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60 with Gibbs ily <3

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#60. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

“Your suit is in the laundry room!” you called up to Gibbs as you cracked an egg into the pan and began to scramble it. “Cufflinks are on the dresser!”

You smiled to yourself as you heard Gibbs stumbling around upstairs, probably still half-asleep as he showered and got dressed. He had been up late last night, hard at work. You had decided to get up a bit earlier this morning to make him breakfast. Someone had to make sure that he started his day on a good note.

You set the table quickly, putting out healthy servings of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Jethro stumbled into the kitchen, his hair still wet. A slow smile curled his lips as he saw the spread you had made.

“Coffee?” you offered, pressing the steaming mug into his hands. His smile grew and he dipped his head to kiss you. You grinned. He tasted like toothpaste.

What did I do to deserve you?” Gibbs sighed, kissing your forehead.

“Just eat your breakfast,” you teased, ruffling his damp hair.

Jethro chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist to kiss you again, “I love you.”

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