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It took me a moment to remember how to play it (I’m probably still playing it wrong) but “Johnny B. Goode” was the first song I ever learned. When I was a kid, #bttf was one of my favorite movies, and during summer vacations I’d watch it multiple times a day, sometimes three or four repeats. Time travel always fascinated me, and both Doc and Marty’s fantastic voyage left an indelible mark upon my young mind. And the first time I saw Marty pick up that red Gibson 345, I knew that I, too, needed to play guitar. When Christmas of 1991 rolled around, I begged my parents for a guitar, and the next year they surprised me with a plastic guitar that could barely tune, but even so, I sat in front of their bedroom TV and VCR, watching Marty’s hands and copping as much of the riff as I could. I literally wore the tape out, so we had two or three copies! It impressed my mom so much that I got a real guitar not long after that! Incidentally, I knew nothing about music then, but even I could tell that it’s in Bb and not B, like Marty says. Yeesh.

Anyway, Michael J. Fox in that movie is the reason I play guitar, and one of a few reasons that I had to have a Gibson semi-hollow body guitar. Yeah, my 355 isn’t like Marty’s, but it gets the job done. Someday I’ll nab a 345, and I’ll replace that 12th fret inlay, too.

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Guitar shopping at Cosmo Music just north of Toronto, Canada:

  1. Custome Shop ES-355.  Note: no Varitone.  Obviously not trying to be a reissue!
  2. Suhr and Two Rock amps + Gretsch guitars
  3. Fabric-covered Ritter guitar.
  4. Another odd yet interesting Ritter instrument.
  5. The 355 again.  Not the priciest guitar in the room at $4k ($CAD) either!