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- And what is this fair beauty’s name?
- She’s sort of named after you, Doctor.
- I beg your pardon?
- Say hello to Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.


Dad!Gibbs inbound. This was fun to write! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading

Requested by: Anon - “gibbs x daughter!reader with “shouldn’t you be with him?” please and thank you!

Word Count: 486

Pairing: Gibbs x Daughter!Reader

15. “Shouldn’t you be with him/her?”

“Why don’t you go be with her then!” You shout at Ryan who tutted and threw his arms up. You turned around and stalked out of the shopping mall, “Leave me alone Ryan.” You mumbled when you heard him calling and running after you.

“[Y/N] would you stop being so dramatic? It was just a little hug-”

“-and then a kiss! And a complete ignorance of the fact that I was in the damn room!” You shot back and ripped off the necklace that he’d gotten you, careful not to damage the other necklace you wore, and threw it towards him, “See you around, Ryan.”

DiNozzo looked up from his desk, then glanced at McGee then his superior, “Uh, Boss, Gibbs Junior incoming.”

A flash of a frown was sent from Gibbs towards DiNozzo before the elder Agent’s eyes caught sight of his daughter storming from the elevator, “[Y/N]?”

“Dad.” You couldn’t help it and burst out crying, covering your mouth, you had been holding it in all the way here and the walk from the mall hadn’t been a short jaunt.

Gibbs was out of his seat in an instant and came around to meet you halfway, wrapping you up in his arms, “[Y/N], what’s wrong? What’s happened? Where’s Ryan?” He asked trying to get you to look at him, “Shouldn’t you be with him?”

DiNozzo was out of his seat too as well as McGee, both with concerned expressions.

“No,” you sobbed and shook your head, “I hate him. Boys are the worst. I wanted to-to…” You trailed off, crying all over again as Gibbs facial expression went from worried to furious.

“What happened, [Y/N]?” He asked again as DiNozzo and McGee collected their weapons from their drawers.

“We-we were at the mall…like I told you I would be and I saw him,” you sniffled and ducked your head, “he was all over Hailey. Like this crappy rash and I just…I ended it with him. Threw his necklace in his face and just left. Before I knew I was here.”

“You walked all the way here from the mall?” McGee asked softly, coming to stand beside you. You sniffled again, wiping your eyes and nodded, “That’s…that’s a long way.”

“Alright. McGee, stay here with [Y/N]. Tony - you’re with me. Let’s go pay Ryan a visit.” He said with a thunderous expression, grabbing his own weapon, “Love you kiddo. Don’t worry about Ryan.”

You smiled a little, “I love you too, Daddy.” You murmured and closed your eyes when he kissed your forehead.

You watched your father and surrogate uncle leave the building before looking at Tim, “You still have that game on your computer?” You asked with a hopeful smile and grinned when he nodded, stealing DiNozzo’s chair you roll it over to sit next to him. Sometimes your family, however strange, temperamental or dysfunctional was the best one you could ask for.

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A Saint

For the Anon who requested  24 and 50 with Gibbs “Saying I love you is such an understatement.” “You did what?”

Petty officer Jonathan Akens was in cuffs, and for the first time this week you had a moment to sit down and breathe. You leaned on the front of the SUV you’d taken to the scene, and looked at your hand. It was swollen and slightly purple, but you were praying for a bad sprain.

“Hey,” You glanced up and smiled slightly as Gibbs came up to you, stopping just in front of you and using his body to block you from the rest of the team as you talked.

“Hey you,” You greeted letting both of your hands drop into your lap, and pulling your sleeve down over the bruising hand. Gibbs cocked an eyebrow at you, lips threatening to smirk.

“Hand. Gimme.” With a sigh you extended your arm to him, keeping your eyes averted slightly. “What exactly happened.” Gibbs asked softly. You bit on your lip slightly and sighed.

“Well, McGee and I went in after you, as I’m sure you’re aware.” You shrugged, glancing at him through your eyelashes.

“Oh, I am well aware.”

