So I am replaying Majora’s Mask, currently at Ikana Canyon. There’s this maze beneath the well where gibdos stand guard at various doors and you have to get them things like water, magic beans, milk and they’ll be at peace and let you pass. You can skip a few and still get to the end of the maze, yet I never do, because I feel sorry for those guys :(

It is implied that those gibdos were people who got turned into gibdos when they entered the maze, like what almost happened to Pamela’s father

rinhoshizoraaa asked:

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  • 17. Favourite enemies?

GHIRAHIM, stalchildren, gibdos (oot  & majora’s mask ones the tp ones scare the shit out of me lol), and pretty much all the enemies from Ikana Canyon in Majora’s Mask

  • 19. Favourite sage?

HHHHHH prrrrrrrooooooobably Impa or Nabooru

  • 22. Tetra or Wind Waker Princess Zelda?