Your Bloodborne Boss Name

Take the last letter of your tumblr user name.
Take the first letter of your first name.

There you go! Enjoy


A: Tormented
B: Cursed
C: Merciless
D: Undead
E: Snail
F: Dark
G: All-seeing
H: Ancient
I: Runesmith
J: Blood-soaked
K: Rotten
L: The Last
M: Vileblood
N: Blood-letting
O: Mad
P: Scourge
Q: The First
R: Lost
S: Sparkling
T: Abhorrent
U: Celestial
V: Ethereal
W: Crow
X: Nightmare
Y: Holy
Z: Cyclopean


A: Hunter
B: Doctor
C: Scholar
D: Beast
E: Patient
F: Pthumerian
G: Executioner
H: Powder Keg
I: Experiment
J: Saint
K: Gatekeeper
L: Puppet
M: Host
N: Dude in a wheelchair
O: Warhound
P: Philosopher
Q: Spider
R: Newborn
S: Vicar
T: Emissary
U: Apostle
V: Mother
W: Martyr
X: Provost
Y: Giant
Z: Nurse

I am the ABHORRENT VICAR (pfffffft)

Post your results! :P