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Surprise Visitor

For the Anon who requested “Hey could you please do one where you’re Tony’s baby sister and you come to visit him at work and no one knew you existed. Thank you love your writing ❤️” 

A little bit implied McGee x reader but it’s mostly just a cute little Sister Tony blurb. Hope you all like it, I felt like I rambled a little too much but ah well. Tony’s sister is one of my favorite things to write for (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

People gave you odds looks as they past and you knew exactly why. Reason one; You probably were not supposed to be here. Reason two; you were currently lounging in a desk that wasn’t yours, reading a book and drinking a coffee. Reason three; you were far too relaxed for someone who did not even belong here. For examples see reason two. Reason four; everyone felt like they’ve seen you before, but none of them were sure were they might know you from.

“Uhm. Hello?” You glanced up from the book you’d been staying busy with and grinned, tilting your head to the side and looking over the man in front of you .

“Hey there.” You greeted, grin turning into your family famous smirk. You watched as the man became slightly flustered, unsure what exactly to do.

“That’s- That’s my book.” You glanced down at the novel in your hands and shrugged, tossing it onto Tony’s desk.

“Sorry, you left it out. I was bored.” He gave you an incredulous look, leaning forward to quickly grab the book, not taking his eyes off you. As he stared at you, you smirked again, giving him a moment to try and work it out.

“You look… Really familiar, have we met before?” Really? Could noone put two and two together? God you guys looked similar, you were sitting in his desk, you told him you’d be in town… Unless.

“(Y/N)?” You spun in the chair, smirk dropping and glare coming on full throttle.

“Anthony.” You stated. His face paled slightly and he looked from you to the other man who was still standing there confused.

“Anthony? What could I have done, I just got here! Probbie, what did you say to her?” You got up from your chair and rolled your eyes, glare only dropping slightly.

“He didn’t say anything because he doesn’t know who I am, did you not tell them!” Tony gave you a sheepish grin before shaking his head.

“Never came up?” Another eyeroll from your end before you opened your arms, “Well come on, I haven’t seen you in months, and so far this has been a pretty subpar hello.” Tony grinned widely before coming around his desk and enveloping you in a tight hug, lifting your feet from the ground momentarily.

“What is going on?” A woman with an accident asked from behind you, and while Tony continued to squeeze the life out of your body you heard the other man answer.

“I’m… not sure?” When you finally broke apart Tony kept an arm slung loosely around your shoulders, turning to his team and smiling brightly. You grinned as well and watched as it clicked on the other man’s face, his own mouth turning into a surprised ‘o’.

“DiNozzo.” Both of your heads jerked to the side, but your brother quickly dropped his arm from around you, standing slightly straighter.

“Yes boss?”

“No girlfriends in the office.” You both made nearly identical faces of disgust and you stuck your tongue out slightly with a small ‘eyuk’.

“I don’t think they’re dating boss, I think Tony has a family member he’s neglected to tell us about.”

“Right you are McGeek.” Tony gave the other man a dirty look, and you elbowed your brother in the side.

“Introduce me,” You demanded, “Before I actually start thinking you don’t want them to know I exist.”

“Right, Right.” Tony nodded, watching his team began to smirk at him. He crossed his arms moodily. “This is my baby sister (Y/N). Emphasis on baby, and sister, McGeek. Which means hands off. Not that I think my lovely sister has such bad taste as to-”

“Tony.” You quipped, rolling your eyes.

“(Y/N), This is my team, not my team, since Gibbs here is the boss, but that’s Ziva David, and Timothy McGeek.”

“Why didn’t you tell us you had a sister?” Ziva asked, raising an eyebrow. You turned to look at your brother, arms crossing over your chest as you smirked.

“It never came up! And besides McGeek never told us about his so it only seemed fair. (Y/N) and I have a very good sibling-ship going. I was not hiding her. I wasn’t hiding you! It’s just, It’s kinda like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I’m Ferris, and you’re Jeanie, and sure we love each other but we love to piss each other off more, and-”

“Shut up Tony.” You laughed, watching your brother flounder trying to find a suitable answer for everyone in the room. Tony listened to you at once, grinning sheepishly again, and McGee let out a low whistle.

“She can shut him up in two words, and we haven’t had a moment of silence in two years. I like her.” He announced. Tony sent him a glare, protective arm going around your shoulders.

“Better not like her too much.” You laughed, patting his chest slightly and grinning up at your brother. It was good to see him again, it’s been too long.

Living Two Lives Chapter 5

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Read Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Here

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 2,118

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Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl

The Reader is Tony’s younger sister (a few years) and she loves her hair red, so she dyes it a lot. Tony is more scared of her than Gibbs, and SUPER-PROTECTIVE over her. And Gibbs has super obvious feelings for her. Like, he treats her a lot like Abby, but more flirtatious, and Reader returns his feelings. [Reader is basically the sassier, significantly smarter version of Tony] Please?!?!

