Richard J. Dewhurst, Jim Vieira, Terje Dahl, and others have collected more than 1,400 newspaper accounts from around the world from the late 19th and early 20th century detailing finds of an ancient giant race ranging from 7-8 foot races to 10, 12 and even 15 foot races of giants. 

You can find a collection of those newspaper articles here, a collection of scans from various NY Times articles here, and Jim Vieira’s facebook page where he has a deep chronicle of reports in his posts (1,000+).

Richard J Dewhurst’s book The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up gives a detailed look at hundreds of these accounts, especially the so-called ‘Mound People’ of the mid-western United States, and the apparent suppression of the discoveries and information by the Smithsonian.

The original Spanish invaders and conquistadors of the Americas in the 16th century such as the famed Hernando De Soto and Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, among others, reported coming across multiple races of Indians of giant stature. Reports with sources can be found here, along with other reports of giants of the past.  

Steve Quayle has unearthed accounts of giants all throughout the world in ancient history from North America, the Middle East, AfricaWestern Europe, United Kingdom, and others. It seems odd then, that ancient peoples from different parts of the globe would all write and speak of an age of giants, if there never was one.

It appears that there has been a concerted effort to cover-up of any significant archaeological finds around the world and what is truly discovered; the truth about giants, the Egyptian Pyramids and other ancient cultures, and far beyond. Another example of historical censorship: Meriwether Lewis, during his Lewis & Clark expeditions, discovered a “nearly white, blue-eyed” tribe, among other things not reported in mainstream history (Read about it here). This book also details the corruption of The Smithsonian, and briefly covers possible giant races in ancient America.

Most mainstream scientists and skeptics have always dismissed the assumed legends and lore of old which tell us of giants who once roamed the earth. They also completely dismiss the 1000+ archived newspaper accounts. Why? Are we to assume that all of these accounts are false?

Somehow, the vast majority of all of these finds, the bones and skulls, etc, have simply disappeared. To this day, The Smithsonian Institute claims to not have a single human bone or any evidence to suggest a race of giants lived in ancient times. I’ve never come across anything on Tumblr about this and figure some may find it interesting at the very least.


When the Giants won the World Series in 2010, I wanted to make a special animated short in celebration of the fact. However, the project was way too ambitious for what I could do at the time. When 2012 came around and the Giants somehow managed to win another WS, I decided to fulfill that ambition (https://youtu.be/QjK3uHJSkwA). I was pretty happy with what I did, though there were a few parts I thought could be better. Then 2014 brought yet another WS win, so I decided to up the ante and make something even more action-packed. I also enlisted the help of Aya from kawaiibaseballcards to contribute to the project. After 7+ months of work, this is what we came up with. So set to HD, crank up the volume, and enjoy. Hit the CC button for English subtitles.

Most of the animation is rotoscoped from parts of the anime series Major.