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Turn Around

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Title: Turn Around

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon: Being friends with Abby and telling her about your crush on Gibbs not knowing that he is right behind you, please? ;) I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much! <3

It was routine for you to visit Abby while Gibbs went to autopsy.  You had a Caf-Pow in your hand and somewhat of a smile on your face.  Usually you had a wide grin on your face as you greeted the forensic scientist, but something was on your mind today.   When you entered her lab, she could tell right away.  Since you and Abby were best friends, she could always tell when something was off about you.

Abby took the Caf-Pow politely from your hands just as she noticed the suddenly somber look you had on your face.  It was still early in the case, she would make time to talk to you after going over the evidence.

You quirked an eyebrow at Abby, noticing that she was going through her findings rather quickly.  It seemed like she wasn’t wasting any time.  Once she finished, she spun on her heels to face you.

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Sons of Anarchy

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“A Morning Scene in a Hut” by James McHenry

Now through the camp the morning gun resounds:
Now, noisy Gibbs the nightly watch relieves
Up, up my sons! Grave Harrison exclaims,
( a learned clerk and not unknown to fame)
and forth displays large packets unexplored.
Tilghman, accustom’d to the well known voice,
Pulls up his stockings smiling and preludes
His daily labor with some mirthful stroke
But falls, like, down without inflicting pain.
Kidder of gentle soul, and courage true,
And dearly lov’d by all for worth most rare,
Such as in times of yore fill’d Bayard’s breast,
Uprose, to plead for others longer sleep.
But not might smooth the ancients care-worn brow
He restless would pace the hut & still
On Ham, and Henry call; congenial pair
Who in rough blankets wrapped snor’d loud defiance
To packets huge, to morning gun & Gibbs!
Fort oft in gamesome mood these twain combin’d
To tease Sctarius through him they pris’d
Next to the chief who holds the reins of War.

Source: Diary of the year 1778 by James McHenry, but was written in the winter of 1779

Robert Hanson Harrison calling them “my sons” when demanding that they wake up and get their asses moving. Tench Tilghman, always the hard worker and ready to tackle the task at hand, was already getting himself ready for the day, but tripped and fell (he is unharmed). Richard Kidder Meade sitting up and asking that Harrison let young Hamilton and McHenry sleep for a little bit longer because he is the best. Harrison being undeterred and gets referred to as “The ancient” (There it is again! Calling him Ancient!! It was more than just John Laurens!) as he paced and tried to get Alexander Hamilton and McHenry to get up but Hamilton and McHenry are protesting the large packets of new letters Harrison has brought for them, the wake-up guns, Caleb Gibbs back from Night Guard and being noisy, and just not wanting to get up for work in general by wrapping themselves up tighter in their blankets and snoring louder while pretending to still be asleep in teasing protest. The fact that McHenry writes that he and Hamilton often teamed up to do all sorts of similar mischief in order to tease Harrison together.

This brings me joy. Everything about this is 10/10. Anything that gives us a glimpse of life at headquarters for the aides, in general, is a 10/10. 

Cover Your Jealousy

Prompt: Aaaah okay for a oneshot request could you and McGee be going undercover as a couple at a club, and McGee is chatting you up and buying you drinks and the works, and Gibbs is listening via the bugs you two have to wear, and he gets insanely jealous but can’t say anything to McGee to back down because 1) cover and 2) you don’t know that he likes you?

Requester: therealshnuffleluv

Words: 941

Warnings: None

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Ooh Rah

Here ya go Anon! I hope you like it!

