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Q:  Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Onew:  When I first saw a giraffe. I instantly thought it was lovely.

Onew:  I want to chase and capture (a giraffe).

DJ:  I meant love at first sight w/ a girl!

Taemin:  A girl giraffe.

cr:  keihissi

366: Lagarfljót Worm

Surprisingly plausible creature, though most likely a arthropod of some sort.

Requested by Anonymous

Effects are incredibly cheezy, but I admire what this man is trying to do (Bobbit Worm Faq Video)


Bowhead Whale (balena mysticetus)

20m long and 74 tons, bowhead whales live in subarctic to arctic waters and live the longest out of any mammal. They have been recorded to live up to 211 years of age. In fact, a bowhead whale was hunted in May 2007 off the coast of Alaska, they found a harpoon in it from new Bedford, Massachusetts from roughly 1890. Reproduction can begin between 10-15 years and continues until around 90 years. Bowheads also have the longest baleen recorded measuring 3m.


Day: 1125

Shirt: Nirvana - Nevermind

Color:  White

Brand: Giant

Source:  i don’t have to state the obv here about what a game changer album this is.  i was a fan of Bleach when it came out, a friend of mine turned me onto it and i enjoyed it.  when this album came out i instantly repelled away from it.  the punk rock kid in me didn’t want any part of what was a massive general population favorite.  thats just who i was, i didn’t want to be part of something that was so popular. when your mom knows who the band is that is a good litmus test to prove my point.  so for the longest time i didn’t enjoy this album.  its not like i had to own it to because it was fucking being played everywhere.  you couldn’t escape it.  It wasn’t until In Utero came out and Steve Albini was involved that i gave in and went back.  but still at this point i only barely went back.  In Utero still remains to be  my favorite album to this day.  the real clincher for me for this band was the MTV unplugged session.  it wasn’t until that point that all these songs kinda fell into place for me and i was able to enjoy them on a an entirely different plane.  the Meat Puppets covers didn’t hurt either.  Then i went back to this album, soaked in all the singles and b-sides and really was able to enjoy it at this point.  

Was i late to the party? sure.  do you always have to be on time?  fuck no!  sometimes albums are like Brussel Sprouts.  unless you are ready to enjoy them, your mind will truly never let you get 100% out of them.  and how they are presented to you as well will also change your perspective.  you can have them frozen, over cooked and bland (how i view the radio and when it goes popular and broad spectrum)

External image

Or you can have them made for you by a chef who taste you love and respect and everything they make for you is amazing.  they could cook a human arm and i would think it was delicious.  this is what i would compare to as the curated album delivery. 

External image

they look and smell so much better.  your mind is already open to the idea.  you are faster to receive it and more limey to enjoy it right off the bat.  

I fucking hated brussel sprouts it should be noted.  but later in life i had them served to me when i had a more open mind and was more receptive.  had these been served to me when i was 18 who knows if i would have appreciated them as much. might have changed the way i ate for the rest of my life.  Or i might have just written them off and forgot about it.  

I ramble i know, but I’m saying ghee dis don’t fucking be in a rush to enjoy bands cause you think you should, cause other people are.  i often have a list of bands that id like to discover but i wanna do it when i am ready.  sometimes i will submerge myself in a bands catalog and listen for months (this is usually how shirts like Big Black get made). so enjoy stuff when you want to, not because you think you should.  and don’t be scared to go back and re-enjoy something because you dint get it the first time, i think you will find it surprising.  

I personally think that if I were in charge of the government, I would index the minimum wage to inflation so that way everybody knows what they can count on. The employees know they’re going to get increases on a regular basis. The management knows that they’re going to have to pay a little bit more with inflation. It just seems much more sensible and fair to me. I don’t know why it hasn’t been done like that. I would do it that way because in the long, long run it’s going to approximate the change in inflation.
—  Subway CEO Fred DeLuca • Offering a somewhat sensible take on the minimum wage debate. (That said, in the very next question, the sub giant is accused of severely underpaying its workers, which DeLuca emphasized was a store-level problem that the franchise-heavy company itself has been trying to work on.)

Day: 1309
Shirt: Father John Misty - Father Tad Misty
Color: Black
Brand: American Apparel
Source: went to see Father John Misty last night at the Roxy for the record release of his new album , “I love You, Honeybear”.  there is this thing about FJM that i cannot put my finger on exactly about what i like about the guy.  Yes of course he has a great voice and can write a good song but there is this something about him personally that i find interesting.  I feel like this shirt kinda sums it up tho. a giant picture of Sub Pop Grunge master Tad in a very Jack Nicolson The Shinning kind of face.  what would posses FJM to make a shirt like this?  i think the answer is really because he can, and why not?  most people will never even know who this guy is and will probably go over a lot of fans heads but i think thats the point i am getting at, FJM doesn’t give a fuck.  

