Memorable moments from the Tumblr Gibbist community....

So whilst I was in the shower I was thinking about all the funny and crazy stuff we’ve got up to through the years on Tumblr…here are a few I can think of off the top of my head…

- The actual establishment of Gibbism and the original founding members.
- The Robin Gibb sex riots that seemed to be a nightly occurrence!
- THAT Robin Gibb GIF invading Tumblr.
- THAT Barry Gibb meme, created by yours truly.
- Sex riots.
- When the Gibbists practically declared war on the Sherlockians because they got so pissed off with them using the Bee Gees/Stayin’ Alive tag for their Moriarty references, all because Moriarty had Stayin’ Alive as his ringtone on the Sherlock series.
- More sex riots.
- That photo of the Beatles with their big long massive sandwish VS that photo of Andy Gibb and his big long massive salami (no, seriously!!!!)
- When mrs-andy-gibb and myself started a thread involving Andy Gibb in his yellow “banana” suit, and the Miinions from Despicable Me.
- Did I mention sex riots?
- Bee Gees fanfics, some of which have yet to be completed *ahem*….

Feel free to add your own memories of the fandom!!!