Bad Mood Blues

I had two requests from Anons and they fit together really well so! Here ya go!

Request 1 “a really smutty one with Gibbs? Either at his house or in the bullpen when no one else is around?” Sorry it’s not really smutty but it’s got some action! 

Request 2 “ Gibbs imagine please where he’s angry at work and his secret girlfriend who’s one of the members of the team helps him?”

“What crawled up your boyfriend’s ass and died?” Tony asked, huffing as he dropped into his chair, flipping open a case file with a scowl. Your shoulders tensed but you kept your eyes on your computer, raising a single eyebrow.

“Boyfriend? Wasn’t aware I had one.” You answered dryly, biting down on the tip of your pen, trying not to give anything away. Luckily Tony was preoccupied with pouting. 

“Gibbs!” Tony hissed, “He’s been in a foul mood all morning.” You snorted, glancing over at him finally with a dramatic eyeroll.

“Not my boyfriend!”

“Yeah well he only listens to you, so turn that charm on and go remove the stick from his-”

“Tony.” Gibbs cut him off, storming into the bullpen and even you couldn’t help but frown slightly. So, DiNozzo was right, someone was in a bad mood.

“Boss..” He mumbled giving you a sharp look, and you shrugged your shoulders shaking your head. You and Tony slipped into a silent argument both giving each other pointed looks and gesturing wildly. You stopped when someone cleared their throat and both looked up guiltily to a stern looking Gibbs, no usual amusement hiding anywhere in that face.

“Are you two done acting like idiots?” You and Tony gave each other a hesitant look before answering completely opposite ways.

“Yes,” You nodded, trying to catch his eye and offer him a reassuring smile.

“No?” Tony asked, sounding much more like a question then a statement. You turned you head giving him a ‘really?’ look, before turning back to your boss.

“I think I’ve got a lead on the Patterson case, bank records aren’t matching up, boss.” Gibbs gave you a calculated look before nodding.

“Tell McGee.” And turning to storm off towards the elevator. Tony gave you another pleading look and you sighed, quickly getting up and following the other man, slipping into the elevator quickly when he didn’t even try and hold the door. You waited a second before leaning forward and shutting the elevator off.

“What’s wrong?”


“Obviously not.” You sighed, taking a step towards your boyfriend, taking the coffee from his hands, “Tell me what’s up?”

“I’m allowed to have a bad day, quit being nosy.” He snapped and you raised an eyebrow. You both silently regarded each other for a moment before he cracked a half smile. “I’m being an asshole?”

“Biggest one in town.” You agreed coming closer and giving him a quick kiss, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Just in a bad mood.” Gibbs hummed, hands going on your waist as he pulled you closer, lips finding yours again. “I’m sure it’ll pass…” He murmured before he kissed you long and hard. Sweet kisses slowly turning more and more frenzied as he tugged you closer.

Gibbs backed you into the wall of the elevator and you let out a moan, pressing close to him. Gibbs hands snuck lower, running over your bum before grabbing hold of your thighs and lifting you up, using the wall and his body to keep you elevated.

You let out a small squeal, dropping the coffee cup and cursing as Gibbs’ lips found your neck, kissing and suck, your legs wrapped around him to keep you steady. Gibbs pressed his hips into yours giving them a slightly roll, grinning when you let out a little whimper. He did it again, and was just ready to set a rhythm when something dinged above you. 

At the ding your boyfriend groaned, pulling back, eyes closed as he rested his forehead against yours.

“What’s that?” you whispered voice breathy from all of the kissing and needy whimpering. 

“Someone’s trying to use the elevator.” He murmured reluctantly setting you down. He gave you a once over, allowing his eyes to rest on the red marks on your neck before smirking, “We will finish this at home.” He announced before flipping the elevator back on again.

The doors sprung open and you jumped slightly, fixing your hair before pushing past a confused looking Tony. DiNozzo glanced after you, then looked at a much more calm and relaxed Gibbs, and then to the spilled coffee on the floor of the elevator.

“I- Uh, Nevermind boss, I’ll take the stairs… Leg day after all.” Gibbs was in a much better mood for the remainder of the day, and you were giddy and ready to get home and finish what you had started. 

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2 & 16 with Hotch and Gibbs?

2 - cuddling
16 - “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.” 

