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Stupid Kitty

Because the admin is Miraculous Trash and was bored, here is her reveal fic. Please don’t judge ;)


Marinette shot into a sitting position, her alarm sounding like a siren. Her bluebell eyes were still groggy from sleep, as she tried to read the time on the clock.


Tikki’s little pink head perked up from where she was on the pillow, the small creature a little upset at having been woken up in such a fashion. The girl in front of her was violently tugging her hair into her regular style of pigtails and trying to simultaneously put on her jeans.

“Mari, you really need a better alarm system. Keep this up and you’ll get detention!” Marinette hopped over to her bed, snatching her little Kwami and ushering her into her small purse.

“Now’s not the time for a life lesson Tikki, let’s go!!!”

The day commenced as usual, Marinette late for homeroom, and staring at the back of Adrien’s head and daydreaming until the lunch bell rang.

A girl sat on one of the cafeteria tables, one knee tucked under her chin while the other swung absentmindedly. She brushed back her fiery red hair and refocused on the comic book she was reading. This girl was new to the school, transferred overseas just a couple months prior.

Juleka and Rose walked over to her, smiling warmly. “Hey Alice!”

The girl looked up, her dark green eyes falling upon her friends rather than her book. She grinned, closing the comic and flicking her sunglasses from her head back down to her nose.

“Hey guys!” Alice’s French wasn’t very good, and she came to this school not knowing anyone. Yet Rose and Juleka had befriended her easily.

“What are you reading this time?” Rose grabbed the comic carefully, seeing as Alice was very protective of her comics.

“It’s an old edition of Robin VS Harley Quinn.” Juleka looked over Rose’s shoulder curiously, brushing aside her midnight hair to see with both eyes.

“Awesome,” Juleka muttered. Alice grinned.

“What’s this?” A perfectly manicured hand snatched the book from Rose. Alice gritted her teeth as her eyes fell upon a smug, spray-tanned face. Chloe’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the comic.

“Give that back Chloe!!” The blonde beauty put her hand on her hip, swished her ponytail, and sneered at Alice.

“And why would I? This is an abomination, I’m surprised they’ll even print crap like this.” Alice stood fast, trying to grab the book away from her. This caused Chloe to throw it up, forcing everyone’s eyes to follow it into the sun. Sabrina gasped, squeezing her eyes shut and stepping back.

Right onto the comic.

The slick pages were like a banana peel, and before Sabrina, or anyone could react-


Silence. Everyone stared at Sabrina as she stood up, hiding behind Chloe. Alice dropped to her knees, picking the tattered book up off the ground. Tears slipped over her lashes as the girl began to shake with sobs. Chloe scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“What a baby. It’s just a book! It’s a book, dimwit! Get over it!” Chloe over pronounced her words, as if Alice didn’t understand a word of French. Then, with a snicker and a sneer, she was gone.

“Alice… I’m so sorry… I’m sure we can fix it…” Rose touched her shaking shoulder tentatively. But Alice stood abruptly and ran to the bathroom, nearly knocking over Marinette. The secret heroine looked at Alya, who simply shrugged.

The school bell rang and everyone exited the school, more than happy to go home.

“Marinette! Alya!!” The two turned to see Rose running toward them.

“Rose? What’s wrong? Why were you running??”

“Have you seen Alice????”

“No… I haven’t seen her since she ran off at lunch…” Rose shook her head, turning to Juleka, who was walking toward the trio. “Any luck?” The dark-haired girl only shook her head.

“What’s going on guys?”

“Chloe ruined Alice’s comic book! It was super rare and Alice was crushed!”

Marinette and Alya exchanged glances.

“She couldn’t have gotten far… Did you check the-” Marinette was cut off when a scream echoed through the streets.

Kim and Max rounded the corner, nearly tripping over each other.

“RUN!!!” The boys grabbed Rose and Juleka, pulling them to run.

