Memorable moments from the Tumblr Gibbist community....

So whilst I was in the shower I was thinking about all the funny and crazy stuff we’ve got up to through the years on Tumblr…here are a few I can think of off the top of my head…

- The actual establishment of Gibbism and the original founding members.
- The Robin Gibb sex riots that seemed to be a nightly occurrence!
- THAT Robin Gibb GIF invading Tumblr.
- THAT Barry Gibb meme, created by yours truly.
- Sex riots.
- When the Gibbists practically declared war on the Sherlockians because they got so pissed off with them using the Bee Gees/Stayin’ Alive tag for their Moriarty references, all because Moriarty had Stayin’ Alive as his ringtone on the Sherlock series.
- More sex riots.
- That photo of the Beatles with their big long massive sandwish VS that photo of Andy Gibb and his big long massive salami (no, seriously!!!!)
- When mrs-andy-gibb and myself started a thread involving Andy Gibb in his yellow “banana” suit, and the Miinions from Despicable Me.
- Did I mention sex riots?
- Bee Gees fanfics, some of which have yet to be completed *ahem*….

Feel free to add your own memories of the fandom!!!

i feel an introduction to the fandom is called for

(following mercury-diva s intorduction thingy

NAME: Nick

AGE: 15

WHERE I LIVE: ictoria, BC

HOW DID I DISCOVER THE BEE GEES?: uhhh, well like, i was playing this game that went from the 1930’s-2000’s (a tycoon game) and for every dacade they would play a diffrent tune for the music that was popular at the time, and i heard the disco oen for the 70’s, then i searched up a few disco playlists, and found the beegees, and now there pretty much all i listen too ouo

FAVORITE GIBB: robin, but i love them alllllll

FAVORITE ALBUM: hmm well id have to go with Spirits having flown, and a close second goes to Shadow Dancing, main course, living eyes and to whom it may conern are really good too, all of them are but those are just my favorites.

FAVORITE SONGS: AHHHH its so hard to decide my favorite songs, there all so good!!!!! but i guess my favorites areeeee, Love You Inside Out, Spirits (Having Flown), Living Together, Living Eyes, Soldiers, How Deep Is Your Love, More Than A Woman, Night Fever, One More Look At The Night, Boogie Child, Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) and Run To Me

WHAT OTHER BANDS DO I ENJOY?: uhhh damn i dunno, i dont really listen to many other bands, but i guess Abba, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Donna Summer, Earth Wind And Fire anddd ummm The Shins are pretty good

OTHER FANDOMS?: Homestuck, Homestuck, Homestuck and more homestuck 



oh and nice to meet you guys ouo