Originally posted by thomas-gibson-daily

As Aaron’s alarm clock went off, you let out a low groan. It was way too early to wake up, especially after the late night the two of you had. After a few moments, the loud beeping stopped, but Aaron didn’t make a move to leave the bed. This prompted you to roll over and lay your head on his shoulder, arm wrapping around his middle.

Instantly, his hand flattened against your back, and you two laid there for a few moments in peace. Ultimately, your hand traveled down his side and belly, slowly, as to not alert Aaron of your intentions.

But the agent let out a low grunt. “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.” He mumbled out, voice slow and groggy from lack of sleep.

You huffed and glared up at Aaron, who opened one eye at you and smiled. “Fine. If you don’t have the time, then maybe you should get up.” Was your reply before yanking the blankets off of him in order to wrap yourself more firmly in the warmth. You smiled, but ignored Aaron’s deep chuckles.

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Stay Here Tonight...

Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “can i get gibbs and 2, from the new list? “stay here tonight.”

Word Count: 362

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

2. “Stay here tonight.”

You stroked Gibbs’s chest softly, feeling his strong steady heart beat under his warm skin. Placing a kiss amongst the mass of greying chest hair you prop yourself up on your elbow, “I should get going.” You murmured, your eyes searching his, “I have to be back for the landlord in the morning.”

Gibbs nodded silently, his finger moving a lock of hair from your face. This was the first time in a long time that he’d let himself feel this happy with another woman.

Bringing your lips to his few a few seconds you slowly pulled away. Jethro looks so inviting, his hair was disturbed from your fingers running through it relentlessly, the heavy-lidded eyes that conveyed just how tired he was after this past week but it showed he was willing to stay awake for you. Reluctantly you slide back a little further and push the blankets back.

You could sense his eyes on you as you moved around the room collecting the clothes that had been hazardously discarded earlier that evening.

“Stay here tonight.” Gibbs told you, his deep voice the only sound in the room.

You turned around to see him still laid in the middle of the bed, his arm bent behind his head. He had this little smile on his face too, “Here?” You watched him nod and cease getting dressed for the moment, “But what about my landlord?” You had planned to give notice to your landlord that you were moving out and gave nobody any guesses as to who your new roommate would be. If someone had told you when you first started at NCIS that you would be moving in with Jethro after being together a year you would have laughed them right out the room.

“Eh,” he waved you off with his other hand, “I’ll get ‘ya to your apartment in time.” He promised and let his eyes wander as you slowly took off the clothes that you had managed to get on and walk back to the bed.

“How could I refuse an offer like that, hm?” You asked through the smile on your face and snuggled back into his chest.

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Title: Recovery, Healing, and Jethro Gibbs (Part 2)

Code: LB0006

Requested by: @crimescreen

Words: 1,806

Note: Part 1

Warnings: THIS IS RATHER GRAPHIC. PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. Domestic violence, mentions of sexual abuse, probably eventual smut.

Also, please consider donating to help those that have experienced a trauma much like this fictional one. There are so many people out there that have been hurt, and your support can help.

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Gibbs x Reader pt 2. SMUT

A/N: This is for you, @millitinydancer​. Thank you for being awesome! It’s long-ish… Again, thank you to my idols, @cm-ncis-writings @profiler-in-training and @ironarrow87 .

A/N 2: This is definitely smut (under the cut!) … Please be advised this is not for children…


Finally, it was Monday. Gibbs was pretty sure he dreamt that he’d kissed you; so he went about his day as usual.

There you were, sitting at your desk, just waiting for Gibbs to say something to you.

“Hey (Y/n)! How was your weekend?” Tony looks at you and smiles as he sits down at his desk.

“It was good, Tony. Yours?” You ask, blushing a bit.

The young agent looks at you, grinning. “You’re blushing…you got some this weekend, didn’t you?”

Gibbs chokes on his coffee. “You okay, Boss?” Tony asks.

Still coughing, Gibbs gets up to go to the water fountain. “I’m uh…gonna go check on him.” You say before following Gibbs.

Standing next to your boss as he drank. You tuck your (h/c) behind your ear and bite your lip slightly, wishing his lips were on yours.

He swallows and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. “Can I help you, (y/n)?” He stares into your (e/c) eyes; his blue ones having you feel lost.

He waves a hand in front of your face. “Hello? (Y/N?)?”

You blink, “Oh, sorry, I um…What’s that?!” You point behind him then run into the women’s restroom.