“What?!” Alya and Marinette turned to look at the scene before them. Cars were flying past as buildings crumbled, their foundations crushed by… Plants?

Vines slithered their way around the streets, capturing pedestrians and flipping cars. Trees sprouted in concrete, cracking the cement and causing cars to crash. A large mutant flower seemed to be in the middle of the chaos.

“Alya run!!!” Her best friend just pulled out her phone, filming the chaos. “Alya!”

“It’s for my blog! Ladybug’s coming!”

Not as long as you’re here!!! Marinette thought.

“It’s too dangerous!” Before her friend could make another excuse, a vine wrapped around her ankle. “ALYA!!!!”

“MARINETTE! RUN!!!” Alya was swooped away toward the big flower, screaming for Ladybug.

Marinette ran behind a corner, glancing around and calling Tikki out.

“Tikki! Transform me!!!”

Ladybug tossed her yoyo, catching a vine holding a young boy.

“Ladybug!!!” She smiled.

“I’m going to help you okay, just…” She trailed off when her eyes fell upon the giant flower, the source of the chaos.

“My Lady!” Ladybug looked to see a familiar cat running toward her.

“Chat! Go toward the flower!” The masked blonde nodded, a look of worry flickering across his features, before he hopped on a nearby rooftop. Ladybug sliced the vine with her yoyo and catching the little boy.

“Go and hide okay?” The little boy nodded and Ladybug grappled up to a roof, joining Chat Noir in running toward the chaos.

“Hello My Lady!” Ladybug rolled her eyes, focusing on grappling to the next roof.

“You go to the left, I’ll stay right. Let’s see what’s up.” The cat nodded, his green eyes sparkling.

“Anything for you bugaboo!”

“Chat! Not now!” Ladybug swallowed her blush and shoved him. He chuckled good heartedly and extended his staff, hopping to a different roof.

Lady turned her attention to the giant monster. It was a huge bud sat atop a thick, viney trunk. Countless vines snatching citizens extended from the trunk.

“That must be where the Akuma, wherever it is, is hiding!” Chat appeared beside Lady a couple moments later. “Chat, I think whomever was akumatized is in there!”

“Ladybug, I think I’ve seen this before…” Ladybug cocked her head to the side, a gesture that made Chat’s heart skip. He shook his head to clear it and looked at the budded flower, which was now opening.

Sitting in the middle of the giant flower was a red-headed girl dressed in green. Ladybug gasped and Chat’s eyes narrowed.

“I knew it…”

“What???” Chat extended his baton, swatting away serval thorny vines.

“It’s Poison Ivy!”

“Who?” Chat sighed.

“Don’t you know Batman? She’s a comic book villain!” Ladybug smirked.

“Is the cat a closet geek??”

Chat blushed furiously and growled, annoyed. Realization hit Ladybug.

“Alice has been akumatized! Her comic book was ruined, that must be where the Akuma is!” Lady spun her yoyo, shredding several plants that tried to snag the duo. “I’m guessing she’s able to turn into comic book characters!” Chat nodded. “So… How do we beat Poison Ivy?”

The duo let the question hang in the air as they ran toward the monster. They cut more vines, freeing several screaming victims, among which, was Alya.

“Ladybug!! Thanks!!” Lady smiled.

“No problem. Now go hide!!!” Alya nodded, pulling out her phone. But before she could hit record, Ladybug disappeared. She joined Chat in scaling the tree and he smirked.

“Got caught up with the fans My Lady?” Ladybug rolled her eyes.

They hopped on a pedal of the giant flower, looking at the woman in front of them. But she wasn’t Alice.

“No way…” Ladybug looked at Chat Noir, who was gaping at the supervillain.


“She’s not becoming villians, she’s creating them!” Ladybug blinked rapidly.

“So where is she?” A snarling flower began to strike at the two superheroes, snapping with razor teeth. Chat tackled Ladybug, saving her from the mutant monster. Ladybug rolled out from under him, throwing her yoyo in Poison Ivy’s direction. It wrapped around her and Ladybug pulled hard. There was a ripping noise and she deteriorated like molding paper. The giant flower they were on began to wilt as well, and the duo hopped to a nearby roof.  