“And, I don’t know. Akens must have been hiding and when you walked past he tried to make a run for it.” Gibbs nodded for you to continue, his expert hands gently massaging your bruised hand. “Well, he had like a lamp on him, and when h saw McGee he cracked him over the head, and then turned on me, and I don’t know. I didn’t think I had enough time to get my gun up and shook so I swung. And I think I broke my hand on his face.”

“You did what?” Gibbs asked, letting out a rare bark of laughter.

“I decked him.” You smirked slightly, wincing as gibbs pushed down on one of your knuckles.

“I don’t think it’s broken. Probably a contusion, maybe a sprain. It’ll be sore for a few days but I think you’ll live.” He brought your hand up and pressed his lips to the bruise in a soft kiss.

“How is McGee?” You asked, taking Gibbs other hand in your free one. It wasn’t often you two had any PDA with the team around, even outside of work. Especially not on cases. But you were hurt, and he was worried, so your usual strict rule was being temporarily ignored.

“He’s fine, no concussion, probably a headache. Tony is helping with that situation.” You both chuckled, glancing over at the rest of your team who was giving you the space you needed. A warm feeling spread through your chest and you smiled giddily at them. This was your family. Gibbs nudged you, “Why the grin?”

“We’re all safe for one more day, there’s no reason not to grin.”

“Yeah, but you hurt your hand.” He reminded you, but you shrugged, still smiling.

“And it’ll heal, I’ll be okay. But one day we might now be, so I’m going to enjoy it.” Gibbs regarded you for a moment before leaning in for a quick peck.

“Saying I love you is such an understatement.” He murmured, brushing a lock of hair from your face. “How did I get so lucky?”

“Dunno, must’ve been a saint in your past life.” You teased, “Come on let’s join them.” Gibbs nodded and gave your hand one more squeeze before stepping back and leading you back over to your laughing team; your family.

Title: The Secret (Part 2)

Code: LB0004 (Part 2)

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,172

Note: Part 1

“What the hell?” You mumbled. You stared out of your front door into the night, and sure enough, there was Jethro Gibbs, walking toward you.

He gave a nod. “(Y/N).”

“Gibbs.” You greeted. He stepped inside as the car pulled away, Miguel LaTurna’s man tucked away in the back seat, handcuffs around his wrists. You gestured over to the couch, following him. As you took a seat in the chair across from him, you suddenly realized how very underdressed you were. Your plaid pajama pants and oversized gray t-shirt did nothing for the strength and independence you were trying to portray.

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Like Family (Gibbs)

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-Requested by the fabulous @imthehoneyyourethebee

-Prompt description: Gibbs finds Y/N crying and brings her to his house..

-Warnings: A little depressing?

You were happy it was raining. When people walked past you they didn’t have to stop and ask you why you were crying. To be truthful you didn’t know why either. You have had a long week and you just broke down right outside your favorite Cafe. You didn’t feel like going home or going back inside the cafe so you stood in the rain, still crying, and observing the lighting that brightened the sky.

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Soooo, I went in game today to make these two! They’re residences of the amazing world called Island of Vurz by @risastorm!

The male sim here is called Hubble Gibbs, an unstable genius who’s ultimate goal in life is to be able to travel to the future and experience both the Dystopia and Utopia future (of which he has his own theories hehe)

And the female sim is called Celestial Ellips, a family-oriented bot fan who plans to create a big family to keep her company while their father spends his days in their basement.

I’m not sure if I’ll be playing with them or create more sims to occupy the world and see if one fancies my eye! I might make a LEPacy and use them as the founders, because I might already have an ideaaaaa, but I’m not promising anything ;))

Bee Gees’ Emigration

The Fairsea took the Gibb family to Australia where they first settled in Redcliffe

Gibbs on the passenger list of the Fairsea August 1958 from Southampton to Sydney.  Hugh was misnamed as Harold and Lesley’s name was misspelled.

performing on the Fairsky as payment for the return trip to England

after a bit of rough weather at sea

The Fairsky either departing Australia or docking in England January 3 - February 6, 1967. Lesley’s daughter, Bernice & Ossie Byrne were also on the return trip.