A/n - Okay I personally dont think Gibbs would go for someone that young so I made her older than Tony but still younger than Gibbs

Title : Campfire

Pairing : Gibbs x Dinozzo!Reader

POV : Third person

Word Count : 1201

Beta reader : The lovely @lostdreamsanddeadroses

Originally posted by dax-rattler-spare

It was a quiet night at NCIS. Everyone was working, minding their own business. (well if minding your own business involves sitting at your desk, finishing a case file while throwing scrunched up paper balls at your sleeping partner to see how long it would take him to realize what was going on then yeah that)

A typical end to the night.

As if on cue the charming Anthony Dinozzo storms into the bullpen, face contorted in frustration.

“Camp fire!” he yelled slamming the recorder on his desk causing Ziva to run to his desk and smile as McGee woke up disoriented and confused by the scraps of paper that surrounded him.

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NCIS 04x09 || Twisted Sister

Gibbs: Ah, there you are, Jen I’ve been looking all over for you
Jen: I thought since we were short on agents, Abby could use some help
Gibbs: The only reason we are short on agents is because you sent DiNozzo home
Jen: Well, there’s no sense in getting us all sick
Abby Sciuto:
[as Gibbs] Next time you send one of my team home you clear it with me first, Director!
[as Jen] Oh, I didn’t know I needed your permission to handle my own personnel, Agent Gibbs!
[as Gibbs] Your personnel?!
[as Jen] Last time I checked, it said “Director” on my door, not yours!
Abby: [to both of them] The kids don’t like it when mommy and daddy fight!


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Imagine being Tobias Fornell little sister and dating Leroy Jethro Gibbs 

Requested by Anon~

“Out of all the women in the world-”


“Out of all the women in DC-”

“Tobias, hold on.”

“You had to date my little sister.”

Gibbs huffed impatiently, rolling his eyes at the FBI agent. “Is there a problem with that?” He mumbled. “Y/N’s happy. That’s what counts, right?”

Fornell glared at his friend. He wanted to say no, that’s not how it works. Fornell wanted to be the protective older brother and forbid this crazy thing. But it wasn’t his place; he knew that, and Gibbs knew that. So he sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. “Just tread lightly, alright?”

Living Two Lives Chapter 6

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Read Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four  Chapter Five Here

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 2,421

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Criminal Minds

Fighting with Reid   Pregnant and Dating Reid   Rossi and Dating

Hotch and Dating   Prentiss and Dating   Being Hotch’s Wife

Being Spencer’s Wife   Being J.J.’s Sister   Baby Stuff with Hotch

Movies with Spencer   Hotch and Nightmares   Reid and Nightmares

Christmas and Reid   Reid Being Sick   Mornings with Reid

Fighting with Morgan   Working with and Dating Reid   Hotch Buying Gifts

Dating and Morgan   Meeting Morgan   Reid and You Sick   Dating Reid

Being Reid’s Sister   Fighting and Rossi   Dating and Garcia

Grocery Shopping with Reid   Fighting and Hotchner   Being Hotch’s Daughter

Reid Sexually Teasing You   Sleepover and Garcia   Losing Virginity to Reid

Relationship with Morgan and Reid   You Sexually Teasing Reid

Spencer’s Care After Your Surgery   Family Vacation with Spencer 

Relationship with Derek and Penelope   Hotchner and Sex   Rossi and Sex

Relationship with Rossi and Reid   Reid and Your Favorite Rock Band

Introducing Rossi to Your Mom

Being an Avenger, Rossi’s Dauther, and Dating Reid

Being Hotch’s Sister and Secretly Dating David

Carrying Rossi’s Child   Shower Sex with Rossi

Married to David and Jealous of Hayden  Rossi and Depression Talk


Gibbs and Dating    Baby Stuff with Gibbs   Dating McGee

Dating DiNozzo   Being Abby’s Sister   Being Gibbs’ Daughter

Being Gibbs’ Sister   Comic-Con with Reid, Sciuto, and McGee


Being Loki’s Sister   Loki and Reid in Bed   Dating and Loki

Having Bucky and Steve    Fighting and Loki   Loki and Sex

Being Loki’s Partner   Loki and Shopping   Loki and Submission

Carrying Loki’s Child   Rough Sex with Bucky  Prepping For Loki’s Proposal

Sherlock (BBC and Elementary)

Being Joan’s Sister Dating Sherlock   Dating Elementary Sherlock

Lazy Sex with (BBC) Sherlock   Dating and (BBC) Sherlock

(BBC) Sherlock and Gifts   

House, M.D.

Marriage and House

Being Gibbs’ sister would include:

  • Random phone calls checking up on you.
  • Always celebrating the holidays at his house because he doesn’t travel on his days off.
  • Never having to protect yourself.
  • Always having someone look out for you.
  • Keeping your relationships with men a secret until the very last second.
  • Big, long hugs after going periods of time without seeing each other.

The Gibbs Sisters killing it at WOD CityWalk - ⚡️