gib nazis keine chance


A lecture had organised for the yesterday’s evening the “campuses of alternative”, an AFD near university group. Besides, it should be about the subject “Gender investigation”. The neurobiologist Gerald Wolf who searches the nearness to the AFD since some time wanted to report on how the brains of women and men “tick”. Besides, he thinks that men are more efficient than women. Beside Gerald Wolf the Landtag party leader Andre Poggenburg (AFD also had to go, Saxony-Anhalt) speak, which is why it came to a seat blockade or a protest of about 200-300 students. As a result of the escalation the AFD members were escorted under police protection from the auditorium.

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Und dazu kommt noch, dass wir anscheinend Schwierigkeiten haben zu akzeptieren, dass andere Leute auch nur ganz normale Menschen sind. Entweder wir verehren sie wie Götter, oder wir verachten sie wie Tiere.
—  Paper Towns, John Green