The Fairsky took them back to Southampton England in 1967

Telling Gibbs You’re Pregnant
Requested by @rayleyanns

“Y/n?” You heard your husband call from the other side of the bathroom door. “I’m fine, Jethro, I’ll be out in a second,” you said, standing up from the toilet. This was the fourth day you’d had morning sickness. You hadn’t told him yet. You wanted to make the announcement special. You walked out of the bathroom and straight into your husband. “Y/n, I think you need to go see the doctor. I’m worried about you,” Jethro said, holding your upper arms. You smiled at him. “There’s been a bug going around, I’m sure it’s nothing,” you lied through your teeth. You had a plan.

As you were making breakfast, you threw a hamburger bun into the oven and waited. You cooked up a breakfast casserole, one of his favorites. “Jethro, could you put this in the oven for me, love?” You asked, kissing his cheek. “Sure thing,” he said taking the Pyrex from you. You turned to make his coffee. “Y/n? Why the hell is there a hamburger bun in the oven?” You turned to him, waiting. He still didn’t get it. You shrugged and tossed the bun. Before he left for work, you made sure he had a coat, since it was October and freezing. He was all bundled up and ready to go. It gave you an idea. “Have a good day at work, my little bundle of joy,” you said, handing him his bag. He raised an eyebrow at you. “You sure you don’t need to go to the doctor?” You rolled your eyes. He was hopeless. “Have a good day, baby,” you said.

You continued to send him subtle hints throughout the day, but to no avail. You huffed and decided it was time to do this the Leroy Jethro Gibbs way. You took your sheet from the doctor saying you were pregnant and the at-home test you took with you up to the office. You had come here a few times for different reasons, and also for parties and such. You knew the team well, and you greeted them as you walked in, and they all got up and left when they saw Gibbs look up, giving the two of you some privacy. You set the paper and the test down on his desk. “What’s this?” He asked, picking the paper up. The test fell off of it and he looked down. “You’re pregnant?” He asked, looking up at you. You grinned in response. “You’re pregnant,” he stated. He hopped up and spun you around in his arms. He kissed you softly as he put your feet back on the ground. “Is this what you’ve been trying to hint at all day? With the bun in the oven, and the cute comments?” He asked. You rolled your eyes, which was a common occurrence between the two of you. “Yes, Jethro,” you replied, kissing his nose. “How far along?” He asked, absentmindedly putting his hand on your stomach. You put your hand on top of his. “Two months. We’re due in May,” you boasted proudly. The kiss you received showed you how excited he was for the new addition to your perfect little family.

Ziva David: Dead or Alive? An analysis

Is Ziva dead? The show wants you to believe this and it is plausible since there was the fire at her house in Israel, but is she actually dead? It’s only a possibility when you cover what was said and done in the episode.

We start with the fact that the body found in the house was burned beyond the point of identification. Ducky even says that the crispy critter found inside couldn’t be truly identified. So how are they so positive that it is Ziva David? And just when has the NCIS team been the type to take such news at face value? They would have that body- or at very least a bone and/or tooth- analyzed until they have confirmation from that stray dash of DNA that they were somehow, magically able to suck out of the only part of the body they managed to find that wasn’t so badly degraded by the fire! They wouldn’t just go with, “well she was living there and there’s a dead body so it must be her!” No, they would have done everything to prove it, especially since she was/is family.

Then there’s the fact that Tali was “pulled from the rubble.” The house was supposedly burnt to the ground, but Orli tells Tony that Tali was in a wing of the house that was untouched. Hmm, burnt to the ground or not completely? Could she have hidden? Was she on her way to Tali when the fire broke out and killed in the process? May we ever know? We need that fancy-schmancy DNA test over here!