“Where is she hiding?” They searched the buildings, scanning the crowd for anything out of place.

“There!” Chat pointed at a shape jumping across roofs, toward Chloe’s house. They ran after it, slipping into a warehouse.

“Where did it go??” Ladybug squinted in the dim lighting Chat’s nose twitched.

“LOOK OUT!!” Ladybug was shoved behind Chat as he was attacked by the figure. He yelped, clutching his chest as the shape flicked on the lights. A woman dressed in black leather grinned, licking her lips and snapping her whip.

“No way, is that..?” Chat stood, nodding and standing.


“Chat, your chest!” The boy just shook his head, stepping back in front of her.

“I’m fine My Lady. After all, I do love cat fights.” Chat lunched at the villain, baton at the ready. Ladybug turned, looking for an exit, or a way to help Chat.

“Trying to escape, eh Ladybug???” The said girl looked up, seeing a young girl dressed in a bright, paneled outfit.

“Alice! You need to stop this!” The girl only laughed, clutching her book and hanging upside down on the rafter.

“No can do bug-brain. I’m Comicala now! This is just too much fun!” She laughed maniacally as Chat’s eyes widened.

“LADYBUG BEHIND YOU!” Lady lunched forward as a large hammer smashed down where she once was.

“Seriously!!? I get the clown girl??” The new villain stuck out her tongue and whined.

“It’s Harley Quinn!!!” Alice crossed her arms, huffing. Ladybug ignored her, swinging her yoyo at Harley. Unfortunately, it was hit away by Harley’s comically large hammer. Lady’s weapon was knocked out of her hands and across the room.

“Uh oh…”

She ran away as Harley tried to hammer her like a gopher into the ground. Chat was having difficulty on his end as well. Catwoman was doing her best to stay untouched, occasionally clipping Chat with her whip. This, of course, made him extremely frustrated.

“Seriously!?! Ladybug, this is impossible!” Ladybug only responded with a yelp, dodging her face being smashed into the wall. She rolled, snatching her yoyo and tossing it into the air.

“LUCKY CHARM!” There was a flash of light as a boomerang fell into Ladybug’s hands. She looked around, her miraculous working its magic, highlighting the way to defeat Comicala.

“Chat!! Use your claws on that support!” The boy looked where she was pointing, activating his Cataclysm. He swiped a support beam, dissolving it. The rafter collapsed, knocking Comicala off and Lady threw the boomerang.

Everything went in slow motion. The boomerang knocked the book out of Comicala’s hand, and Chat leapt forward. Catwoman’s whip extended to wrap around his ankle, but it was snapped by Lady’s yoyo.

The one thing Ladybug forgot to do, as Chat reached forward to rip the book, was look behind her.

There was a giggle, a swing, and Lady was thrown across the room, just as the book was torn, and the Akuma released. The breath was forced out of her chest as she hit the wall. Her vision went sideways and everything turned black.

Chat landed in a crouched position, the two enemies wilting like molding paper.

“My Lady, your yoyo?” He looked around, his eyes falling upon Lady’s limp body.

“LADYBUG!!” He ran at her, falling to his knees and trying to shake her awake.

Comicala twitched as the Akuma tried to find a way out. Chat gritted his teeth, pouncing on the black butterfly. He crushed it in his fist as Alice changed back, rubbing her head.

“What happened…? Chat Noir?”

“Get out of here.” His tone was urgent as he rushed back to Ladybug’s side. “Come on, wake up…”

There was a flash of pink and Chat closed his eyes as Ladybug’s time went out. Part of him wanted to look, desperately. But another part wanted to respect Ladybug’s wishes.

Ladybug coughed and worry took the place of chivalry.

His green eyes combed over none other than Marinette.

