gibbs x hollis

the perfect NCIS couple ❤️ I love their relationship and friendship. I really hope Hollis returns for season 13 for more episodes, I would certainly love it if she became a recurring character. I love the Gibbs and Hollis scenes,the chemistry between Mark and Susanna is amazing. I do hope for a reunion at some point. They make a gorgeous couple. Mibbs forever! ❤️

Gibbs: I put her in the cross-hairs. He wanted to make it personal. Still does. I’m figuring it out. But you being around me makes you a target.

Hollis: So that’s why you’re shutting me out?

Gibbs: I don’t need you mixed up in this. I don’t need you mixed up in me!

Hollis: It’s not your call. I’ll take my chances. I can handle myself. Hmm?

Gibbs: Copy that