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Aaaaa? AAAAAAAAAA! I don’t know if this counts as body horror but jesus christ be warned

Half of my toenail just fell off? This is the one i fucked up like six months ago by dropping a bench on it. And half of it just ????? fell off????? which seems like it should be a bad thing but then there was another nail ????? underNEATH IT? A second nail? With a sandwich of dried black blood? I’ve had two nails growing on my foot apparently? One giant gross franken-nail with blood filling? A toenail siamese twin? I’m not even sure how that worked out but everything about this situation is horrifying and i’m sorry for taking you on this journey with me but also oh god i needed someone else to share in the screaming

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Top 5 Shoma`s shirts!

god where do i begin, there is simply too much beauty to choose from!! i’m going to interpret this as costumes in general, not only shirts, because there are some wonderful onesies i simply can’t exclude.

1. what are those even supposed to be? giant nails? WHAT IS THAT PATTERN. WHY DOES THIS SHIRT EXIST

2. glittery butterfly over sheer fabric with fur on the collars because why not!!


4. this is…a lot. like. wow. this is a lot.

5. garbage green over shiny garbage bag pants; shoma just wants to tell the world that he is the #1 dai-stanning trash

i should make a photoset of all of shoma’s costumes one day because there are SO MANY MORE that must be shared. truly he is an icon of figure skating fashion. #shomasuglyshirtemporium



Day Three: Favorite Quote/Interview

“Female/Female relationships are so often portrayed as pornographic in the media. We tickle fight and have fun and play games and are sad and cuddle and do a whole lot more than pretend to finger each other with giant acrylic nails.”


You know what’s funny is I’ve been hearing so much about “Ghost” as a provocative video and I put out the same fucking video with me, and the lead was a male. If anything there was more sexual content. There’s like fucking nails scratching down backs and, like, orgasm faces and being thrown up on a desk by my thighs, and everyone was like “Oh what a great love story, this is like 90s love.” And then I put out a video where I’m making out with a girl and all of a sudden everyone is like “This is pornographic!” And it blows my mind that it can be considered more provocative or near pornographic because of that, which is lowkey why I made the fucking video. Female-female relationships are so often portrayed as pornographic in the media, we tickle fight and have fun, play games, are sad, and cuddle, and do a lot more than pretend to finger each other with giant acrylic nails. Which doesn’t happen in real life, by the way.


How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box



daily drawing #33, more Espen the Brave stuff.

In the lands far to the south, far past the Limit and beyond the old Goblin strongholds, tales are told of a strange kingdom; a kingdom peopled by the dead. Sometimes called the Quiet Legion, or simply the Impaled, they are rarely sighted more than a few hundred miles north of the south pole, and never in any great numbers. They appear diverse in size, gender and race - the giant black nails that pierce their bodies being their one unifying characteristic (as well as their eponymous silence).

Nothing substantial is known of their origin, but stories and folk-tales offer clues. Some religions see the south in general as a sort of afterlife or purgatory, where lost souls are sent to toil. Some see it as a nation of its own, and speak ominously of a “Quiet King”. In any case, the Impaled have never been hostile, and the Quiet Legion has never sought quarrel with any of its neighbors - so whatever forces govern the south, they seem content to be left alone.

No fantasy setting would be complete without some kind of ambiguous necromancy, and whilst I’m conscious of the surface influence of things like the White Walkers on these guys, once you get to know more about them I’m confident they’re very much their own thing. Also! I’m up to date with Steven Universe now and I like it a lottt. It touches on a lot of neat stuff thematically and aesthetically and it’s cool because there are some ideas in there that I feel are kind of similar to some of mine (although obviously infinitely better realised). It can be irksome when that happens but I think it’ll just force me to refine my ideas a bit more so they’re more distinctive. But man wow does that show have so many amazing artists!


get to know me meme: [1/10] current celebrity crushes → Halsey

“I put out a video where I’m making out with a girl and all of a sudden everyone is like “this is pornographic” and it blows my mind that it can be considered more provocative or near-pornographic because of that, which is low-key why I made the fucking video. Female-female relationships are so often portrayed as pornographic in the media. We tickle fight and have fun and play games and are sad and cuddle and do a whole lot more than pretend to finger each other with giant acrylic nails, which doesn’t happen in real life by the way.”


