gibson sg custom

1959 ES-140
1961 Les Paul Junior
2007 SG Classic
2011 SG Standard Exclusive
1969 SG Standard
1968 SG Special
2006 ‘60 Strat Relic
2005 Limited '66 Strat Closet Classic
1988 American Standard Stratocaster
1966 Jaguar
1965 Duo Sonic II
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2009 USA '62 Wilshire Reissue
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1997 Rickenbacker 360
1959 ES-140 3/4T (again!)


2001 Gibson Angus Young SG With Lyre Vibrola

Finally… 3 of 3

This one is different..
It does not spot the usual “Devil Child” on the headstock.
For better or for worse, I could do without that awful inlay. 

It’s been discontinued since 2008 so you won’t see this too often. In my opinion, The newer Angus Young SG models just lacks that vintage mojo. 

This guitar has got some serious balls with the Angus Young humbucker in the bridge.

This one is a keeper..


1962 Gibson SG Custom

Polaris White
Condition: Excellent
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Electronics: Original
Neck Pickup: Original P.A.F
Middle Pickup: Original Numbered P.A.F
Bridge Pickup: Original Numbered P.A.F
Potentiometers: Original, 32nd Week of 1962
Original nut, tuners, bridge, frets, knobs, bridge, vibrato, strap buttons, and case.

For sale at Rudy’s Music in NYC.

This. Is. My. Dream. Guitar.