“N-No way…”

Her bright blue eyes opened slowly. Her vision was hazy and sideways, but eventually, the shapes formed into objects. Chat Noir was staring down at her, unable to speak.

“Oh, Chat… What happened?” Chat Noir stood up, backing away. “What’s-” Marinette cut herself off, looking down at her body. Her eyes widened and she looked back up at her partner.

There was a beeping and a flash of green. An oh-so familiar face took the place of the sly cat.


But before she could say more, before she could register what had happened, he was gone.

“I’m such an idiot Plagg!” Adrien was pacing back and forth, running his hands through his blonde locks.

“What’s the big deal? So you saw who she was. It’s not like you’re going to blab.” The little black Kwami wolfed down another square of cheese.

“But I broke the promise, I let her down Plagg…” The boy collapsed on his bed, staring at the three monitors displaying the Ladyblog. Plagg sighed, shaking his head.

“So… you found out that the love of your life has been sitting behind you in homeroom this entire time, and you’re moping around? If I were you, I’d be telling her.” Adrien glanced at the floating fairy.

“What if she’s mad I looked?”

“It’s not your fault she fainted!”

“It kinda is… she let her guard down to save me…” A square of camembert hit Adrien in the face. “Hey! What was that for?!”

“Get a hold of yourself! Things like this happen! Now transform and go tell her!”

“Oh Marinette…”

The blue-headed girl was a sobbing mess. She was in a corner, curled up and had been crying for hours. The orange light from the sunset peaked into her room, a last ditch effort to warm her chilled body. Tikki’s antenna dropped at the sight of her friend.

“I’m so stupid Tikki… How did I let this happen!? Now he hates me! My best friend, the love of my life… He loved Ladybug, and now…”

“Are you talking about Chat or Adrein?”

“What does it matter?!” Marinette snapped. “I loved them both…”

“You… I thought you couldn’t stand Noir…” Marinette chuckled sadly.

“Are you kidding…? That stupid cat had my heart from the beginning… I should have listened to it…” Marinette’s chest felt as if it was being hollowed out by a spoon. “How can I face him again…?”

The sun disappeared, leaving Marinette in the dark. Tikki slumped against a pillow, staring at her friend.

There was a knock at the balcony door and Marinette froze.

A dark shape dropped into the room, looking around.

“Marinette?” The girl stood up slowly, wiping her tears and looking down.

“What are you doing here Chat…Adrien…?” His ears drooped slightly as he scratched the nape of his neck.

“I just… I’m sorry I ran off… I was just, surprised…”

Marinette shook her head, turning away.

“It’s okay… I-I know you hate me…”

“Huh?!” Chat’s eyes widened and his tail swished. “Hate you, what would give you that idea???”

“Because you’re in love with Ladybug. She’s a badass, and a hero! And I’m just a clumsy girl in love with the cute boy…” Chat was silent.

She heard movement and two arms wrapped around her, pulling her into his chest. Marinette stiffened, her brain shutting off. He tucked his face into the crook of her neck and purred softly.

“My Lady, you’re so silly. I could never hate you.” He turned her around slowly, hands on her shoulders. “I love you Ladybug. Marinette. Both of you. All of you…” Chat brought his forehead to touch hers, nudging gently. “But… if you don’t…” He looked down.

Two hands caressed his cheeks and a pair of soft, cherry lips met his. His entire body flooded with relief as he melted into her, arms wrapping around her waist. Marinette broke the kiss to laugh and wipe her cheeks.

“Silly cat. I love you too.” Chat grinned and he pulled her closer, their lips meeting again. There was a flash of green as Adrien returned to his true form. But neither of them cared. Because they loved each other. All of each other.

It just took a crazy Akuma for them to realize it.

“Oh, by the way,” Marinette leaned back, disappointing Adrien and ending the kiss. “Did you, purr??”

Adrien’ face turned crimson and he swallowed. Marinette laughed.

“You really are a stupid kitty.”

“Stupidly in love with you, My Lady.”


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