“Send the pretty one in!” He yells from inside the run down cabin. This asshole has been mocking you this entire case. “Leave your gun sweetheart!” He calls and you growl.
“You don’t have to go in.” Gibbs tells you touching your shoulder.
“The hell I don’t Gibbs. He’s not calling you out.”
“I know but-”
“No offense Gunny but if he’d been implying that you’d slept your way to your position you’d go in and kick his ass too.”
“Just keep your vest on okay?”
“Sure.” You say, passing him your gun. You square your shoulders and move in. He never said that you couldn’t have the knife Ziva had given to you.
You don’t bother clearing the rooms, he said no gun.
“Don’t move.” He snarls and you freeze. “Take off the vest and then get on your knees. A familiar position for you isn’t it?” He smirks and glare at him. The woman he has with him, a fellow Marine’s wife, has tears streaming down her cheeks. His gun hovers lazily by her jaw.
“You let her go and I’ll do what you want. But she goes free, and uninjured out of here.” His grip tightens for a second and she lets out a terrified squeak.
“Fine.” He shoves her away from him and you stop her from falling.
“Go.” You whisper.
“I don’t want to leave you.” She whimpers and you’re struck by her bravery.
“Ma'am. I’m a Marine. I’ve got this.” You tell her guiding her to the door. You wait until she’s gone then turn back toward him, unstrap your vest, drop it onto the floor then sink to your knees. Your hands hang loosely to your sides, hopefully he doesn’t frisk you.
“I see why they’d make you a Corporal. You look awful pretty on your knees.”
“You wanna know why they made me a Corporal?” You ask with a flirty smile up at him. “I could show you.” You charm and he grins.
“I knew you’d be the most fun.” He smirks slowly making his way toward you. Once he’s close enough you grab his hand with his gun and punch him in the thigh to give him a dead leg. “You bitch!” He roars, trying to get a shot off at you he fires twice. You knock the gun loose from his hand and when he takes a swing at you you block it. He catches your throat in one of his hands and shoves you to the floor then punches you in the face twice. You try to suck in some air but you can’t and go for your knife. You slice his arm before he knocks the knife out of your hand. It clatters loudly across the floor and you punch him in the bleeding wound on his arm. He yells out in pain and kicks you, which you use to your advantage catching his leg and yanking him off of his feet. You get a solid punch in before you can get him into a sleeper hold.
“Think I fucked my way to the top now jackass?” You sneer, your voice raspy from being choked. He struggles for a few more seconds then passes out. You let him hit the floor with a thud just as Gibbs and McGee come flying around the corner, guns up.
“Are you okay?” McGee asks hurrying over to you.
“Cuff this fucker. Worry about me second.” You huff. Tim does as you ask, Gibbs not so much. He comes to you and reaches a hand down for yours.
“Let’s get you to Ducky.” He says pulling you to your feet.
“Thanks Gibbs.” You scoop your knife up off the floor and wipe the blood on your attacker’s shirt. You don’t even know his name. You don’t care to.
“I thought I told you to keep your vest on.” He says as the two of you walk out of the building.
“Couldn’t kick his ass in a vest.” You say and Gibbs laughs.
“Ooh Rah.”
“Ooh Rah.”

A Terrible Past

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Title: A Terrible Past

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 959

Warnings: implied abuse from childhood, angst

A/N: I hope you are all having a great monday. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much!

This was requested by anon: Gibbs learning about your abusive past? Possibly while you’re both captured by the very people who abused you when you were younger? #Angst

You and Gibbs were chasing a lead.  It wasn’t much of one, but a lead was a lead.  When you and Gibbs kicked down the door, you were surrounded by masked men.  They had their guns pointed at you and the Marine.  When you looked at Gibbs for further direction, he held his hands up in surrender.

“Nice to see you again [Y/N],” one of the men spoke.  You knew that voice.  It brought back terrible memories from your past.  It was one of your step-dad’s friends.  Your step-dad abused you as a child.  This man knew about all of it, yet he never did anything to help you.  He was the one who set your mom and your step-dad up.  “We’ll have to let the bossman know that you’re here.  He’ll want to see you.”

They escorted you and Gibbs to a small room.  They locked both of you inside, keeping one of the gunmen outside of the room as security.  There was no way out of this small room.  Your leaned your back against the wall as you sat down on the floor.  You couldn’t help but feel hopeless as you started to cry.

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Title: A Clean Shaven Marine
(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

Word Count: 725
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader
AN: Okay so it’s a drabble-y thing again. It came to me while I was at work…it’s kinda fluffy - kinda angsty and in the timeline of S15 E01. Though there aren’t any spoilers. Unless you count Gibbs’s beard a spoiler then okay…hope you enjoy it! <3

“The bath’s just the right temp’..” You murmured, coming up behind Jethro who was stood in front of the sink counter, he was looking at his reflection in the mirror. You did the same from over his shoulder, “Babe?” You whispered and gently placed your hands on his waist, “Bath’s ready.”

“Yeah..” He mumbled and seemed to come back from wherever he was lost in his thoughts.

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Gif is mine

Being like a daughter to Gibb’s but always being a risk taker sometimes getting yourself into life/death situations, 

Requested by jokerhastakenmeover~

Gibbs’ gun went off before the suspect could put a bullet in your head. Behind you, he fell; dead before he even hit the ground. And his gun clattered away out of reach.

