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Color illustrations from the French version of the Tron film novelization, by Nadine Forster


Pairing: Gibbs x Reader
Word Count: 900+
Warnings: None-ish? Reader wears contacts/glasses. (I know some people don’t like reader-specific stuff like that??)
Author’s Note: Re-posting from one of my old blogs. It’s about time I do this writing thing again. (You can see my character list here, I’m sort of taking requests!)

Summary: It’s cold as frick and stakeouts are super boring. Fortunately, your partner is pretty cute. 
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Being really short and dating Gibbs would involve:

  • Before and in the beginning of the relationship, Gibbs barely even mentions how short you are. Maybe little comments here and there like “you can’t even reach my coffee cup,” but nothing too bad
  • But Gibbs is like a dormant tumor or something; one day, he’ll start relenting teasing you about your height
  • Very obviously bending down to give you a kiss
  • Putting things on the highest shelves just to piss you off
  • Stupid nicknames like Shorty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse; the list goes on, honestly
  • Always has his arms over your shoulders while you’re talking together
  • He’ll probably feel a lot more protective than usual because you’re so smol and tiny and he’s so big
  • Finds pretty much everything you do adorable
  • A lot of lap-sitting
  • The only downside that Gibbs can see is that whenever you wear his shirts, they completely cover up your ass so he can’t get any ass shots while you’re reaching up for a cup or something
  • But on the other hand, his shirts are so big that your entire collarbone and upper chest will be visible, so there’s that
  • He’s a little shit when it comes to your height, but he wouldn’t want to change it for the world

Requested by Anon~

Turn Around

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Title: Turn Around

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon: Being friends with Abby and telling her about your crush on Gibbs not knowing that he is right behind you, please? ;) I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much! <3

It was routine for you to visit Abby while Gibbs went to autopsy.  You had a Caf-Pow in your hand and somewhat of a smile on your face.  Usually you had a wide grin on your face as you greeted the forensic scientist, but something was on your mind today.   When you entered her lab, she could tell right away.  Since you and Abby were best friends, she could always tell when something was off about you.

Abby took the Caf-Pow politely from your hands just as she noticed the suddenly somber look you had on your face.  It was still early in the case, she would make time to talk to you after going over the evidence.

You quirked an eyebrow at Abby, noticing that she was going through her findings rather quickly.  It seemed like she wasn’t wasting any time.  Once she finished, she spun on her heels to face you.

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Title: Who

Code: JD0002

Requested by: @ccorpuz1214

Words: 1,023

Note: I hope this is what you were looking for. It’s 1,023 words, but I’m counting it as a Jot Down anyways. Thanks for your request!

They had been on the case a total of 3 hours and they still couldn’t get a hold of him. Abby was desperately pacing at the first call that went to voicemail, but the rest of them were relatively calm until the first 30 minute-mark hit.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” McGee warned.

“Well what else are we gonna do, McGoober?” Tony asked, “Boss man didn’t answer.”

“We did call him 4 times…” Ziva chimed in. “And the clock is money.”

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- And what is this fair beauty’s name?
- She’s sort of named after you, Doctor.
- I beg your pardon?
- Say hello to Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.

Age Is A Number...

Hey guys! Double post today, hope you all enjoy this one, I had loads of fun writing it! Feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed, as always thank you for reading. <3

Requested by: @climbmountainsandhugtrees “…I was wondering if you’d write a little something with Gibbs for me, too. something along the lines of the reader being the youngest in the team and Gibbs is always looking out for her and making sure nothing happens and then a suspect takes her hostage.”

Word Count: 1,364

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

It wasn’t news to anyone that you were young. Youngest on the elite team captained by Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Youngest agent in the Naval Yard in fact. It drew attention to yourself, especially when you started. Your first day included questions; some personal, some inappropriate and one or two that got Gibbs’s back up but you survived, you gave yourself a pat on the back and took it from there. Five years later and you’re still here.

Ever since though you’ve gone from strength to strength, Gibbs took a chance on you when he accepted you into the team, he wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t seen something special in you, whether it was your quit witted replies to DiNozzo’s advances or your intuition in cases, but he also took you under his wing guided you when you needed it, gave you advice. He became somewhat of a father figure to you, your work Dad as Tony and McGee like to tell you every so often.

