Photo by @amivitale #onassignment for @natgeo. It’s a girl! Seven-year-old giant panda Min Min had a baby girl at Bifengxia Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan Province, China. It was 3 long days and nights of waiting for her to give birth and the vets thought it was likely to be a still birth. Much to our delight, a very healthy giant panda cub emerged with a loud scream. She is the largest cub born this year and first-time mother Min Min is proving to be an excellent mother. Giant pandas are born tiny, blind and helpless. The limbs of newborn pandas are so weak that they are not able to stand and for the first two months baby pandas only nurse, sleep, and poo. They are weaned between 8-9 months and a year old. Follow me @amivitale for more adorable pandas.
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The stereotypical image of the giant panda is of a black and white bear, but that’s not entirely accurate!  These images are of Qinling pandas, a subspecies of the giant panda restricted to the Qinling Mountains.  Officially named in 2005, this subspecies is recognised by its smaller skull size, larger molars, and of course, its brown colouring.  It is also extremely rare; there are likely only 200 to 300 of these bears left in the wild.