You stood there for a moment, frozen until Gibbs ran up and said your name. His eyes were wide with concern, but also anger. And you already knew why. “Y/N, you okay?” The Marine asked, looking over your body for wounds.

“I’m fine now.” You replied in a low voice. When Gibbs raised his eyes to meet yours, some of the worry melted away, and he knew he was about to scold your actions.

He let out a low sigh, shaking his head. “I should fire you for doing something so stupid.”

Not Red

For the Anon who asked for 46 (Wait a minute, are you jealous?) with Gibbs

You place the coffee on his desk then headed up to Director Vance’s office and to your desk outside his door. You update his calendar before he gets in then start fielding calls from other agency’s, directors, agents, Captains and other Navy personnel.
“Morning.” Director Vance says on his way to his office.
“Good morning sir.”
“Fair warning Gibbs is going to be coming up here in a few minutes and he’s not going to be happy.” Sometimes you think Vance kept you in this position was because you and Abby were really the only two people that could stop a Gibbs anger train.
“Thanks for the heads up sir.” He closes his office door behind him and you prepare for the storm coming your way.
Sure enough ten minutes later Gibbs come charging into the room followed by an equally angry red headed woman.
“He’s expecting you.” You say pushing the warning buzzer you and Vance had set up for exactly these moments. Gibbs hardly looks at you as he barges into his boss’ office and you let out a sigh. Ten minutes later the woman comes out looking triumphant and stalks away. Her hips swaying a bit more than you feel necessary.
“Hey.” Gibbs says pulling your attention to him.
“Hey yourself. So, what was that all about?”
“Vance is making me work with Diane.”
“Hold up, like your ex Diane?”
“Yea.” He sighs heavily and rubs his face. “Thanks for the coffee.” He smiles at you and you swear your heart stops as those blue eyes lock with yours even through a drink of his coffee.
“It’s a really hard order Gibbs. One tall coffee. Black.” You deadpan causing a small laugh to escape his lips. You give him a little half smirk then take a sip of your own coffee.
“What do you get?”
“Coffee.” You tease and he narrows his eyes at you. “Two creams, one sugar and a pump of caramel.”
“Fancy coffee then.”
“Just because you drink it black doesn’t mean every other kind of coffee is fancy.” You counter with a laugh. This is your favorite Gibbs. The one that you can tease and will tease you back, sometimes it takes a while to draw this Gibbs out and you’re glad that isn’t the case today.
“Jethro.” Diane snaps sticking her head into the doorway. “Let’s go.” She is a pretty woman, harsh but pretty.
“I’ll talk to you later. Thank you again.” He says softly before disappearing out the door.
You don’t see him again for three days. Something that is uncommon for the two of you and you can’t help but blame the presence of Diane for the lack of face time with Gibbs. Every time you think you’re going to have a moment with him she suddenly appears like a bat out of hell and demands something from him, he goes. Which is unusual for Gibbs, to take orders from anyone including his boss. It’s on the fourth day you try to grab a quick lunch with him. Every Thursday you get a quick bite, you think it’s so he can make sure that you’re remembering to eat.
“Hey Tony have you seen Gibbs?” You ask, your wallet in your hand.
“He’s off with Diane somewhere. What’s up?”
“We have a standing lunch.”
“Good luck with that one this week.” Tim grumbles, “Diane has had him on a short leash all week.”
“Believe me I’ve noticed.” You complain then give the two men a shrug and head out.
You get a sandwich to take back to the office, walking through the street by yourself isn’t nearly as nice.
“You work for NCIS don’t you?” A man asks walking alongside you.
“No.” You lie easily. You don’t know this guy.
“I don’t believe you.” He says coldly, something about him is off. When you feel the hard metal against your side you know you’re in some serious trouble. “I know you work for Leon Vance. You’re his personal attendant.”
“What do you want?” You ask anxiously.
“I want Vance. Where is he?”
“I don’t know. I don’t memorize his schedule.”
“You’re gonna find out where he is and until you do I’m not going anywhere.”
“I have to go to my computer.”
“Fine.” He snaps before taking hold of your arm and hiding the gun behind it. “You talk to anyone or signal anyone and I’ll kill you.” He shoves the gun against your side.
“Okay.” You whisper, this is suddenly much more terrifying than it was a second before. You walk with him back to the Navy yard and he keeps a firm grip on your arm, even as you ride up to the third floor on the elevator.
You see him the second you step off of the elevator. Like your eyes are drawn to his strong stature.
“Keep going.” Your captor demands your eyes flick desperately toward Gibbs. He doesn’t seem to get your SOS though as you walk past his team, he’s too busy listening to Diane. Oh you hate her right now. “Laugh at something I’ve said.” You let out a very forced chuckle as you make your way up the stairs to your office. When you get there he shuts the door, the click of the latch makes your stomach drop in an unpleasant way. You go to move away from him but he doesn’t let go.
“I need to go to my computer to see where the director is.” You say calmly, he lets you go but keeps his gun trained on you. You round your desk and sit, willing your hands not to shake as you type in your password and pull up Director Vance’s schedule.
“Where is he?”
“A budget meeting at the Pentagon.”
“Call him. Tell him there’s been an emergency.” You nod and pick up the phone.
“What kind of emergency?”
“I don’t know. Whatever will get him back here. Don’t you dare tell him I’m here or that your life is in danger or you’ll be dead before anyone can get up here.”
“I won’t.” You mutter before looking down to dial. There’s a loud crack and you scream pressing yourself back into the chair. It takes the door flying open for you to realize that your captor is laying on the ground, you don’t know if he’s dead or not but at this point you’re not so sure you care. Gibbs appears from behind the door and kicks away the gun on the floor before looking up at you. Tony follows him in and moves toward the man on the ground while Gibbs makes his way to you.
“Hey.” He soothes, “You okay?”
“Is-is he dead?”
“No.” He almost seems annoyed by the fact. “Come on. Let’s get you out of here.” He says reaching for your hand. You give it willingly and don’t look over at the man on the floor but follow Gibbs silently out of the room. When you reach the hallway he wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you to him. “Are you okay?” He asks again.
“I think so.” You murmur into his chest. Oh this is nice. “I didn’t think you’d notice that I was in trouble.” You admit softly.
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Well Diane has kept you busy.”
“Wait a minute are you jealous?” You can practically hear the smile in his voice.
“No.” You lie and when you hear the breathy laugh you know he’s not convinced.
“I’ll always be there to protect you.” He says in a strangely open moment for Gibbs. “I knew the second you came in something was wrong.”
“I just haven’t seen you in a few days so I assumed-”
“Don’t.” He says pulling away before pressing his lips to yours. You’re stunned for a second before you wrap your arms around his neck and return his kiss.
“About time.” An unfamiliar voice says. You pull away and can’t believe that you’re seeing Diane. “Glad you saved her. But Darius has resurfaced so we have to go.”
“Take McGee.” He says looking down at you then kisses you again.

