GK v22 ch216-217!

If you’re wondering why it took us so long to release the chapters it was because we were stuck on typesetting for most of the time. Something unexpected came up and took all my time so I couldn’t finish with it (I still haven’t. There was supposed to be one more chapter in this release). And to top it all, a few days ago I’ve caught a nasty flu. I still have a fever, but at least I managed to finish those 2 chapters unless it’s just my dream

Chapter 216 - download or read it on batoto
Chapter 217 - download or read it on batoto
Chapters 216-217 - download
Complete volume 22 - download
Credits go to Victoriel for translating, Buddy for proofreading!

Giant Killing’s serialization in Japan is scheduled to be resumed early in 2017!
Volume 43’s release was pushed to March 23

Happy reading!