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Can you do a fem!reader where youve been with the junkers forver (polyroadrat) and when yall join overwatch you're used to wearing tiny short cutoffs and just a thin wrap or crop top like thing and 76 has to have a 'chat' with you bc luico, mccree and others are getting distracted?

((So anon, you don’t know how happy I was when I got this because this is pretty much my HC for my OC Ava. None of the Junkers really worry about modesty, they ain’t used to the ‘normal world’ yet so this was suuuuper fun to write!!))


You froze mid-step, turning around curiously before grinning wide as your eyes landed on the vigilante Soldier: 76. You bounced on the balls of your feet slightly before walking towards the older man and cocking your head to the side. He had his mask on but it looked like the tip of his ears were slightly pink, straightening his jacket in a fidgeting motion. Head tilting to the other side, brow cocking up you continued to examine him before he cleared his throat.

“Oh sorry Soldier”, you exclaimed with a slight jump, eyes jumping back up to his mask-covered face. Rocking on your feet you gave a soft admonishing giggle for yourself before again tilting your head. “How can I help ya?”

“Y/N”, he started, rolling his shoulders as he looked down at you through the mask. He still fidgeted slightly, an uncomfortable gesture that you had seen before. “I would like to talk to you about your–choice in outfits.”

Straight and to the point, as was the vigilante’s way. Looking down at your outfit, your brow furrowed in confusion. You didn’t understand what was wrong with your outfit, you had even worn extra layers today! It was summer in Gibraltar, the little island balmy, warm and comfortable. The proximity to the ocean made it way more tolerable than the sweltering heat you had grown used to growing up in the irradiated Australian Outback so you had more than enough clothing for the weather. Today you were dressed in a pair of light, sun-faded cutoff jean shorts that ended just below your ass. You and Mako had sewn patches into it, one of a pig, another one of Jamie’s smiley faces and a neon pink pachimari. Your top was a heart covered shiny pink scarf that Mako had helped you make into a crop halter top, your smaller chest easily bound and covered by the material. Underneath you wore a baby blue bikini top, just as extra support and in case you decided to go to the beach like you had several times that week. You had two mismatched knee high socks on, one blue and red horizontal stripes, the other green and purple tie dye, both tucked into the orange sneakers Lena had given you as a gift. You spun around, looking at your outfit, legitimate confusion on your face as you turned to look back up at old man.

“What’s wrong with my clothes”, you asked incredulously, motioning up and down at your outfit.

“That’s not the problem”, Soldier answered, obviously exasperated as he pointed at your shorts and the fact that most of your torso was uncovered. “I’ve gotten several concerned comments from other agents. The revealing nature of your outfits are–distracting. ”

“But I even wore socks today”, you exclaimed, pointing at you socks for emphasis. You didn’t understand, your hand running your thick hair confusedly, scratching at your scalp. “What’s revealin’ about any of this?”

Back in Oz, what you were wearing would be considered damn near formal, covered skin being looked at as a sign of mourning and grief. There was practically no protection from the sun on the continent after the Omnium explosion, leaving the land ridiculously hot and painfully dry. While skin did require protection, usually in the form of several layers of mud or dirt as a protective barrier, wearing too many layers of clothes was practically out of the question. It would cause most to break out in heat rashes or drop from heat stroke. So most Junkers preferred to wear as few layers as possible; Jamie and Mako going completely shirtless, you wearing things that left most of your legs and torso bare. It was uncomfortable for any of you to wear more because all of you had grown used to the Junker way of living and clothing yourselves. Plus you were so particular about what touched your skin, strongly disliking the confined feel that some fabrics gave you. Winter and fall and really cool days were the only exception to any of the rules, and today definitely wasn’t a cool day.

“Look”, Soldier sighed and it just seemed more and more obvious that the man didn’t actually want to be having this conversation. He dragged a hand over his masked face, sighing once more before continuing. “You’re not an agent. I don’t have any authority over you and quite frankly I don’t care. I just thought I’d bring it to your attention.”

With that he did a sharp about face and walked off, your bewildered expression lost to the soldier. Throwing your arms up in the air, a bit of agitation slipped out as you stomped your foot and yelled at the back of the man.

“Tell them the next time they have an issue they can tell me to my face!”

Some of Jamie’s spitfire slipped out but its intensity was minimized by your sweet, awkward voice. Soldier paused for a second before you swore you saw his shoulder shake in laughter, throwing a thumbs up before continuing down the hall in the opposite direction.


“I spent a splendid day in the Toronto Islands! Just what was needed, and more. Oh, much more! I am knackered now, though. More on that later.” -Diary Entry, June 18th, 2015

I haven’t been to the Islands in a little over a couple of years, and I dreadfully wish I could return today. I had such a lovely time there.


Vans presents House of Vans at VICE Island in Toronto for NXNE

Last Thursday, June 19th, Toronto’s Artscape Gibraltar Point on the islands off the coast of the city transformed into a skateboarding and music utopia. Festival goers were swept away on a privately chartered ferry that came fully equipped with a bar, food and DJs for the 45 min ride to the island. A mini ramp and best trick contest was held along side the sound stage where such acts as Omar Souleyman, Pusha T and the appropriately booked Future Islands mesmerized the crowd.

Photos: Dan Mathieu

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