‘Opened Wisdom’ 2014

What I want from my photography is to bring about an atmosphere of feeling and emotion that can inspire creativity in others.

This print is made to the highest standard as a Gicleé on 310gsm Hahnemuhle fine art photo rag. 40x60cm with a 4.5/2cm border around the print. I print all my work in London

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By Freddie Ardley Photography

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(Disney’s Cinderella “Castle at Sunset” Giclée on Canvas by Rodel Gonzalez)

Cinderella’s carriage races off to the “Castle at Sunset” to attend the Royal Ball on our enchanting limited edition framed artwork hand-signed by artist Rodel Gonzalez and part of the Disney Fine Art Legacy Collection.

Une seconde

J'ai fermé les yeux, une seconde, j'ai vu la mer, belle et douce, apaisée, et le vent balayait la plage. C'est un sable assez poussiéreux, dès que le vent se lève il gicle hors de la terre. Je me suis souvenu avoir embrassé une fille, juste là sur ce sable, mais je ne me souviens plus du goût de ses lèvres. J'ai rouvert les yeux, une demi heure avait passée et j'étais encore plus fatigué, épuisé par toutes ces souvenances d'un autre temps.


What do you get when you come across a singing shark, an oddly shaped yelling hat, and a boat in the wrong place at the wrong time? Brucella and her friends, of course!

The first batch of Giclée prints will be very limited, though I will take pre-orders (ETA 2 weeks out on pre-orders). All will be listed this weekend ( More updates tomorrow and Sunday on the specifics.

As always, a portion of the profits will benefit shark conservation and will be specifically aimed at pushing funds towards Mission Blue’s Hope Spots.

My Munsters tattoo flash sheets are displayed at the George Barris/the Munsters themed Kapow! exhibition at Rick Miller’s Surf Club Art Gallery in Hollywood! Original painting and giclée prints are available at the show, if you’re interested in buying some art please contact @ag2luvzart from the Artillerist, the curator of the show!
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