Things That I Live For In Haikyuu!!

- The “Ohhhh” the crowd makes during Oikawa’s jump serve

- Kags and Hinata’s Freak-quick

- Tsukki blocking Ushijima’s spike

- Yams’s Jump-float serve

- Every single one of Dadchi’s receives

- All of Noya-babe’s saves

- Sugamama and Kags double-setting

- Oikawa setting across the court to Iwaizumi, falling on his bad knee, and almost winning

- Hinata going full-on Volleyball-Spiderman during the Shiratorizawa game

- Hinata’s feints and rebounds

- All of Bokuto and Kuroo’s dialogue, oyaoyaoya

- Tanaka trying to intimidate opponents, especially them city boys

- Kuroo’s smirk

- Other characters seeing Hinata’s jump


- Iwa-chan’s muscles

- Akaashi, my pretty owl-setter

- Terushima’s tongue-piercing

- Jesus’s hair


- My sons being happy

- Mad Dog’s crazy-ass-body-contortion-spike

- Tender Salami

- Saltbae

- Takeru/Taquito, aka wannabe Little Giant, losing to Karasuno

- Asahi’s spike

- Saeko being the most supportive sister ever

- Synchronized Attacks

- Both Kags’s and Akaashi’s setter dumps

- Back Attacks

- Kags’s pinpoint accuracy

- Aoba-Johsai

- My Baby Crows

- Hinata’s face receives

-Kags’s backspin set

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Update : April 27

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