“Get ahold of yourself (y/n), he probably doesn’t even remember what happened.” You say as you splash water on your face.

Exiting the bathroom, you bump into something solid.

Stepping back, you find Gibbs looking at you. “Everything okay, (y/n)?” He smiles.

“Um, yeah it’s–I’m fine.” You say, blushing, feeling warmer than usual.

“Let’s have a little chat in my office. Now.” Gibbs said, grabbing your wrist.

‘What is it with this guy and grabbing my wrist?’ You thought as he dragged you into the elevator.

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This Is Going To Hurt...

Here’s another prompt! I really enjoyed this one. I hope you guys do too. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and very welcomed <3.

Requested by: Anon - “hey! can I get Gibbs with 2? <3″

Word Count: 676

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

2. “This is going to hurt.”

“Crap!” You all but screamed as the suspect, who had chosen to run when you and Gibbs strolled up to his house, who had also chosen to take you as a would-be hostage, wrenched your arm so high behind your back there was a pop and crack, “F-!” You crumbled to the floor, holding your arm as best as you could.

The suspect didn’t get far as Gibbs dragged him to the floor, shoving handcuffs on him, making sure he didn’t get away he moved him over to the radiator that was in the house, looping the handcuffs around the pipe, “[Y/L/N], talk to me.” He demanded as he snapped the second cuff closed, giving the suspect a shove before he came straight to where you were on the floor.

You moved painfully slowly to lean against the wall, tears already slowly coming down your cheeks, it hurt like hell, “I…uh…I think he dislocated my shoulder, I-I-I can’t be sure…” You whimpered as Gibbs raised his hands, they were only centimetres away from your injured shoulder, “Don’t.” You gritted your teeth as he ignored you completely and placed his large hands over the burning joint.

“It’s alright..” He murmured and gently pressed his fingers to feel what was wrong, “Definitely dislocated, might be broken too…”

You whine as he pressed his fingers against the front of your joint, “Gibbs!” You muttered in pain and flinched, “Stop it.”

He pulled his phone out, “I need an ambulance..”

Your world started to shift a little, the swimming motion invading your sight. It was like you were on a boat, “Gibbs..don'feel t'good…” You slur, keeping a hand on your shoulder. In the pit of your stomach, you felt so sick.

Gibbs snapped his phone shut, “[Y/N], hey, stay with me. You’re in shock.” He informed you and for once, you didn’t argue with him when he placed his hands on you again, “I need to get your jacket off. Hey, you with me?”

“Are you askin’ t'take my clothes off?” You ask, quirking an eyebrow, you missed the grin on his own face as you closed your eyes.

There was whimpering and crying but you heard sirens in the distance, “[Y/N] you ready?” When you nod, Gibbs moved you forward a bit and takes your wrist in one and places another on your shoulder, “This is going to hurt.”

“No kidding Boss.”


“AH!” You shouted as there was a white hot pain before nothing. It didn’t hurt like it did before. It was more of a numbed, dull ache. Gibb’s moved your arm so your hand was on your opposite shoulder and took your jacket, creating a make-shift sling, “Oh my…” You whispered and let your head lean back against the wall, a thin sheen of sweat covering your forehead.

“There we are.” Gibbs said in such a soothing voice you couldn’t help but lean your head towards him, eyes still closed.

“That…was an experience.” You mumbled and heard him chuckle, making you smile a little.

“EMT’s will be here soon.” He said to you, moving a hand over your hair, moving some of it from your face, “You alright?” He asked softly as he moved his hand down to cup your cheek.

“Yeah.” You whispered and opened your eyes with a flutter, “Thank you.”

He leant over and kissed your cheek, “I’ll go check on that ambulance and move our friendly suspect.” He yanked up the man, marching him through the house and outside to sit in the car.

You were tended to by the EMT’s when they arrived, both a little annoyed by Gibbs’s actions but neither you nor Gibbs was bothered, you weren’t in all that pain and that’s what mattered. After a brief visit to the hospital where you had an x-ray and the proper bandages and strapping applied as well as a sling Gibbs offered you a perfectly cooked steak and a lot of beer at his. Who were you to say no?