He always had your back, if you were ever in a sticky situation Gibbs would always be there to get you out. If you ever had a problem, Gibbs would be there to lend an ear or a well-cooked steak and a beer.

“We just want to ask Malcolm and Kevin some question, in connection with the Petty Officers death.” You explained to their parents, glancing at DiNozzo.

“Mrs Hudson, why don’t you come with me and we’ll talk with Kevin?” He asked, gesturing to the stairs. Both the boys were in their bedrooms. She nodded and followed the Special Agent up to Kevin’s room.

“Mr Hudson?” You prompt with a small smile, “It’s just a few questions..” He nodded too and lead you up to Malcolm’s room.

“Malcolm?” He asked as he opened the door, allowing you in and then shut it behind him, “This here is Agent [Y/L/N], she wants to ask you about that Officer’s death..”

Malcolm sat up on his bed and nodded, his father going to stand by the window.

You started with the routine questions, what was Malcolm’s connection with the Petty Officer, what was he doing at the park that late at night, could you have a DNA sample - that’s where things went south, “Alright Malcolm, calm down, it’s just a few questions.” You say in a calming voice, hoping it would calm the young man. He had at least a foot on you and you could already tell he played football at school.

“I didn’t do anything!” He shouted and pushed you out of the way to lock the door, before you could even react he’d pulled a weapon and backed himself into a corner, aiming his handgun at you and his father.

“Malcolm, what’s this? This isn’t you!” His father shouted just as you pulled your own weapon, aiming it at the young man.

DiNozzo frowned when he heard the commotion in the next room and made a sign for the mother and the second son to stay in the room they were currently in. He drew his weapon and slowly made his way down the hall, “[Y/N]! Everything alright in there?”

“Don’t say anything, and put your gun down!” Malcolm hissed at you.

“Tony, get back,” you start to say but Malcolm shouted over you.

“Go away from the door, or they both die!” He threatened and it made your blood run cold, the boy sounded wild and scared and he was already in a corner.

The father spluttered, “Malcolm, please, what’s gotten into you.”

“Shut up, Dad!”

“Tony, do as he says…” You warn and start to lower your gun, placing it on the floor before kicking it over and raising your hands, “Alright Malcolm, you’re in charge.”

“Boss we have a situation,” DiNozzo said into his cell phone as he bundled Mrs Hudson and Kevin into the garage, telling them to stay put as he went back to the bottom of the stairs.

Tires screeched to a halt and the sirens that had been on turned off. Gibbs and McGee ran from the car, into the house, meeting Tony in the living room, “Local LEOs have been notified. SWAT are on their way.” McGee told Tony.

“Has he made any demands?” Gibbs asked Tony.

“Nothing yet. [Y/N] is in there with the father too. Boss, I’m sorry we both just went to do separate inter-”

“It isn’t your fault DiNozzo…we jut have to get her out alive.”

“Sniper, do you have a shot?” The task force leader said into his earpiece.

‘Negative Sir, Agent [Y/L/N] is blocking the only window.’

“He’s put her there. He’s smart, not a stupid kid.” Tony said to everyone before noticing Gibbs squinting at said window, “Boss?”

Gibbs kept looking at the window, squinting his eyes, “She’s signing.”

“What? What do you mean signing?” The task force leader asked.

“Her and Abby…Abby’s our lab technician, she’s been teaching her for years. She’s signing something.” He concentrated, “Boy…unstable…willing to shoot…father..”

“Right, we’re going in. Blast on the door should be enough to distract him long enough for us to disarm him.” The task force guy concluded but a gunshot rang out stopping everyone in their tracks, then another.

Gibbs’s eyes snapped to the window to see blood spatter and a neat little hole. Without any though, Gibbs, Tony and McGee all race off towards the house, one thing on their mind - you.

“NCIS!” All three men shouted as they stormed the room, weapons drawn. There was the boy, gun smoking from his hand, a pale face and tears running down his cheeks. The father cowering in the corner and you, you were laid on the floor clutching your stomach.

“DiNozzo, secure that weapon!” Gibbs barked, McGee was rounding on the shooter with his handcuffs ready. More officers came in, escorting the father out.

