gibson l5

Bressie on holiday...

“Mallorca?”  He asked, not missing a beat as he picked out a tune on the guitar that is chief resident in his office.

I nodded before continuing, “Yea. It’s an island off the coast of Spain…”

“I know where it’s at. I’ve been there.” He cut you off before you could continue. You remembered as soon as he said it.

“Oh? Well, um…will you go with me?” You knew asking Bressie to go on holiday with you was a big step for your fledgling relationship, but you really wanted to be alone with him without the worries and distractions of work or flatmates. His hazel stare flicked to yours as he strummed the guitar that sat on his firm thighs. The large Gibson L5 looked tiny and delicate against his large body, and you imagined that’s how you looked when you cuddled up next to him.

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Some shots from my last trip to The Twelfth Fret, one of Toronto’s best used and vintage guitar shops:

  1. There’s a lot in this photo, but let me draw your attention to the 1952 Les Paul gold top on the right.
  2. 1972 Gibson ES-345
  3. A couple of pretty lefty Les Pauls.  At left is a rare and pretty 1970s Gibson L5S
  4. 1968 Fender Telecaster (right) and a 1961-ish Stratocaster behind it.
  5. 1961-ish Stratocaster - note the sunburst doesn’t have much yellow in the area above the pick guard

Sam Ash Music, on 34th Street in New York City:

  1. Swarovski Crystal-encrusted guitars.  How much?  Too much.  :\
  2. 1966 Stratocaster
  3. I wonder how long it will take for that copper to turn green?
  4. More expensive, Swarovski Crystal guitars…you gotta really love crystals to pay this much for an American Std. Stratocaster!
  5. “Small Space”
  6. I came very close to buying this - est price I have ever seen on a new Custom Shop VOS LP Std. reissue. AND it’s in TV Yellow!
  7. L5CES
  8. A new Gibson Les Paul Deluxe??  When did they start doing these again??

Some of the more interesting (and therefore too expensive to afford!) bits from my last trip to The Twelfth Fret in Toronto:

  1. Early Les Paul Gold Top.  And by “early” I mean 1952.  And by “1952” I mean “the very first year that Gibson made Les Pauls”!
  2. The Royal York Hotel, Toronto.  This used to be the tallest building in the city.
  3. A 1970s (I believe) LPC
  4. Here is something fascinating.  It’s a mid 70s Gibson L5S in incredible condition…in fact at first I thought it was a new guitar.  I have never seen one before and it was super fancy.  It had a super fancy price tag too…  ;)
  5. See what I mean??