Baltic mythology: Laumės

Laumės are said to be the oldest Baltic sky and earth spirits, sometimes referred to as goddesses. It is thought that their image could have been formed just after the Ice Age when the very first people started living in the current Lithuanian and Latvian territories. First images of laumės looked like hens, roosters and pigeons. That is why pigeons are quite often called laumės paukštė (the bird of laumė) in Lithuania.

There are a lot of names influenced by them. For example, lake of Laumežeris, Laumupis river,  Laumės‘ hills, villages like Laumenai, Laumikoniai and even last names such as Laumė, Laumelis, Laumedynskas. The most familiar things are laumės juosta, better known as vaivorykštė (rainbow) and laumžirgis (dragon-fly). Laumžirgiai lived together with swamp laumės.

First images of more human looking laumės were cannibals who had long arms with stone fingers and sharp nails, giant teeth and tangled hair. They would tweak or tickle men whom they caught at night and eat them afterwards. In most of stories they claw and devour people. If laumė lost her yarn, she may just use women hair, entrails or veins instead of it, firstly killing them with deadly tweaks and grinding their bones afterwards. Cannibal laumės lived near water, in the deep forests or derelict bathhouses, using water steam as the only source of nutrition (besides their victims). They were afraid of flax blossoms and metal, especially iron things.

Later laumės’ image changed into beautiful well-dressed young women, often pictured naked, charming, sexy or motherly. In the stories they are portrayed sitting or swinging on trees, especially birch trees. Laumės used their singing and dancing powers as a chants to call the rain and storms and gathered near rivers, lakes, swamps, dewy fields at night under the new moon or the full moon, dancing in a circle. If people found any trampled down circles in the fields or forests, they would assume that laumės were dancing there.

Guys, Class Hall RP

Paladins waxing poetic about Lordaeron in the church basement while the Tauren are passing the peace pipe.

Druids watering a gigantic garden in Hyjal while the feral and guardian ones are off getting their fur brushed.

Warlocks being asked to clean up after their felhounds, and nailing a giant sign to the door that reads NO PALADINS ALLOWED.

Warriors getting into a pissing match over who has the bigger shoulders. Prot and Gladiator in their respective pillow forts flicking coppers at each other.

Luke would let his little girl paint his nails and dress him in tutus- they would have a chest full of costumes for them both, a tutu to match each of his little angels’ and even a tiara that’ll fit on his much larger head. And he would be unashamed to sit at her little table in his tutu and tiara drinking imaginary tea, but his favorite would be when she wants to play spa and paint his finger and toe nails (always a matching shade of sparkly purple or pink). He’d love her little giggles and the smile that would stretch across her lips when she was done- beaming with pride because she only got it on his skin a little (which was a big improvement from the last time when his finger tips just looked like one giant nail). He would wear the nail polish with pride whenever he was home- his nails rarely going unpainted for longer than a couple of days. She would make sure to give him a fresh coat before he leaves for tour, whispering in a small voice that he can’t let any other girls paint his nails while he’s gone so once he leaves he’d do everything he can to keep the nail polish from chipping, but eventually the color would start flaking away and with each little fleck of pink his heart would ache a little more- the disappearing color only serving as a reminder that both of his favorite girls are half way across the world.

I was trying to think of a way to show my appreciation for the crazy amazing amount of messages, comments, kudos, and support you guys give me, so I figured doodling Claudia with a big bowl of her famous macaroni and cheese (with sausage) was a good way to go… SO HERE, HAVE A CLAUDIA! There isn’t a day I don’t think about how lucky I am to have so much feedback on Home and now Raising Home, so THANK YOU for being there for me!! :)