A/N I’m so sorry I suck at writing Gibbs. I tried. 😑

A Marine’s Rescue

gif is not mine

Title: A Marine’s Rescue

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warnings: a little bit of violence, fluff

A/N: I have some Gibbs fluff for you guys! I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and always appreciated. If there’s something you want to see, requests are open!

Gibbs slammed his hands on his desk as he stood up, causing the rest of your team to snap their attention to the Marine.  Gibbs looked around at his team, “tell me we’ve found where they have [Y/N]!”  Gibbs clenched his jaw tightly, his lips forming in a flat line.  He couldn’t let them hurt you; you meant too much to him.

McGee’s eyes widened, “Uh boss.”  McGee wrote down coordinates on a piece of paper, rushing up to his boss.  “I think I found out where they have her.”

“You think,” Gibbs asked, irritated at almost everything and everyone.  He knew having you go undercover was dangerous.  He felt like this was his fault.  He didn’t wait for McGee to answer him.  “Gear up,” Gibbs yelled, already walking to the elevator.  Tony and McGee soon caught up with the Marine.  “I want you both to secure the exits just in case.  I’ll go in by myself to get [Y/N].  That’s an order,” he said sternly.

McGee and Tony nodded as the door to the elevator closed.

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(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: Another Gibbs prompt, I enjoyed this one, it was fun to write this homely side of Gibbs that we see glimpses of throughout the show. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: May I Have This Dance?

Requested by: @shadycollectioncoffeeuniverse - “Prompts 37 and 33 (in that order please) with Gibbs and only if your comfortable with it could it be smutty, if not then fluff please?”

Word Count: 829

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

33. “You’re really soft.”
37. “May I have this dance?”

“Jethro?” You called when you opened the front door to the home you share with the Senior Special Agent, “You home?” Pushing the front door shut you clicked the lock before dropping your bag and toed off your shoes, wiggling your toes onto the rug. You eased out a long sigh, it had been a trying day at the office but now you were home and ready to cook dinner with your man.

