“Aki no Kure” mixed media sculpture is now available on @giantrobot . “In a Box” group show at Giant Robot, show runs until September 16. There are a lot of awesome art boxes! Thank you for everything, @audkawa ! See you soon dear! 😘💕 #inboxshow #giantrobot #mayannlicudine

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Every year my old friends Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson put together a post-it note show at #giantrobot in LA. This is the 8th year, over 260 artists, and all post-its are only $25, cash and carry. Really affordable way to start a mini art collection…I wish I could be there on Dec. 8 to snatch some up myself. I just finished 27 post-its and mailed ‘em in today.

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The Great American Mech Battle of 2042

In the year 2042, when climate change is at its worst, monsters descend upon the country. Destroying many metropolitan areas, it falls upon a Underground Shadow Cabal to unleash the next stage in armory for the United States. These Giant Mechs, models MARK VI, are built to resemble some of the United States greatest heroes, in a hope to inspire the last remnants of our fragile society. Some will rise to the challenge and others will fall, where will you be when the dust settles?

These are all 16x20 Watercolor on 140pd Hot Press paper. They are heading down to WWA Gallery in Culver City for the “Ghosts and All” show on June 8th. 

Thank you for checking out my stuff.. 

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