I was playing the new ‘65 #VibroChamp last night and realized that I have scored some seriously great #guitars and #amps over the last few months! So I decided to do a group shot of all the gear I have acquired in the last 6 months. In chronological order by acquisition date we have:

March: 1963 #Fender #DeluxeReverb, purchased from @folkwaymusic

April: 1962 #Gibson #SGSpecial (cherry) also from @folkwaymusic.

May: 1965 Gibson #SG Special (#PolarisWhite), purchased at @capsulemusic

June: bupkis. Absolutely nothing was acquired in June. June was a slow month. 😂

July: 1957 Fender #DuoSonic, purchased from @tgscan.

August: 1966 Fender #Musicmaster purchased from @shyboytexrepairs AND 1965 Fender VibroChamp purchased at @capsulemusic. August was an expensive month! 😄😅😆

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It’s a common story – lots of women enter the workforce during World War II, doing all the jobs normally restricted only to men, before millions had to go off to fight Fascism. Then the war was won, the soldiers came back, the women were forced back out.

But, at least, it was acknowledged, and, at least, some credit was given.

But not at Gibson Guitar. They officially say that they shipped no instruments during World War II at all – not a one. But that’s simply not true. They did – they made and shipped thousands of instruments, with a wartime workforce of women. Some even went with GIs overseas.

Apparently, management decided that people wouldn’t want instruments made by women, so they erased the Kalamazoo Gals from history. When law professor and music journalist John Thomas got a hint there had actually been wartime production, and found out the story, the acoustic department was initially very interested – and then corporate found out he had been digging, and started threatening him for revealing it. It’s fascinating:

Women guitar makers scratched from Gibson history
By Ryan Grimes

Women are constantly being erased from history, including music history. Sometimes more aggressively than others. Never forget that.

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