gibbys brother

sugar-calum  asked:

Can you tell the story about gibby?


the year was 2010 and I was a freshman in high school. the town was abuzz with the news that Noah Munck (Gibby) and his younger brother, Ethan, would be attending a local church benefit. I actually went to another church at the time, but my friends and I decided we should go to try to meet Gibby. While in line my friend dared me to ask him but the security wasn’t letting anyone spend more than a few seconds with him. I ended up writing it out saying something like “will you go to homecoming with me?” and I included my name and phone number. When I gave him the note he smiled and said thanks and through it into a pile with all the other fan mail. I assumed I would never hear from him after that BUT that night I logged onto Facebook and realized that I had a friend request. That’s right, Noah Munck, or Gibby, if you will, friended ME. I did not friend him. Once I accepted the request he messaged me and told me that he was very sorry that he could not take me to homecoming because he would be in California at the time, but he really wished he could because he had never been before.

That’s the story of how I asked Gibby from iCarly to homecoming.