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“Well, I told you about the… the brains. I told you about the guts, I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of the team, except myself. The part I play. I’m the wild card. I’m the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I’m not.“

A Man Walks Into a Bar...

Requested by: Anon
Request: The team goes out for drinks or for someone’s birthday. Gibbs and reader’s relationship is still a secret and a guy starts hitting on reader and Gibbs gets all possessive and jealous!
A/N: Enjoy!
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Living Two Lives Chapter 1

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 1,765

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They are such dorks. I love them.

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Interviews: NCIS! Michael Weatherly confesses all! Tiva! & Cote de Pablo confesses all! NCIS! TIVA! 

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For the Anon who asked for Gibbs and the reader in a relationship but since she’s a lawyer he pretends to dislike her when their paths cross on a case.

His phone rings and you groan softly. You can’t blame him for always being on call. He loved his job and was good at it and it was one of the things that attracted you to him. He doesn’t let go of your waist as he answers his phone with a clipped, “Gibbs.” You can hear the male voice on the other end of the line. “Uh huh. Okay DiNozzo.” He hangs up then and looks down at you.
“You have to go don’t you.”
“I do.”
“Will you be home tonight?”
“I don’t know.” You sigh softly then press a kiss to his lips. “I’ll be home as soon as I can. Lock the door.”
“Why is it that I have to lock the door but you don’t have to?”
“Because I’m a Marine and you’re a lawyer.” You shoot him a look and he laughs softly. “Lock the door.” He says before kissing you again then taking off. You go back to Gibbs house and do as he asks and lock the door. You change out of the dress you wore out and into one of his shirts then head down to the basement. You start working on his boat, sanding with the grain until your phone rings.
“It was Miller.”
“I saw him kill her.” The voice says, it’s a young voice and one that sounds familiar. “Tell NCIS.” They hang up and you know who it was, Mara Wright. She’s your only client who knows you’re dating an NCIS Agent. You pull the phone from your ear and then dial Gibbs.
“Hey. I know you’re working but I just got a call from a client of mine. They indicated that they saw someone named Miller kill a woman and to tell NCIS.”
“Any idea who this client was?”
“No.” You lie.
“You’re lying.” He calls you out.
“Yep.” You hear him sigh loudly. “Come on Jethro you know I can’t divulge that information.”
“Damn lawyer talk.” He growls and you laugh softly.
“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll talk to my client and see if I can get them to come forward.”
“We’ll check out this Miller connection.” He says.
“Love you.” You tell him and he pauses before responding.
“Uh huh.” You laugh then hang up. He’s always insisted on keeping his work and personal life separate, to keep you safe. But sometimes you wonder if there’s more to it than that.


Request: You and Gibbs announce your engagement 
Requested by: Anon
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote a few nights ago. Hope you like it, anon!

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You looked around the office, not sure where Jethro could have gone. Of course, he’d leave you at a time like this. Smirking at the thought, you went over and sat in his desk chair. Even though you and Jethro had been dating for three years now, the team still eyed each other when you sat in his chair. You chuckled to yourself, laughing it off. They all stared at you, and you figured it was because Gibbs was standing close to you. Looking up, you saw him coming your way. Tony and McGee shared a look while Ziva shook her head slightly, barely smiling. “Hey, y/n,” Gibbs said, reaching over you to move some paperwork around on his desk.

“Hey, Jethro,” you said, smiling, “Brought you some lunch.” He smiled, kissing your head. He continued to do his work around you, never asking you to get up. He moved to sit on the side of the desk, picking up a file to look over.

“Uh, Boss?” Tony said, eyes not having left the two of you.

“What, DiNozzo?” Gibbs responded, slightly annoyed with the agent.

“I…you just…Boss, she’s in your chair,” Tony stated, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, DiNozzo, I see that,” Gibbs shot back, shaking his head. “I suppose that right comes along with being my fiancé,” he said, not looking up from a file he was reading.

All you could do was laugh at all of their faces. Ziva was the first to come up and congratulate you, surprisingly pulling you into a hug, followed by McGee. Tony just continued to sit at his desk, jaw practically falling off its hinges. Oh, how you did love your fiancé.

  • Kate’s mentions and appearances (and subtle mentions) after 3x02. Prt 10: 11x09, 11x13, 12x07.

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14 years ago today, Season 1, Episode 1 of NCIS aired.

Yankee White (S1 E1) - Original air date: September 23, 2003

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: I heard you quit Agent Todd.

Agent Caitlin Todd: Happy news gets around fast. Yes I resigned. It was the right thing to do.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Yep, pull that crap at NCIS and I won’t give you a chance to resign.

Agent Caitlin Todd: Is that a job offer?

Gibbs’ team finding out that you’re their long-lost niece/nephew would involve:

  • Gibbs would immediately tell you that you could stay with him anytime.
  • Tony would make some insensitive joke about ‘Papa Dinozzo’ and how his dad must have done something…
  • Ziva has no idea to react and honestly she doesn’t really believe you at first
  • Abby INSTANTLY loves you and she hugs you and tries to give you cookies
  • McGee doesn’t know what to think, he just kinda stands there and stares at you, but he warms up to it
  • Ellie hugs you and gives you some food of course
  • Bonus: Ducky smiles all warm and wraps an arm around your shoulders and then says something super Scottish

~requested by ANON