“G-Gibbs,” you said in a wobbly voice, your hands over your stomach, “I-I-I don’t- it just went off-”

“Alright, alright, stop, let me see…” He said softly and pried your hands away, if he’d learnt anything from Ducky it was where a fatal gunshot wound could be and right now, you were incredibly lucky - in the grand scheme of things, you were still losing blood, however.

You groan when he pressed down on your stomach, much harder than you had been doing, “I can’t die- what if I die? I’m too young. I’m not- I can’t..” You stop, letting your head fall back to the floor with a thud, your bloody fingers gripping the material on the arm of Gibbs’s NCIS jacket, “God!” You yell with a pained voice, whimpering.

“Hey, listen to me, focus on me.” He instructed you, “Have I ever steered you wrong yet?” Gibbs asked, pushing further onto your stomach, he could feel both Tony’s and Tim’s eyes on you and him.

You shake your head, your lips in a thin line, “Then believe me when I say you’re going to be fine.” Gibbs kept his eyes on yours and you nodded.

You were laid in the hospital bed hours later after a surgery to remove the bullet and heavy bandages around your stomach. You would be out of action for a few weeks but determined to get back up and running in no time. The door opened to your room, it was pitch black outside now, save for the glow of the streetlamps. You turn your head from the window and smile as you saw Gibbs at the doorway, Tony peaking over one shoulder and McGee over the other, “Hey guys…”

They filed in, both DiNozzo and McGee holding some flowers than were black, a balloon, some chocolates and a card. You laughed ever so softly but it still ended up with a wince to your face, “Tell Abbs thank you for those beautiful flowers.”

The guys put everything on your small desk before taking a seat either side of your bed, Gibbs stood off to the side, looking over the three of you with a gentle smile on his face. He caught your gaze and gave you a wink. He would always have your back - always.

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs drabble

“Can I tell you a secret?” you ask, slurring your words. Gibbs smiles, you’ve been babbling on for the past hour about all the things you never dared to tell anyone. The last thing you you were talking about was how you face planted at the school talent show when you were 13. Before that you told him about the time you ripped your pants in front of your whole senior class.

“Yeah, sure. Go for it,”

“I think I’m in love,” You lull your head to the side. Gibbs’ stomach drops then his smile follows. You can’t be in love. No. This can’t be real.

“Oh?” he tries to put on a smile. He tries to be happy for you. You deserve this, you deserve happiness.

“Yeah, I work with him,” you grin. Who can you be in love with? Is it Dinozzo? Mcgee? Jimmy?

“His name is Jethro, buuut I know he doesn’t love me back. He has these stupid rules, that are sooooo stupid! You know what I love most about him?” you ask, sighing.

“What?” he asks the biggest grin plastered across his face.

“I love how when we first meet, there was this guy who was talkin’ crap about me, saying I wasn’t a real marine. He said that women can’t be Marines, it was really pissing me off. And then Jethro said, I’ll never forget this, ‘Are you serious? Or are you just that guy who is scared of those girls who are not afraid to be confident, see themselves as beautiful, respect themselves, and lead the pack? Because let’s be honest, I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense,’ God, That’s when I think I fell in love with him,” you giggle.

“You have to promise not to tell him how I feel!” you say agitated.

“You can’t tell him!” you shake your head wildly.

“He can’t know,” your eyes widen.

“I think he likes you too,” Gibbs states, matter factly.

“You think so?” you giggle.

“Yeah, I do.” he grins. He just wishes you would tell him this when you weren’t high on pain meds, but this work to. This can hold him over until you can tell him sober.

We’ve Gotcha

Title: We’ve Gotcha

Characters:  Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Y/N (reader) -no pairing

Word count: 982

Warnings: fluffish, slight angst

A/N: I have a lot of Gibbs coming out rather close together, so I hope you don’t mind. </3 I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @maybeinmylife: Could you write an imagine in which the reader starts to get hit on or in general feel uncomfortable at the office and the team (NCIS) comes to the rescue

It was just you and the suspect in the interrogation room.  You allowed the guy to be freed of his handcuffs; against Gibbs’ wishes of course.  You thought he would open up more if you displayed a small amount of trust.  You quickly started to regret your decision.

“I’m glad I get to talk to the sexier of the two agents,” the man sneered.  “You’d look a lot better if you undid a few of those buttons.”