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Closet Shenanigans

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Fandom: NCIS

Request: Requested by anonymous  gibbs x reader where him and her get stuck in a dark broom closet together on a case and text McGee and dinozzo to come get them, but they walk in on gibbs and reader making out and gibbs pulls his gun and tony just slowly closes the door

Word Count: 466

A/N: This is my first NCIS fic so don’t judge it too hard. Also, I didn’t understand the part where Gibbs pulls his gun out because it would either would be that he does that or Tony and Mcgee interrupts. I just went with they get caught but I hope you like it anon and feedback is always appreciated.

Warning(s): Fluff, minor swearing, little makeout session 

Tagging: @criminal-navy-writings

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

You quizzically peered at the wounds of the victim, trying to analyze what had happened. There were obvious signs of a struggle, but no signs of forced entry. You took a couple of pictures when you heard your boss call your name. You handed your camera to Ziva and started to make your way down the hallway, where you heard Gibbs call your name, by he was nowhere to be seen. You searched all around the area, and then something jerked your arm backwards into a dimly lit room. You yelped in surprise and the door quickly shut behind you. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, once you realized it was only your boyfriend. 

“What the hell Jethro? You scared the shit out of me!” 

You held your hand close to your chest to steady your breathing. Gibbs grabbed your hips and spoke in a soft, playful tone.

“Come on, you can’t stay mad at me.”

He brought his lips up to your neck, kissing tenderly. You turned away, but that just gave him more access. You pushed against his chest.

“No, babe, I love you, but we have a case.”

He pulled back with a small whine, a small pout appearing on his face while he crossed his arms. You chuckled at his actions and headed to the door. You frowned when the door wouldn’t budge. You frantically rattled the lock but soon groaned in frustration.

“The door’s jammed. I’m texting Mcgee and Tony.”

“No, no don’t do that.”

Gibbs placed a hand on the wall behind you, closing the space you both had between you. You breath hitched at the contact and you instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck. You instantly forgot about the text when Jethro passionately kissed you. Your thumb accidentally pressed the send button as you threw your phone to the side. Giving in to Gibbs’s needs, you ran your fingers through his hair, earning a low moan from him. You both gasped for air when he pulled away, Gibbs moving to kiss repeatedly on your cheek, jaw then your neck. You positioned your hands on the back of his neck and brought his face to meet yours. You hastily kissed him, sliding your tongue into his mouth, instantly dominating the kiss. 

You both didn’t realize the sudden sound of the door pulling open. Tony and Mcgee stood on the other side, their mouths hanging agape with their eyebrows raised. You awkwardly cleared your throat as you brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear. Tony open his mouth to say something, but then realized that it was best not to. Tony slowly shut the door, him and Mcgee walking away from the closet unable to get the horrific images out of their minds.

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Words: 1,715

Warnings: Few Curse Words,(I think it’s a total of 3 or 4), mentions of blood, bang bang, Angst! Go back now if you can’t handle the heartbreak or tears, because I can’t deal either.

Author’s Note: Oh, Hey there again, NCIS will be popping out like traffic, and by traffic, I mean it’s going to be slow because after this one here, you’re either going to hate me, or cry too. I cried way too hard writing this. Why would I write such a thing? A simple mistake can simply be lead into something more atrocious by the one you love. Now you’re being nursed by your house. Gibbs here. Gibbs there. Gibbs not here anymore. Is this the Gibbs you known beforehand? You stay in the end, not because you’re weak, because that’s not Gibbs. “PLEASE HAVE TISSUE NEAR!” (Totally recommend listening to Celine Dion, “All By Myself.”) -Love Kelly

It was Friday, and you were happy that Gibbs gave everyone the day off, but he decided to stay behind at the office alone. You wondered why he does this, everyone deserves a break, especially Gibbs, it’s not a stress-free job. You laid upon the couch since he kissed you before he left for work this morning. With one of your legs propped on the coffee table, watching tv, you sat waiting for Gibbs. You glanced at the clock and it was 8:47, and have done absolutely nothing, not like you had a choice anyway. You groaned, turning off the tv. “Geez Gibbs! Where are you?” You sighed. As if the clouds of heaven heard you, the front door swung open to a bitter, pissed Gibbs. You jumped in response. Gibbs shut the door and walked into the kitchen mumbling a ‘sorry, long day.’

