue so you don’t get a chance to develop much sense of character.”

Example (Joe Giddens/PA)

He went on: “I thought it would be a good thing to have on my CV, great director to work with, a really impressive cast and I’m very pleased with the results. Time will tell whether it’s a good idea or not.”

Director Anthony said it is hard to anticipate how Shield 5 will perform.

“People are really, really intrigued and interested, but can’t quite get their heads around what we’ve made. However much I try and explain it, I think the proof of what we’ve done will only be in the viewing of the episodes themselves.”