You rolled your eyes, slapping the file onto the metal table.  “How about you tell me why your fingerprints are all over our crime scene,” you suggested.  “How do you know the Lieutenant?  Was he a friend?”  You spread out photos of the deceased Lieutenant, making sure that he looked them over.  “It would be best if you answered honestly, because I will find out the truth.  You’re already in enough trouble as is.”

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Cover Your Jealousy

Prompt: Aaaah okay for a oneshot request could you and McGee be going undercover as a couple at a club, and McGee is chatting you up and buying you drinks and the works, and Gibbs is listening via the bugs you two have to wear, and he gets insanely jealous but can’t say anything to McGee to back down because 1) cover and 2) you don’t know that he likes you?

Requester: therealshnuffleluv

Words: 941

Warnings: None

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Title: Caught

Code: LB0005

Requested by: anon

Words: 1,268

Note: Okay, I’m trying my hand at smut…kind of. I don’t know where it’s going to go, but I’m trying, ok? Slight smut ahead, but there’s a kind of story line…?

It was stupid, really. You had only come over to go over the most recent components of the case, but you spilled the wine all over your white blouse. After Chinese takeout and way too many theories, the Marine offered you a glass of wine, and you accepted. Of course, it was red and you were wearing a white shirt.

“Shit!” You cursed, immediately grabbing a napkin off of the coffee table and trying to dry the quickly-spreading wine stain.

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I Won’t Lose You...

This ended up being SO LONG but I love it. I’ve started using the “keep reading” thing now for my longer prompts. It’s only polite, Ive had two very harsh anons about using it so here we go. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “94 and Gibbs?”

Word Count: 990

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

94. “I won’t lose you too.”

Pushing up your umbrella as you came out of the main doors to NCIS, walking up the small path to the large parking lot you pulled out your keys from the little side pocket of your backpack. You were about twenty yards from your car, Jethro’s big truck next to your little thing, it was the first car you’d bought when you arrived in Washington from New York and you loved it.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, it wasn’t a soft touch either, they painfully squeezed your shoulder, “Don’t move.” A deep voice growled in your ear, “I have a knife.” It was then you felt a sharp object to your side.

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janetthegiantt  asked:

#47 #66 #43 (in that order pls) with Tony Dinozzo or Gibbs

Originally posted by specialagentkatetodd24

#47. “Who did this to you?” / #66. “I’ll keep you safe.” / #43. “We’ll get through this. I promise.” 

Your fingers shook as you tried to do up your coat. You could feel Gibbs’ gaze on you, watching, waiting for you to answer his question.

“Who did this to you?”

You drew a shaky breath. Your eyes stung with tears. You had tried to hide the angry bruises ringing your neck but makeup only did so much to cover up the clear outline of the fingers that had so recently been wrapped around your throat.

“They’ll find me,” you whispered, wiping quickly at the wetness spilling down your cheeks. You didn’t want to cry in front of Gibbs. He was your boss.

Gibbs moved to stand in front of you, his hands resting on your shoulders. “Who’ll find you?” he pressed gently.

The tears were coming faster. “I can’t tell you.” It was all you could do not to break down and sob. “They know where I live.”

I’ll keep you safe,” Gibbs assured, “No one is going to hurt you.”

You shook your head, “No, they’ll go after you too-”

“I don’t care.” Gibbs hooked a careful finger under your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye. “[f/n], tell me who did this to you. Please. Whatever happened, whatever’s going on, you don’t have to face it alone. We’ll get through this. I promise.

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Gibbs & Blushing

This was requested by @jez-zolnierz! I hope you all enjoy this!!

Word Count: 381

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

You padded into the squad room in your dress, hoping that Tony wouldn’t be there this late at night.  You were supposed to be going out with some of your old college roommates.  You forgot your phone inside your desk.  You didn’t do this too often, but often enough to know that you should remember leaving it there.

You saw Gibbs at his desk and couldn’t help but smile to yourself.  You had always had a crush on Gibbs.  Not only did he smell good, he always looked good too.  You made sure to walk more confidently, hoping you would catch his eye.