Could Ziva have been aware of an attack order on her? As Tony fired off at Orli- Mossad knows everything! Ziva may not be serving Mossad or NCIS these days, but they still protect her at all cost. She was the daughter of the former chief of Mossad! It’s not like they aren’t going to continue to protect her. Orli also stated that she and Ziva mended fences over the last few years, you really think that she wouldn’t give her a heads up? Orli was aware of Tali, I doubt that she would allow an innocent child be killed, no matter how hard of a shell she may have she has a heart beating under there. Ziva could’ve have been alerted to an incoming attack and packed Tali a go-bag, placed her in Orli’s care with orders to take her to Tony, arragned for a body to be placed in her house or for the false reports of a body found in the house and gone underground. Tony is Ziva’s safe place and therefore she would feel that Tali would be safest with him than going under with her. It’s harder to ghost with a small child in-toe and we have long established that Ziva knows how to ghost. Send Tali to Tony, he’ll be angry for not being told, but he’s also be smitten beyond words to find out that he has a child. Ziva knows Tony better that Tony realizes. This is also why she didn’t tell Tony about Tali yet. It’s not that she didn’t want him to know, she did, but she didn’t want to be the reason he quit what he still loved so deeply and wasn’t ready to give up. I bet you double or nothing she kept tabs on him and was likely preparing for the big reveal after receiving reports of his current behavior. She knew he was ready to move on from NCIS so she would be ready to reveal the truth without feeling that she was forcing him out of NCIS for the sake of a child or herself.

Tali’s go-bag. It’s just too perfect and so completely untouched. It has Ziva’s scarf from when she went to bury her father. Tony knows this scarf, Tony likely packed her bag for Israel. It also has just the right amount of everything in it to care for Tali, including her stuffed dog who would’ve easily been forgotten in the chaos of fleeing. If Ziva had warning she would be sure to put that very loved on dog in her bag. Plus there is that framed picture of her and Tony in Paris that was tucked away in a side pocket. Why is there a framed picture in that bag? I’ve packed many a go-bags and diaper bags, framed pictures are not what is included, only the picture that is light and easy to pack. Too many clues in that little go-bag.

Let’s talk about Tony. Now it’s easy to say that he wasn’t using much past-tense wording toward Ziva because he wasn’t to the point of accepting the fact that she was gone, but seriously? To Trent Kort, “Ziva is my family.” To Gibbs in the basement when asked what Tony will do next, “I’m going to take Tali to Israel to get answers for both of us and then I’ll take her to Paris. Ziva loves Paris.” Um, hello? Wouldn’t that be Ziva loved Paris if she was dead? No, I think Tony started putting the pieces together after finding that picture of him and Ziva together in Paris and Tali exploded ovaries everywhere by calling Ziva her Ima and Tony her Abba. He was late to killing Kort because of Tali’s revelation and could it also be because the penny dropped as well? I think it would be a valid argument.

So is Ziva dead? I don’t think it can be stated as a fact that she is. At best it is only a possibility. Tony could easily take Tali to Israel, go to that orchard that is just beyond the house that is supposedly burnt to the ground (short of that special little nook that Tali was miraculously pulled from and was left untouched), find where they had buried Ziva’s bucket list and dig it up to find that Ziva left a message that he and Tali are to go to a house only to find that it’s Orli’s and she gives him a heartfelt apology for lying to him and an address to Berlin. Orli lied because they had to be sure that Tali and him stayed safe and once the perpetrator of the attack was dead then he could be looped in. Off to Berlin and a little café where he and Tali wait at a table outside. Tony points things out to Tali speaking in broken Hebrew until a waitress shows up with an envelope and give it to him. Tony opens it to find an address in… Paris! Inside, at the bar, you see Adam Eschel nursing a drink in a dark corner just out of sight of Tony. Tony and Tali head to Paris and find a key and address at the location that was in the envelope given to him in Berlin and they go to this place, Tony unlocks the door and enters with Tali to find Ziva as she comes out of a bedroom. Ziva collapses to the floor and Tali runs into her Ima’s outstretched arms and Tony joins them on the floor in a family hug and boatload of tears. Of course Tony and Ziva will have a lot to discuss and feelings to vent, but they will be family at the end of it all.

Ziva isn’t for certain dead, only possibly.

Or I could still be in denial. Any word of if the asylum takes group discounts? I know there’s a large group that is ready to check-in!

~ Hello, thy name is denial… or is it?