You watched him pace in the kitchen, grabbing a glass, then filling it with water. Watching Gibbs was like reading a book, he never let his guard down, but he was far from tense, he was livid, not verbally or physically, but he was mentally… Blaming himself. You didn’t know how long you were staring, but Gibbs was, now, hovering over you, glass clenched in his hand. “You know staring can get you in a whole lot of trouble.” He snarled. You glared at Gibbs in awe, staring in his eyes, seeing that they told a different story, and you knew exactly what. “Gibbs. You haven’t been studying about what happ-.” “Are you going to take the glass (Y/N).” Gibbs argued. You choked out an “oh”. Gibbs saw the hurt in your eyes now and hated that he caused more pain. “I’m going to change.” He spoke bluntly, slamming the glass on the side table. “Who are you?” You said aloud, showing the hurt in your voice. Gibbs stopped in his track, looking over his shoulder at your saddening figure. “Who ever you think I am.” He spatted, continuing his pace. “Well, you’re not Gibbs.” You croaked. Gibbs stood still in his tracks, now fully turning to face you. He scoffed then went to his room. Slamming the door, a tear rolled down your cheek. “Why is he eating himself like this?” You advised, wiping away the tear. You looked down at your leg. ‘Is this why he let us off today? You thought sadly. You went to touch your left leg. It was occupied in a brace from the incident three days ago.


Gibbs and you sat in your driveway after a long day at work. You guys, including the team, had been after a guy for three weeks, but he’d slip between our hands before we could capture him. You were texting your mum at the time, thanking her for the flowers she delivered. You smiled happily at the message and put your phone in your purse. Grabbing the flowers out the front seat and purse, you got out your car. Gibbs followed the same procedure, while grabbing the balloons and gifts, then setting the gifts on the ground. “What made you wear white? Gibbs questioned with a cheeky smile. “I don’t know, maybe I want to be the star of the show?” You giggled, setting down your purse and flowers beside your car. You had worn this beautiful white pants suit and you were glowing with each step you took, “An angel at that.” You had heard Gibbs whispered to Tony at work.

“Come on in, I’m making dinner tonight for the birthday girl.” Gibbs jested, balloons still in hand. You scoffed. “Probably the only time.” You chuckled. “Someone doubting me?” He warned. “Well, let me check the mail before you do.” Giving a wink. Gibbs bit his lips watching you walk to the mailbox, then to the area around you. Patrolling the area. As you were getting the mail, Gibbs noticed a car that looked similar to the guy they have been looking for. “Wow, Gibbs, there so much.” You spoke sweetly, knocking Gibbs out of his thoughts. Gibbs smirked at you, watching you look like a kid on Christmas Morning. Gibbs notice the car again, getting close to you, and seeing the dent that was in the hood of the car. That’s him! That’s the guy we’ve been looking for! “(Y/N).” Gibbs mumbled. “Wow, Gibbs, this is way more than I expected. I’m coming!” You chanted playfully. Like time, unexpected, everything went slower. The car came to a cruise and it slowly rolled down the window. In all what happened in thirty seconds, felt like hours. “(Y/N)!” Gibbs scolded, letting go of the balloons, grabbing his gun, running towards you, but it was like walking in quicksand. “Oh gosh Gibbs! My dad sent me one, I haven’t spoken to him in years.” You said rubbing your thumb against the card. You looked up to show Gibbs the card, but he was running towards you and you knew why. “The bastard’s behind me.” Was the last thing you said before crashing to the ground, cards flailing everywhere. Bullets impaling your leg and abdomen. Blood covering your white suit. All at once, time came back into play. “(Y/N)!” Gibbs yelled falling towards your body, tears prickling his eyes. The car skidded away.

Just hold on for me okay?! Dammit!” Gibbs stammered, tears coming in a downpour. Putting your head in his lap, he called 911.

You had woken to blinding lights and sharp pains shooting at your leg. You groaned, closing your eyes to ease the pain. You open them again to find Gibbs hovering over you. You will never forget how Gibbs looked and how he looked at you. He looked like a lost orphan, trying and hopelessly longing for someone to come get him. His hair was wadded up, eyes bloodshot, and a stubble appeared on his face. Gibbs quickly moved from over you and ran for assistance. “Doctor. Doctor, she’s awake.” Gibbs sputtered softly. You closed your eyes and tried to talk, but only got mumbles. “Don’t worry (Y/L/W), you’re going to be okay. You were shot twice, but luckily for your vest, you weren’t impaled in your abdomen. You were just shot in your leg. You’ll be out here before you know it.” The doctor explained. You weakly gave a hurt smile, closing your eyes again, but not opening them again.

