acemadeofglass asked:

You should send the sad anons to meeee~ I will find something to do with these sad prompts/headcanons. Yes please :3? Also, some obligatory fluff in exchange: Down time for everyone-no missions, no siblings or children (Yuu) hunting them (Guren) down. Just Shinya and Guren finally getting to relax. Shinya drops by Guren's room (tells his brothers he's going for breakfast/to help with reports) and all day is Shinya reading while Guren naps in his lap (with intervals of Guren complaining for food)

YOU HEAR THAT ANONS? There you go, this is the person you should go to if you have any more sad hc. I am pretty sure that eldermuse wouldn’t mind sad hc either~
You can send your sad stuff to them and have a nice depressing conversation and everyone will be happy. Great. Perfect. I like this solution :D

except your reason to send them to me was to see me react to them then just… WHY… I just want my babies to be happy WHY WON’T YOU LET ME MAKE THEM HAPPY…

Also I have to say that I really like you, acemadeofglass (and your url omg asahi also needs more love <3), you seem to understand how to make me happy xD THIS FLUFFY STUFF IS THE KIND OF THING I LIVE FOR OKAY.

Imagine the peace and happiness and the relaxed atmosphere around them. Shinya wouldn’t even tease Guren - unless he is complaining about food but honestly, he had it coming then - both of them would just enjoy their time off and settle down a bit. There would probably be some relaxing music playing and they would have locked the door so that no one would interrupt them until the day was over. Yes. Just them being calm and comfortable for once.

I need this scene or something similar in canon tbh, come on, they deserve a breather from all the shit they’ve been through T___T