Do you think it fits with Gicleur?
I made so many songs about Gicleur but I think this one suits.

Please comment anything so I can improve the skill. Thankyou for the author’s priviledge permittion. I can’t sleep well after read the story. Another angst to cry. And speechlessness.

This is kyungsoo side. READ THE FIC PLEASE!!!

by :

tumblr : lababoreine (thankyou love!)

(Grammatical error warning!)

originally by ME.

Titled : Awake

Lyrics :

yesterday I saw a man
and right now he was gone
it feels like waking up at 3 a.m.
and hitted by the rocks

my tongue barely tied so hard
my heart beats fast than it was
my mind start to explode the thoughts
I feel like I casted

you have succeeded
to make every fool believe
yesterday I saw you were a kid
that I saw you, you might be bleed

something inside me are shutted
I make a fist, start to fight
speechless for the lied you made
tears down, I realized I cry

it feels like waking up
and hitted by the rocks

and now you’re gone…

NB : kindheartedly please, if anyone wud correct my english, I feel thankful for that so I cud fix everything since it’s only a draft, danke schon! XOXO


Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 16,899

Author: lababoreine in runandgun

The coffee house by the bend, 3 pm: the Project begins.

my thoughts: really interesting au; the tone started out slow for me, following kyungsoo’s pov but it definitely picked up after jongin’s introduced. great characterization, and like always i fall for them and their story. the ending made my jaw drop. but that’s just me. 


This fanfic

I read today….. ‘Gicleur’ i hoped its spelt correctly…..

I read the comments full of jongin was an ass**** !!!

But, i feel like its one of those stories where you would want a break up to happen………

One line that intrigued me was ———->
” i love you….. and you love me too, right?”

At that mmt i felt……wait…..kai didnt develop any feelings….and i didnt get any confirmation that he did…..

So, eventhough kyungsoo got crushed….. i say well….. it happens…..

Oooopsss…. pls dont bring the pitchforks XD

Inaccurate Questioning

"My goal is to make every fool believe." - a line taken from a piece of fanfiction that I’m reading right now. From the timing I don’t think I’ll finish it tonight - I’ll probably read it on the way to school tomorrow.

I wish I could write like the author, with every description coming and going so freely and lightly, like kisses in the breeze. Because that’s how the writing feels - I see a small town with peaceful back alleys and quiet cafes, with an occasional waft of wind to provide some relief to the summer sun.

What a contrast it makes to my own descriptions that sit heavy like wax waiting to be moulded. Sometimes it feels like my descriptions are an accurate description of me - trying too hard to please, eager to show all it can and clumsy in its excitedness. It ends up being a pain to read.

Anyway, that line above. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the same thing when I rush into an accent without planning ahead, when I start acting like someone else instead of myself for no apparent reason. The question I usually ask myself when I have the time to breathe is who am I trying to fool? but then again maybe it isn’t the question I should be asking myself.

What am I trying to make them believe? Perhaps that is a more accurate question.

EDIT: I finished the fanfic. Now I feel as frighteningly hollow as the character, but I’m also wondering if I’ve ever left that sort of impact on anyone else or if I’ll ever be brave enough to do such a wondrous, terrible thing.

anonymous asked:

Hi lovely, some really good coffee shop au's please? thank you and istg bless this blog ❤

Hiiii loveu! coffee shop aus hm, I haven’t read a lot of those tbh but here’s some that came to mind! ^-^ 

that’s all I could think of lovey, I hope you enjoy them! happy reading <3

- hearteu, admin Z 

Based on the number of questions I get from customers and people I know, I thought I would post a couple things regarding “Giclee” prints. If you’ve never had a piece of art printed, there’s no reason you would know any of this! I’ve had to read about it to make sure my art is being printed in a way that is correct and will last.

The word giclee is from the French phrase “”le gicleur” which means “to squirt” or “to spray”. It was modified and termed giclée, (pronounced as jeeclay) in the 1980s.

The process is basically like the “inkjet” printers, but it’s not called that because of the negative connotation that home printers have given it. “Giclee” sounds much more refined! The biggest difference in the size of the printer, and the quality of the ink. If the ink is a superior quality – then so is the print. These new inks have incredible archivability and match colors beautifully. Sometimes you can’t tell the original from a print.

All of the giclee prints I sell in my art printshop “Eat Sleep Create Art” are archival (inks and paper!) They have a lifespan of up to 200 years without substantial fading or discoleration. Depending on how you store or display them, it could be longer.

The biggest three things to remember is to hang it out of direct sunlight, away from extreme temperatures, and keep it behind glass. Do these, and your artwork will last!
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