I mean sure he gives a fuck but its on his terms.  a lot of that is what makes his songwriting so unique.  he has no problem telling you how he feels, and I’m sure at times even making fun of fans to their face but with a smile and some swagger.  to me its funny and refreshing, you can only write so many songs about Love, drugs and rock n roll, but how many times do you hear a song like “the Night Josh Tillman came to Our Apartment” where clearly he was just fed up with some certain behaviors of people and decided to funnel it into song.  a song with almost an ironic lullaby sound to it, but the reality is he is just venting.  it just takes on a whole new tone.  

enough writing tho.  if you want the shirt its in the Sub Pop Mega Mart HERE, and I’m sure you can grab it on tour this year if you catch him live but I enjoy the mail-order myself cause its always nice to get a package from Mudhoney’s Mark Arm.  


Mr. Wu - Moonface by Rita Petita
Via Flickr:
Xiao Liwu our 3 ½ year sub adult giant panda shows off his round face.

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if ur still taking them, may i request "torture me" with either steve rogers or chris evans pls? love ur writing btw!!! ❤❤❤

Torture Me: I’ll write a drabble about your character torturing mine or vise versa. (Steve is a giant fucking Sub and no one can convince me otherwise) 

Steve writhes beautifully underneath you as you stand back to admire your work. Part of you wishes you’d brought a camera with you, just so you could keep a physical moment of the man. 

His wrists are spread out across the posts of the bed, spreading his arms across and splaying his chest out. It’s currently littered with the scattered remains of candle wax and a little cool liquid from the ice you trailed across his nipples. 

His legs have been freed, but you’ve denied him any opportunity to come. His cock strains heavily against his stomach. Steve is breathless and blindfolded, begging for something he isn’t aware is around him. 

After a moment’s isolation, you crawl along the bed on top of him, the smooth silver of your bullet vibrator in your palm. You run your tongue along the arc of his neck, watching as he immediately scurries for your touch, nuzzling against you. 

‘You’re so pretty, Stevie,’ you murmur into the shell of his ear, grinning when he whimpers, arching for more physical affection. He’s like a kitten, you note, desperate and craving constant attention and approval. 

Running your palm through his sandy hair, you press one chaste kiss to his cheek. 

‘Do you want to be pretty for your Mistress, Steve?’

He nods, not wanting to speak out of turn. You press the cool of the vibrator against his chest, running the smooth metal across his flesh. Almost immediately, he body stiffens. 

He knows exactly what the object is. 

‘This might make you come in seconds, Stevie,’ you murmur, turning the little object over in your hands. 

‘Yes, Ma’am.’ 

‘But I don’t want you to come, do I?’

‘No, Ma’am.’

‘So perhaps I should take some necessary precautions.’ 

He squirms, a motion you ignore as you retrieve a cock ring from the side and slide it onto his aching member. Steve whines at the unforgiving discomfort, his thighs twitching. You switch the vibrator on and press it gingerly against the shaft of his cock. 

‘Fuck!’ he shouts, hips bucking wildly up into the air. You smirk. 

‘You deserve a little torture, baby,’ you groan, running the tip of the vibrator along his shaft until you reach the tip.

The vibrations are only there for a few seconds, but Steve screams as though he’s never felt such bliss in his life before. His cock is leaking pre-cum, spreading slick over his body, and it stands purpled and desperate, needing to come. 

You run your hands along his tight balls, pressing your thumb against his sweet spot as you run the vibrator over the head of his cock again, and he wails desperately, rutting his hips into the air, his cock twitching uselessly. 

‘Please…’ Steve begs. There are tears trickling from his eyes, from underneath the blindfold. 

‘Please what, Sub?’ 

‘Please…Ma’am, I need to come. Please, let me cum, I’ll be good, I promise…’ 

You run the vibrator over his cock again, settling yourself next to him as his begs turn to whimpers and incoherent moans, a babble of words dripping from his mouth. Then, quickly, you lean across to him and lick a line along the curve of his throat, dropping the vibrator and removing the cock ring. 

‘Come, Sub.’

On cue, Steve screams out your name, come decorating his broad stomach and thighs as his body jerks and writhes under the release of pressure. You run your hands through his hair, soothing him, telling him how beautiful and pretty he is when he comes. 

His body’s loose and weak when you untie him, carefully seeing to the red marks around his wrists and removing the blindfold from his eyes. They’re blown wide with lust and when you pull him close, Steve nuzzles his head into your neck. 

‘You take such good care of me Ma’am,’ he murmurs, tracing his fingers over your thigh. You press a soft kiss to his temple.

‘Anything for my sweet Sub.’