Gibbs looked up from his desk when he saw someone out of the corner of his eye.  He almost did a double take when he saw you in a dress.  He was so used to seeing you in your work clothes.  He never saw you like this.  He could feel heat rush into his ears.

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anonymous asked:

Being pregnant with Gibbs. You two had just one night together and you are too afraid to tell him.

You paced around your room. Was the test true? It couldn’t be. It just had to not be true.
From a one night stand?
You had known Gibbs for quite some time, but you had never…
Had sex. With him. Gibbs.
You thought like that was a bad thing. Of course it was a bad thing! He was a friend! Two weeks ago, you had gotten so drunk and didn’t realise you had slept with him up until now. You called your friend when you were feeling sick, and she knew what had happened. Apparently, you And Gibbs had been “all over each other”.
And now you were carrying his child.
While you were pacing your room, mentally making pterodactyl noises, Gibbs happened to call. When you picked up, he asked, “You okay?”
“Uh-huh. Dandy.” You licked your lips. “Hey, we… are we a thing?”
“Uh.” You weren’t very good at this stuff. Ever. “I’m pregnant.”
Stunned silence.
“… with your child.”
“I’ll be right over.” Gibbs hung up. Over the phone, he sounded unreadable. But at work, he was smiling. And Gibbs never smiled.

Watching You

For the Anon who requested 21 and 41 with Gibbs “I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” “Quick, kiss me.”

“We lost him?” McGee panted as you two came to a stop, having chased your killer from one side of campus to the other, losing him in a crowd of party goers downtown. Your killer was a student targeting former Marines who had come back to college to finish their education after their service.

“I’ll call Gibbs.” You grumbled, picking up your phone and dialing. You told him your location and he said that they were on their way to meet you and you’d all regroup and move from there. You and Tim stayed where you were, making light conversation but you couldn’t shake a feeling, and the hairs on the back of your neck kept prickling.

“Do you feel like we’re being watched?” You whispered, tugging slightly on McGee’s sleeve. He rolled his eyes at you.

“No.” He stated, pulling his arm away from you, and successfully removing his sleeve from your nervous hands.

“McGee!” You whined slightly giving him a look, “Someone is watching us, I can feel it.”

“What can you feel?” The voice came from directly behind you and you squeaked jumping and turning around, hands going up.

“Not funny DiNozzo!” You glared, punching his arm. Gibbs smirked at him,

“At least you weren’t wrong.” He offered and you rolled your eyes.

“No it was not you two, I just have a really bad feeling, okay?”

“You always have a bad feeling.” Gibbs teased and you crossed your arms over your chest frustrated.

“I’m serious!” Gibbs opened his mouth to answer you, but then his eyes widened and suddenly he was launching himself towards you, there was a loud bang, and you were both on the ground.

In seconds McGee was pulling Gibbs off of you and flipping him onto his back, and that’s when you noticed the blood all over the two of you. The source? His shoulder.

“Gibbs!” You cried, hands pressing to the wound, “McGee?”

“It was Louis, he shot and us, Ziva and Tony are chasing him down, worry about Gibbs.” You nodded your head, putting as much pressure on the wound as your could.

“I’ll be fine (Y/N) It’s a shoulder wound. Just don’t let me bled out.” He instructed and you couldn’t help the little laugh, even when he was the one shot he was still calling the shots… pun not intended.  

“I don’t let anything happen to you.” You promised, giving him a tight smile. Gibbs winced slightly. 

“McGee, walk away for a minute.”

“Boss, I-”

“McGee.” He barked, and that was not a voice you were able to argue with. McGee got up and took a few paces away, turning his back to you.

“Gibbs?” You asked unsure, his hand came up, gripping your shoulder, then moving to the back of your neck, you watched him, cheeks heating up.

“Can I come back?” McGee called, and you rolled your eyes, looking back down at Gibbs.

“Quick,” He whispered, “kiss me… I might die after all.”

“Don’t say that.” You whispered leaning down to kiss Gibbs gently like you’d done many times before. But never in such a dangerous situation, and never this close to your team.

“I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”  You whispered, sniffling back a few tears and he frowned, hand coming down to wipe the tears away.

“Why does it terrify you?”

“Because I can’t lose you this soon after saying that.”

“(Y/N)” Gibbs smiled. “I love you too. You are not losing me.”