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Kibbs headcanons

1. Kate has stolen at least one of Gibbs’ USMC sweaters and wears it to bed.

2. Gibbs calls her “Katie” or “Minx”. Only he is allowed to do that. Anyone else is castrated.

3. Kate still doesn’t like calling him Jethro… she still calls him Gibbs.

4. Occasionally when they’re in bed, Kate flips Gibbs over, using moves from the secret service.

5. Gibbs is not a bottom. 

6. Kate’s tat is Gibbs’ initials. 

7. Gibbs looks at Kate’s lips when he’s talking to her.

8. Gibbs has introduced Kate to Mike Franks- he calls her sweetheart and acts sarcastic around her but he’s really thanking God Probie found somebody.

9. Kate runs her fingers through Gibbs’ hair when they’re alone because she loves it.

10. They regularly meet up in the elevator to.. you know… “discuss the case”

11. Kate, Ziva, Jenny and Abby occasionally have girls’ nights in Jenny’s office. Where they discuss men. And how annoying Gibbs and Tony can be.

12. When Gibbs tells Kate about Shannon & Kelly, she just snuggles up to him, and tells him how much they must have been loved. And that she’s not going anywhere.

13. Kate loves holidays, Gibbs doesn’t. Not that it stops her. No, she decorates at Christmas, puts up Halloween decorations and does Easter too. And Gibbs thinks it’s adorable.

14. Gibbs is a really good cook when he wants to be, and he loves cooking for Kate.

15. Kate says “I love you” first, but Gibbs tells her in a hundred different ways without ever say a word.

16. When they went undercover as Marines, they both fantasized about the other. Neither got any sleep that night.

17. Gibbs is actually super affectionate and loves cuddling with Kate. He also loves just wrapping his arms around her.

18. They have accidentally had sex on most of the surfaces in his house and her apartment. Completely accidental.

19. Gibbs walks into Autopsy one day, and finds Ducky staring at him. All he says is “Good Lord, Jethro, about time.”

20. Kate totally doesn’t expect it to last. And she doubts it right until he asks her to marry him.

21. She meets Jackson before anyone else. And totally loves him. Which Gibbs finds amusing.

22. They get very competitive at the shooting range. They often bet which one will shoot better. Gibbs always wins.

23. Gibbs always argues he needs Kate watching not participating in the interrogations, but it’s mostly because the eye sex would distract him from the job.

24. Gibbs would die for Kate, and he’s learned from experience that she’d give her life for him.

25. When they finally tell the rest of the team. they find out they’ve been bet on for years.

flootzavut haiii

im a day late and a dollar short to kawoshin day but heres this anyway :^)


1. I Love How You Love Me: Neutral Milk Hotel // 2. As You Are: Garfunkel and Oates // 3. Satellite: Guster // 4. West Coast Drive Ver.2: Steve Gibb // 5. Maps: Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 6. Obedear: Purity Ring // 7. Could I Be: Sylvan Esso // 8. Your Soul: Hippie Sabotage // 9. Oh My Lover: The Searchers 

  • Goalkeepers

#1 Wojciech Szczęsny| #13 David Ospina | #26 Emiliano Martinez

  • Defenders:

#2 Mathieu Debuchy | #2 Kieran Gibbs | #4 Per Mertesacker | #6 Laurant Koscielny | #18 Nacho Monreal | #21 Calum Chambers 

  •  Midfielders:

#7 Tomáš Rosický | #8 Mikel Arteta | #10 Jack Wilshere | #11 Mesut Özil | #15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain | #16 Aaron Ramsey | #19 Santi Cazorla | #20 Mathieu Flamini | #24 Abou Diaby | #34 Francis Coquelin | #35 Gedion Zelalem

  •  Forwards:

#9 Lukas Podolski | #12 Olivier Giroud | #14 Theo Walcott | #17 Alexis Sánchez | #22 Yaya Sanogo | #23 Danny Welbeck | #27 Serge Gnabry | #28 Joel Campbell

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Considering you haven't done this yet. Can you list your "top 10 albums of 2014"

It wasn’t a good year for hip-hop and music in general but here’s what I listened to (some are not hip hop):

10.  idk

9. STN MTN–Donglover

8. You’re Dead!–Flying Lotus

7. Kauai–Donglover

6. Oxymoron–Schoolboy Q

5. It’s Album Time–Todd Terje

4. Under Pressure–Logic

3. Pinata–Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

2. 2014 Forest Hills Drive–J Cole

1. Run The Jewels 2–Run The Jewels [El-P & Killer Mike]