“(Y/N)?” Gibbs questioned. …

“(Y/N)! Doctor help! (Y/N)!”


“(Y/N)!” Gibbs yelled. You gasped the little air you had. “Didn’t I tell you not to touch your leg?” He boasted. You quickly looked away so he couldn’t see the tears that were forming. “D’you you take your pills?” He questioned, looking at the still, sitting full glass he left for you earlier. “Yea-.” “No you didn’t, the glass is still full.” He interrupted. “I’ve been gone for 10 minutes, that’s how long the meds should kick in, and you’re going to have to sit here and suffer? Take the pills (Y/N).” Gibbs commanded harshly. You turned at who this was, cause surly this isn’t Gibbs. Gibbs eyes were as red as yours and held grief beyond repair. You didn’t ask any questions, for seeing Gibbs like this hurt you. Not knowing that tears were falling, you took the pills from Gibbs hand, and grabbed the water.

Gibbs let out an exasperated sigh, going to the kitchen to grab the med-kit, while you took the pills, Gibbs came back and removed the brace carefully, revealing the huge gash. Gibbs took in the image, by taking in a deep breath, and began cleaning it.

2 Minutes later

“(Y/N)! Will you sit still for 6 damn minutes!” Gibbs roared irritatedly. Gibbs looked at you and back to the huge gash from the incident. “Sorry.” Gibbs whispered reassuringly. It hurt like hell when Gibbs placed the alcohol pad against it, but he did it ever so slightly, not trying to hurt you any more. “Gibbs?” You asked softly. He wrapped your leg and put the brace back on, not responding to you. “You’re not eating yourself up about this? Are you?” You asked honestly, already knowing the answer. Gibbs held your leg in his hand, rubbing the bandage wound fighting back the tears. “Gib-.” “Stop. Stop telling me that I don’t need to beat myself up because I could have lost you!” Gibbs bellowed now forming a grip around your brace. “Gibbs.” You winced in a warning, reaching for Gibbs to stop, but something inside of him snapped. “It’s MY FAULT (Y/N)!!” Gibbs yelled in grief. Your shriek and cries filled the room as Gibbs clenched your leg. Looking in terror of what he had done, Gibbs let go of your leg. “(Y/N). (y/-, I-I’m sorry.” Gibbs apologizes, scurrying to the bedroom, leaving you a crying mess, by yourself.

Gibbs shut the door, putting his back against it. Breathing heavily of the little breath he had, everything came crashing down at once. He slid down the door sobbing. Leaving the both of you in bewilderment of who you are… To be continued.

-I HOPE YOU FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF, psych, nah, man, I feel terrible. 😂😂 That was dreadful, I was debating on whether to bring a part two or not, but this deserves it. :) Can’t wait for it. Hope your life is wonderful. -Love Kelly

