The Legend of Zelda: 

Underworld Enemy #13: Gibdo

“The mummy man. He’s got some strange powers, and some pretty powerful attacking force.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The reign of the six demonic lords resulted in a considerable amount of worshippers and disciples; some of them blindly followed, but others were unusually loyal. Many men and women became de-facto spokespersons, preachers, and pastors, leading the rest of their devoted congregation, letting their positions of influence corrupt them. As the years passed, new generations of disciples were born, and the Demons’ existence became nothing more than an obscure myth. In turn, the men and women’s power over others diminished, and were seen as pariahs, people to avoid, collectively referred to as the Gibdo. Nevertheless, these individuals were buried in their respective masters’ homes by what little devoted followers they had left. Ganon’s arrival in Hyrule and his subsequent climb to power was known to wake the dead, and the Gibdo rose from their sarcophagi in search of their lords. Though undead, the Gibdo are abnormally strong and resilient, as their skin, muscle and tissue are slowly, yet constantly regrowing, despite years of accumulated decay and desiccation.

30 Day Zelda Challenge

Day 18- A dimension from any of the games (Hyrule, Termina, Twilight) you would like to live in and which area

When I was younger, my favorite space to explore was always Termina from Majora’s Mask. I liked to explore Clocktown, especially the Stock Pot Inn and the Laundry Pool. But, my favorite region was Ikana Canyon. As spooky as the place is… I LOVE IT. I would totally be living there with the Gibdos and Garos.