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The Boys of NCIS

It’s late. You’ve all been working for what feels like three days straight and you still can’t find the jackass. Gabe Hensen. Wanted for stalking and killing a petty officer in the US Navy. Poor girl must have been terrified, knowing he was out there, watching her, never knowing when she was safe. At least you had the Navy Yard. She had to have been counting down the days until her ship was deployed. Unfortunately Hensen decided to strike before it set sail and now here you, Tim, Torres and Gibbs were. Ellie and Quinn were out chasing a possible sighting while you and the boys continued to try and track Hensen down via technology, or in Gibbs case a file folder.
“Okay. I need coffee.” Torres says with a groan before standing up and tossing his now empty cup into his trash can. “Anyone else?” You raise your hand and when you glance up you can’t help but smile at the other two hands in the air.
“I’ll come with.” You offer, it’ll be nice to stretch your legs a little bit.
You and Torres walk down to the break room together, the building is so empty, then again it is nearly 3am. Neither you or Nick speak until you get to the coffee maker and find the pot is empty.
“¡Maldito sea!” Nick curses, you don’t speak Spanish but you’ve worked with him long enough to know the swear words and insults. That one means damn it.
“It’s fine. At least it’ll be fresh.” You tell him getting started on a new pot, “and this way we can bring the whole thing to our section.” You point out with a half smile. Nick is still swearing softly under his breath while the larger thermos like coffee maker gets to work heating and straining the coffee.
“How are you doing? Things better?” Nick asks in a surprisingly open moment from him.
“I’m good.” He looks at you skeptically, “I swear. He was getting creepy about our relationship. We only dated for like, two months and he already told me he loved me, asked me to move in with him and told me he wanted me to have his babies.” Torres jerks his head back in surprise and you laugh softly.
“Okay I can see why you’d be fine. You were sad for a while.”
“I wasn’t sad.”
“Um. I caught you crying.”
“I was, I was scared Nick. He was following me. Calling me, sending me emails.”
“Did he threaten you?”
“No. Of course not. If he had I would have told you guys.” The coffee maker signals that it’s finished and you grab the cups, sugar and creamers while Nick takes the coffee and the two of you head back to the bull pen. You don’t notice the third person standing there talking with Director Vance until you round the corner. Vance sees you and nods in your direction and the man turns.
You freeze where you’re standing and Torres almost collides with you.
“Whoa!” He says side stepping you before looking down at your suddenly pale face. Gibbs and McGee are both looking your way too, it seems to click for Torres first. He steps in front of you, blocking Jamie’s view of you. “What do you want?” He growls.
“Agent Conway is here to help with the case Agent Torres. He said he had some leads.” Vance tells him, looking a bit perplexed.
“Yea leads to where his ex was and how to stalk her.” Torres growls and you hear two desk drawers slide open.
“Stalking?” Jamie laughs, “What is he talkin about babe?”
“You don’t get to talk to her.” Gibbs snaps drawing Jamie’s attention to him while you and Nick put everything you’re carrying down on a nearby desk.
“We’re dating!”
“No, they’re not boss. Delilah was telling me about this guy. I just didn’t realize who exactly it was he was following.” Vance has moved closer to Gibbs and McGee and all four men are glaring at Jamie.
“Agent Conway I think it’s time you leave.” Vance says coolly and Jamie actually has the nerve to look surprised. “You can email Agent McGee the information you have.”
“Babe I just wanna talk to you. Fix this.”
“I already told you no.” You snap stepping just enough to the side of Nick that you can actually look at Jamie. “No. I do not want to work this out. No. I do not want to get back together. No. I do not love you. I want you to leave me alone. That’s all I want. For you to go back to your life and stay out of mine.”
“But babe.”
“Don’t make her have to tell you again.” Gibbs warns, when you look over at him you see his gun in his hand. McGee has his in his hand too. You weren’t expecting this ferocious of a response from your male coworkers.
“This is crazy! I didn’t do anything wrong!”
“Didn’t do anything wrong?” You cry moving past Torres. “I told you to leave me alone. Told you we were over and what did you do? You told me that you loved me and that we were destined to be together! That you’d always know how to find me! That you were the only one who could keep me safe. I’ve been sleeping with a gun under my pillow for weeks because of you!” You jab a finger into his chest and glare up at him. “Now you’re coming to my job! Lying about what you do to actual federal agents! I didn’t tell them about you because I was trying to keep them from hurting you!”
“The only reason you can still walk is because we didn’t know about you.” Nick says from behind you.
“What is this about him lying about what he does?” Gibbs asks, gun raising higher.
“Oh, yea he’s not an FBI Agent he’s a barista. I don’t know where he got a badge but you can assume it’s stolen or fake.”
“Babe!” Jamie cries as Tim moves behind him and cuffs him. “Why would you do this to me?”
“Because. I don’t love you and I’d be happy if I never, ever saw you again.” You tell him before walking away.
“Babe! No babe! Wait! I love you! Babe! Please come back!”
You don’t even look back.

Kidnapped & Gibbs

This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

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Gibbs sat down at his desk and finished off the coffee in his cup.  He glanced over at your desk, noticing that you were late.  You were never late; you usually came in early every morning.  He checked his phone, but there was nothing there.

“Where’s [Y/N],” Gibbs asked, looking at the other members of his team.

“We thought you knew boss,” DiNozzo said, shrugging his shoulders.

Gibbs sighed as his phone started to ring.  He dug his phone back out of his pocket, looking at the name; it was yours.  “[Y/N] where are you,” Gibbs asked, failing to hide the concern in his voice.

“Hello agent Gibbs,” a male voice spoke into the phone.  “I believe I have something you want…”

Gibbs abruptly stood up from his desk, his hand balling into a tight fist.  “Who are you,” the Marine asked, speaking through clenched teeth.

“I’ll give you a hint, you’ve met me before,” he said, sounding conceited.  “Times ticking Jethro.  I’ll be waiting, but then again, so will [Y/N].”

When the man hung up, Gibbs slammed his fist on his desk.  He marched towards the elevator.  If anyone could find out where the call came from, it would be Abby.

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